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  • 31.07.2018 Best Dating Sites for Single Parents
    If your dream is to find your soul mate and have a happy and harmonious family, get back to the dating scene. Single parents online dating can be your first step. Read on to learn how to be a parent and a partner and which sites and best dating app for single parents to use to find a good match for you.
  • 31.07.2018 Top Benefits of Yoga for Sex Health
    Many representatives of the stronger sex believe that yoga is an exclusively female form of physical activity. But they are wrong. For a man, yoga gives the possibility of raising sexual energy without ejaculation, for a woman - to do it in an arbitrary order, i.e. cause an orgasm. So, we suggest you find out the top 8 yoga sex benefits.
  • 04.07.2018 Signs of Sexual Chemistry Between Two People
    Undoubtedly, chemistry between a man and a woman exists, such is the humanity that knocks people together. A man is interested in a woman, a woman is looking for protection and care from a man. Some of our connections lead to serious relationships, while others don’t even flare up, or remain at the level of a short-term fling.
  • 04.07.2018 How to Increase Your Libido: a Guide for Men
    With age, men often have problems: they cease to have a desire at the sight of a beautiful woman. Basically, it depends on the level of testosterone, but there are other reasons. Let’s figure out why this happens and how to boost male libido.
  • 30.05.2018 Great Tips to Make Women Laugh Hard
    Women live on emotions. They easily get attached to the one who is able to give them positive emotions. That’s why your sense of humor is your main weapon when dating a girl. Apart from melting her heart and making her fall for you, humor will help you relieve tension on a first date, make you forget your insecurities, and draw you two closer. Keep reading to find out how to make a girl laugh and win her heart.
  • 30.05.2018 How to Become More Attractive to Women: Tips and Advice
    Sometimes it is very hard to understand why a woman gives preference to this man, not another. Today we want to share with you the secret of how to make yourself more attractive. By following simple rules, you can impress women and not be left without attention.
  • 02.05.2018 How to Move on After a Breakup When You Are Still in Love
    Life cannot always be predictable, and there is a chance to get through a breakup with a beloved person. We have to leave something or someone from time to time. Your relationship might have just reached its limits. It might seem to you that your world is falling apart, but you should not forget that it is temporary.
  • 02.04.2018 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage
    One of the biggest problems with marriages is the fact that people believe that there is certain magic behind this act. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people blindly rely on this 'magic', thinking that getting married would solve all their problems and destroy or, at least, subdue all their differences between them and their partners. Kind of a mindless attitude to one of the most important steps in your life, don't you think? That's why you need to figure out a few things before getting married.
  • 02.04.2018 Getting Mixed Signals from a Girl: How to Understand Her Right
    This time we’d like to seize the moment and talk about a weird and a whole lot confusing phenomenon for a lot of dudes – in particular, getting mixed signals from a girl.
  • 02.04.2018 Do Girls Like Shy Guys, Why Yes and Why No
    Shyness is a natural protective response to some unknown or uncomfortable circumstances. Even the most confident people can sometimes have a shyness attack. And what if you’re naturally shy? You can’t force yourself to be hyper-confident, but you can stop being hostage to your shyness that prevents you from dating women successfully. Read on to find out more about men’s shyness and get expert tips for shy guys.
  • 27.02.2018 Oral Sex Tips for Dummies
    Do men and women like oral sex? Or maybe oral sex is just an unimportant foreplay couples are having against their will? Some puritans may say that this foreplay is imposed on us by porn, and no one is actually into giving and receiving it. But in reality, oral sex is an important foreplay that you shouldn't skip, if you want your relationship to be trustful and enjoy your sexual life. So, let's check out why oral sex is important.
  • 27.02.2018 33 Relationship Building Questions for Your Couple
    Have you met a great woman recently and just wanted to get to know her? It is quite easy to do! You can ask her the right questions and watch her for a while to get an understanding of what her character is, as well as how your love relationship may develop. However, you should always remember that you shouldn’t ask a woman about her exes, unpleasant things for her, and money.
  • 26.02.2018 10 Rules to Have a Great Blind Date
    Many people think that there is nothing worse than a blind date. But in fact, this is an invaluable experience that you can get not so often. And besides, many happy couples met just like that. It shouldn’t be so frightening for those of you who went on a blind date before. But a blind date may seem like a real test for those who do this for the first time. If you are afraid to turn such a date into a disaster, then read this article. This is a blind guide for you.
  • 30.01.2018 How to Date a Cancer Woman: a Complete Guide
    Astrology, signs of the zodiac and horoscopes have long acquired a firm position in our lives. We turn to them for advice, ask them to tell us about our lucky days, and check our plans for the future. And although every person has their own sign of the zodiac, each of us wants to know the specifics of other signs. So, now we will introduce you some Cancer women characteristics.
  • 30.01.2018 Bring BDSM to Your Sex Life with This Guide
    The aggressive and dangerous image that has been created around BDSM does not allow many people to discover something new about sex. It is necessary to sort out this culture better to dispel the myth that BDSM is a dangerous and unnatural perversion for a person.
  • 29.01.2018 What Is It About Faking Orgasms?
    Both partners want to get to the ultimate point of intercourse, that is orgasm, but not always it happens to both. According to one survey, 92% of women admitted to faking an orgasm at least once. Some of them do it always, while some have real orgasms but pretend in certain situations. Men want to know for sure when it’s real and when it’s fake. Do you really want to know the truth? Let’s figure out.
  • 27.12.2017 Should You Kiss Her on a Second Date?
    Second date is way too important to make mistakes. Only first date has greater significance than second date. Many people ask, is it ok to kiss on the second date? The answer depends on the situation, your individuality and the behavior of your dating partner. For some it is okay, while for others it might not be appropriate. Your approach and attitude should be wise and accurate in order to achieve success.
  • 25.12.2017 New Sex Trends: Why Not Trying It Out?
    Technology, unfortunately or fortunately, got to our bedrooms. First and foremost, sexologists and psychologists say that progress has gradually penetrated into the most conservative part of our life – sex, and is not surprising in the age of the power of the Internet and constantly updated gadgets. However, not only they change our intimate life: we generally began to treat sex differently than 20-30 years ago. What trends are noted by experts today?
  • 22.12.2017 Everything You Need to Know about Sexual Fetishes
    In our days, when open sexual desire is no longer considered reprehensible, it's hard to imagine that we don’t know something about sex and its aspects. And such type of sexual behavior as fetishism is known to us since ancient times. Who hasn’t heard of the irresistible attraction to women's legs or shoes, underwear, and even uniforms? We collected everything you need to know about sexual fetishes.
  • 29.11.2017 How to Deal with an Emotionally Unavailable Woman
    What is emotionally unavailable, and what can you do about it? Causes for emotional dissatisfaction in relationships can be diverse. This is the difference in the emotional levels of 2 people, your partner's personal disorders, as well as emotional violence. However, the most common reason for this state of affairs is the emotional unavailability of one of the partners.
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