How to Become More Attractive to Women: Tips and Advice

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Women (if, of course, they are normal women) are always concerned about their attractiveness. They spend a lot of money on beauty salons, home care products and decorative cosmetics, sweat in the gym not to give the slightest chance of excess kilograms, look for clothes that will look especially tempting, in general - they do everything to become attractive.

Moreover, women work not only on their appearance. They read psychological literature about the relationship of the sexes, try to understand men’s favorite hobbies to be able to tell a story, and master 55 ways of cooking meat.

And all this for the sake of men! Sometimes it is very hard to understand why a woman gives preference to this man, not another. Today we want to share with you the secret of how to make yourself more attractive. By following simple rules, you can impress women and not be left without attention.

how to be more attractive to women​

How to look more attractive

The easiest and right way to make yourself look more attractive and please others is to observe personal hygiene. Cleanliness and pleasant smell automatically cause other people to be closer to you. Take the following measures every day:

Take a shower every day

It’s the first and very simple advice on how to seem more attractive. Wash your head thoroughly, and use soap or gel with a fresh unobtrusive aroma. If you take a shower in the morning, think about buying a steam-free mirror to wash and shave right in the shower.

Use deodorant

Of course, smelling good makes you more attractive. Find a deodorant, which suits you for persistence and aroma, and use it immediately after the shower. If during the day you sweat and start to smell bad, carry deodorant in your backpack and use it as needed.

Use aftershave lotion or perfumed body spray

Your scent throughout the day can determine your attractiveness, and the right flavor will attract others. If you don’t guess with a smell, it will produce the opposite effect. Don't overreach with quantity. It’s very important. Too much smell is never good. Two or three sprays are enough.

Clean up your nails

Pay attention to cleaning your nails every two to three days after the shower. After the bath, the nails become softer and they are easier to take care of. The nails on the arms and legs should be cut short so that only a small white strip remains above the base. Rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth and tongue. Rinse for 20 seconds, then spit.

Regularly brush your hair

Even if you let your hair grow, you need to cut it regularly to remove the split ends. You can visit a professional stylist or do it by yourself. In any case, keep in mind the following:

  • how to become more attractive If you prefer a short haircut, cut your hair every two to three weeks. Make sure your hairdresser shaves off the hair that falls on the neck.
  • If you let your hair grow, cut the split ends every 4-6 weeks. Even if you have long hair, shave those hairs that cover your neck. Often wash your hair. For many guys, the best option for washing head is every day, but if your hair is dry you can wash it every other day.
  • Choose a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type (dry, greasy and so on).
  • Buy shampoo and conditioner separately - "2 in 1" are not so effective.
  • Use styling aids (at will)

You don’t have to use these tools, but many people do. In the case of using styling aids, the hair looks healthier and more beautiful, becomes strong and manageable.

Eat well

If you keep a healthy diet, you can avoid problems such as bad breath or a pungent smell of sweat. You will look best. Avoid harmful foods and foods high in sugar. These foods can be eaten once, but they are not suitable for the daily diet. Limit the consumption of soda water, beer, chocolate bars, and potato chips.

Eat more vegetables and fruits. You have heard this phrase many times. The use of fresh fruits and vegetables is vital for the body. Try to have a snack with fresh fruits (apples, oranges and pears). Eat at least one type of vegetables for lunch and dinner. Learn how to cook. Start small - fried eggs, salads and sandwiches, hamburgers and steaks, frozen vegetables, boiled rice, and pasta. The ability to cook will help you save money, improve your health and surprise others!

Engage in sports activities

It’s a good option how to be more physically attractive. But regular physical activity won’t only help you look attractive, but also raise your spirits and reduce the risk of colds. Make a personal schedule of sports and stick to it.

How to make your face more attractive

Wash in the morning and in the evening

Men have more testosterone than women, so their skin is more prone to acne and rash. Look after your face. Make sure that it is always clean. Identify cosmetic products that suit your skin type. If there is acne on the face, use salicylic acid or apply a cream containing benzene peroxide to the damaged areas. If this procedure doesn’t help, contact your dermatologist.

Brush your teeth

Use a high-quality toothbrush and dental floss. Fight against the bad breath. Let a snow-white smile show the health of your teeth!

Renew your toothbrush

It should be changed every three months and in case of a cold or an infectious disease. Brush your teeth with floss every evening. It not only removes stains and leftovers from the mouth. It is also said that dental floss helps prevent heart disease.

Clean the tongue

Your teeth should be white. But don’t forget that if the tongue is dirty, you will have a bad breath. Run your toothbrush over the tongue each time you brush your teeth (but don’t overdo it, otherwise you can damage the mouth cavity).

Shave facial hair

It doesn’t matter if you wear a beard or shave, you need to look after your face every day. For a smooth face, shave every morning before work or school. First, moisturize the skin. Use a well-sharpened razor and shaving cream. Shaving against the bristle (from the jaw to the cheek) results in a smoother face, but there will be more shaving rash. If you are struggling with ingrown hairs, it is better to shave in the direction of growth of the bristle.

how to be more physically attractive Make sure that the beard and mustache look nice

The edges should be clean and neat. Brush your long hair. When you moisturize your face, pay special attention to the skin under the hair.

How to feel more attractive

The feeling of one's own attractiveness is a purely subjective sensation, which has nothing in common with appearance, but comes "from within". We do not even come close to reality when we judge our appearance. The surrounding people, looking at us, perceive the whole picture entirely. And not only appearance, but also behavior, gait, temperament, voice, and clothing. Looking in the mirror, we see only a part of ourselves: at best the full-length frontage, but more often - only the head. Besides, we focus on the shortcomings: "There you go, a pimple on the chin!" Your girlfriend has a mole on the bridge of the nose? It gives her charm. And the same mole on your own nose disfigures you!

Good news: you are almost certainly more beautiful than you think. Part of this is due to the self-centeredness of others: people are too attentive to their own appearance, so as to take stock of yours. Imperfections of your figure are interesting only to you, unless you have very hypertrophied flaws, for example, a hump. In addition, psychologists noticed that if you are overly concerned about your appearance, then most likely you are beautiful.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone

You are unique, and your beauty is also unique. Think of journal handsome as a polygraphy work of art, what they, in fact, are. Do not compare yourself with them. So it won't come to your mind to compare yourself with the men depicted in the paintings of the great masters.

When you want to assess your intellectual abilities, you do not compare yourself with Einstein. No, rather you will choose someone simpler. So why does the evaluation of our attractiveness base, as a rule, on the sky-high images of magazine and television beauties?

Don’t criticize yourself and don’t let others to do it

Try to get rid of negative thoughts about yourself. Verily, we are our worst enemies. Would you allow anyone else to criticize yourself like you do it yourself? No way! You shouldn’t allow your opinion or opinion of strangers about yourself to destroy your life. Self-hypnosis will partly help to do this.

Think of others, not yourself

Shy people tend to consider themselves less attractive. When you focus solely on yourself, you become more self-critical. Psychologists say that the best way to look attractive in the eyes of another person is to show your interest for him. Low self-esteem deprives you of the pleasure of wearing beautiful clothes, being active and feeling in harmony with the world around you. Attend to others and don't be obsessed with yourself, and you will look an attractive, pleasant and open-hearted person.

Ability to present yourself in a favorable light - that is the secret of beauty

Everyone knows that a person we love seems beautiful, regardless of his appearance. Imagine that you are constantly surrounded by loving views. Stop to consider yourself unattractive, and then others will cease to do it.

How to be more attractive to women: general advice

Attractiveness is a strange thing. A person can be faultlessly beautiful externally, but if he isn’t attractive, his beauty can go unnoticed by others. Whatever crucial role the appearance plays, the power of attraction dominates it. To become attractive, you don’t need to dress in conformity with the latest fashion or have wonderful figure. Show your inner beauty. There are some effective tips on how to appear more attractive.

smelling good makes you more attractiveBe yourself

Many people try to hide their true self, pretending to be someone else. You have no reason to hide your shortcomings or pretend that they don’t exist. There are no perfect people and no one expects you to be such a person. Sincere people are inherently more attractive. Don't be ashamed of yourself. Love yourself and others will love you.

Speak in essence

There is something attractive in those people whose words are filled with meaning. Don’t say anything just for the sake of saying. Abraham Lincoln said: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

Be a good listener

Today the art of listening has been forgotten by many, and yet, it’s very useful. If the conversation with you doesn’t differ from the conversation with the wall, you can’t be attractive. There is something magnetic in people who know how to listen.


Any person becomes extraordinarily attractive when they laugh. Look at the world in a positive light. Joke and laugh more often. A sense of humor attracts people. Nobody likes downers with bad mood.


Smile is the easiest way to radiate attractiveness. When you smile, you become more open to others. Do you know that the most successful people are also the most smiling?

Don’t complain

A lot of people constantly complain, without making any attempts to eliminate the causes of these complaints. Stop whining and complaining at unhappy lot, otherwise you will bring yourself even more trouble. Enjoy life and be grateful to fate for its gifts!

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