How to Impress a Russian Girl: Essential Tips

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After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, foreigners eventually got an access to a new kind of marriage materials: Russian ladies. Why did this tendency turn out to be so powerful? In fact, there are some special traits Russian girls possess and Western girls seem to lack those. We bet there’s no male westerner who’s never thought about building a serious relationship with a girl from that distant land. But how exactly should you act towards such a special creature? Read this article and figure out.

How to Impress a Russian Girl

Introduce yourself in the right way

Bear in mind: Russian ladies are into mannish guys. In the West, many young women are influenced by feminism propaganda. Consequently, they often refuse to receive any help or courtesy from men. In contrast to them, Russian girls remain extremely feminine. They long for a fairytale prince who’ll come to their life and take it to another level. Thus, you should demonstrate your manliness and the ability to woo a girl sophisticatedly to make your potential Russian match notice you.

Display a sincere interest

Believe us, nothing could be more alluring than that. When we meet someone who becomes really concerned about us, it seems like a gift from heaven as the modern humanity is quite busy and egoistic. To impress your Russian friend, you should take an interest both in her life and her personality – and we’re convinced you won’t regret!

Don’t be afraid of making the first move

You probably know that for a Western girl, it’s completely ok to take the first step first. Yet in the view of a Russian girl, that’s rather unacceptable. Well, we don’t imply Russian women are capricious – they just expect men to conquer their hearts. That’s why a regular lady from this country will just drop hints of liking but will never ask you out in a direct way. Just because this is your job!

Show that you are loyal

If you’ve already got to thinking about finding a Russian girl, keep in mind she will likely expect you to become her potential marriage material. Since these ladies take love and relationships seriously, any man they meet automatically becomes a candidate for a lifetime partnership. Loyalty is among the key merits of Russians and Russian women in particular. That’s why girls are willing to get the equal attitude from their boyfriends. Aren’t sure whether you need that serious relationship or not? Then you’d better not waste your and her precious time.

Open your heart

Being in a relationship with a Russian girl, you should keep in mind she needs to receive some evidence of your love. For these women, nothing matters more than a mutual bond between two partners. So they will do everything to make you feel comfortable around them. In your turn, you are supposed to express those feelings and emotions. Confess to her even if there’s no special occasion! Russians want to have a completely trustful and intimate connection with their significant others.

Treat her with gifts

Nothing touches a woman’s heart more than getting her partner’s attention. Since an average Russian girl is eager to do everything in order to make her man happy, she also wishes to become the centre of his world. So you’d better treat her right in the same way she treats you. Why do we focus on gifts giving? You see, in the Western world, this tradition isn’t as established as in Russia. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget about cheering your Russian mate up from time to time. It doesn’t have to be something opulent or expensive – even a fine bouquet of flowers is usually enough for demonstrating your deep affection.

As you can see, the art of charming a Russian lady isn’t really that difficult. Open your mind for new challenges, do what you want and follow your heart!

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