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Sono RC LP is an official company hereinafter named in Privacy Policy as “We”, “Our company”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company”, “Service”. It offers services on the following domain name:
The Privacy Policy is a document that should be studied along with other essential agreement – “Terms and Conditions” and other documents involved as they regulate the process and show how digital information received from the clients is treated and how the Sono RC LP Company dating services ("Dating Services") conducts work in this respect.
Information you provide us with during the registration and some other personal data are subject to our Privacy Policy. understands your concerns about the security of your personal information online. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) specifies how we collect and use information obtained from you through our website registered on a domain (hereinafter referred to as “Site”). If you use the Site or purchase any product or service through this Site, it will mean you agree to the collection and use of your information specified in this Policy.
While the Site is functioning, we do not collect or store some other personal information except your IP, session info, pages viewed by you, name of browser and other details that can be stored in cookies but this is done purely for development and improvement of the site.
If you share your personal details with us during the registration, this automatically means that you give your permission to store it and use the information in accordance with our policy as we deliver the dating services for you or the same services are offered to you by the third-party company chosen with all responsibility and attention by Our Company.
The data our company collects
Our company is entitled to collect your private information which you reveal during the registration procedure on our website or the site of our third-party partners that collaborate with us, when you provide your details by phone, email, share it during competitions, when you take part in promotions or do it in some other way.
Your IP and cookie files
We are entitled to get the data from your personal computer and store information about your IP, OS used by you during Internet sessions, data of the browser you use and other statistical data collected with the goal of easier business management. We are not interested in your personal details and need just statistical information to administer the site in order to improve its efficient work and provide better effect. All info including data concerning the operation of your computer is contained in the cookies on your machine. It is easier to meet the requirements of our customers when cookies provide necessary data for us. This is done to achieve more personalized approach to our clients. With cookies our analysts and marketing specialists are able to assess the situation better and find good solution to the problems that may arise. It enables us to learn such facts as the number of our clients and draw the conclusions from certain statistics. This is how you inform us about such things as what exactly you like and what, on the contrary, does not present any interest and should be removed from the service. This is your contribution to the customization of the site, your vote in favor of certain things or against them. Together we make the Dating Website that pleases the majority of our users. The interests of all customers are taken into consideration.
You have the opportunity to change the settings and thus remove this possibility if you disagree with it. It is easy to do it in the browser of your computer. If you do not know how it works, you should enter the help section of your browser and find the cookies guidance. It is possible to reset the browser and no cookies will be stored then. You can also adjust the settings, which make you aware when some info about you is sent online. The users are entitled to refuse access of our service but you should understand what happens then. Doing it, you will make some features of the Service not accessible. It is up to you whether you accept cookies or not but there are some things you may not reject if you want to be a Member of our Site. It refers, in particular, to the dating advertisements, sub-sites and some pop-up ads. The dating services can also include certain transactional elements. You should be aware that we have all the data your cookies deliver until this option is switched off by you. Every time you log in, we get the data mentioned above. Cookies can be also used by third-part companies that place advertisement on our Service, and we are not able to regulate their activity. They are beyond the control of our dating service.
HTTPS/SSL encryption is used by our company to make sure that personal information of our clients is secured. It refers to credit card details that are submitted by the users. We do everything to preserve confidentiality.
Additions or corrections in Privacy Policy
We can revise the Privacy Policy and introduce some changes to it periodically, so we urge you to return to the rules you studied before you registered with the Service. You should read new rules that have been added to the policy.
Personal information use
Any private data such as contact info, postal address, phone, email can be used by our administrators for promotions, editorial goals, for improvement of the site and its updates, for statistics, marketing research and assessment of the performance.
Disclosure of private information to third-party partners
We do not disclose personal information to anybody with exception of the cases when we have to do it legally or some other cases stipulated by the Terms & Conditions agreement. Non-personal disclosure of the data (info that can’t be identified) is done for commercial purposes (when shared with advertisers or commercial clients). This info allows them to meet the requirements and needs of their customers.
Storage of personal information
The information retained by us is kept on well-protected servers. Thorough work is done for protection of your personal data on our website, however, we are not responsible for all the data you transmit online. You do it at your own risk. We use protected channel as we get your personal data, and we follow strict rules to keep your data secure. Our specialists take measures to prevent unauthorized access. However, you should also care about security and not share your password with anybody. We store your information as long as it is required. If you feel uncomfortable for this reason you can contact us and we well remove your personal information and cancel your membership when you need it (that may be liable for cancellation fees). Nevertheless, your details can be still stored for a year at least or some other period according to the law. You have a right to make a request for personal information contained on our servers for charge. It is also possible to change your personal information when you request it.
Rules on cooperation with third-party companies
Our third party partners can also be engaged in collection of your information. We are not aware of their policy and practices they follow in this respect so we are not responsible for their actions.
In case you want to write to us, you can use this address:
Sono RC LP
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