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Without any doubts, Russian girls are getting more and more desirable overseas. The growing proportion of men living in the USA and in Western Europe becomes curious about women from that distant country. Indeed, Russian girls have everything that to make you happy. No wonder thousands of foreigners annually come there to meet Russian women for marriage. Of course, the easiest way to do so is to use online dating services. Yet some guys prefer seeing their prospective brides live rather than exploring numerous profiles on the Internet. In this article, we decided to tell you about the most common spots you may pick up beautiful Russian girls!


1. Coffee shops

Well, this type of venue is perfect for almost any occasion. Like in any other country, in Russia, people come there for different purposes. In particular, local girls visit them in groups to loosen up and discuss various subjects. Some of them even go there alone. However, we wouldn’t recommend you flirting with a girl sitting at her table with no companions as she might be waiting for her boyfriend. Better if you approach a group of young ladies. Among them, you will definitely find a single girl. The atmosphere in a coffeehouse is usually great for light and informal communication.

2. Clubs

From the first sight, this is definitely not a place where you can meet Russian women for marriage. Yet in practice, visiting a club may provide you with dozens of girls’ telephone numbers. Who knows, maybe one of them will turn out to be the Ms. Right? As Russian women are hugely into dancing, they typically visit clubs together with their female peers and do their best to attract prospective lovers. Yes, their main goal is to entertain and have fun. But they always keep in mind any guy they meet may become their future partner.

3. Bars

Just like clubs, bars feature a lot of special lighting, music, and drinks. So that’s another type of spots you may go to in searches for gorgeous Russian girls. Here, it is not so difficult to start a conversation. And the most solid way to pick up a chick in a bar is, surely, to offer her a drink. Don’t afraid of being cocky – due to their national mindset peculiarities, Russian ladies generally appreciate initiative guys. Watch out some hints they drop: their body language and looks they pay you may tell you about what they wish you to do.

4. Parks and squares

In summer, late spring, and early autumn, the streets of Russian cities become crowded with beautiful single ladies. They like taking long walks in nature or just hang out at squares. This is your chance to meet someone special! Well, we must admit most Russian girls aren’t really keen on guys picking them up in the streets, yet your accent may play into the hands of you. Foreigners trying to approach Russian women spontaneously are normally more welcomed by them. Don’t hesitate to take an advantage and start a dialogue with something casual.

5. Shopping malls

Women were always addicted to shopping. In the case of Russian ladies, this becomes even more obvious. As you might know, they’re truly gifted by nature in terms of appearance. As they are truly feminine, they don’t think it’s enough and do their best to look sexier. Thus, shopping is among their favourite hobbies. Well, their circle of interests isn’t restricted to clothes and cosmetics only. They equally love visiting various geek shops, bookstores, and fairs. So don’t miss your opportunity to make valuable acquaintances while taking a trip to the nearest shopping mall.

6. Music halls

Nothing could be more efficient for bringing people together than good music. Russian ladies are into different styles of it. So it’s quite common to meet them at various music halls. The hugest perk of making acquaintances there is the opportunity to find someone who shares your music tastes. Likewise, you instantly get an amazing topic to discuss. So you may pick a spot that really matches your preferences and spend a nice evening in a company of your potential Russian bride. Surely, this is a more “intellectual” way of picking up girls than hanging out on the dance pole.

7. Street events

Outdoor events may be the best for meeting single Russian girls. Using the Internet, you can easily detect what occasions take place in the city you’re visiting. Thematic fairs, festivals, concerts, or shows – anything is at your disposal. You may go there in the company of your Russian or native peers. Just like with music halls, you may choose whatever awakens your curiosity and increase your chances of meeting a like-minded Russian girlfriend. As a rule, they don’t attend such events alone. So pay your attention especially to groups of girls – one of them must definitely be single and ready for making new connections.

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