Refund Policy has developed the Refund Policy to guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase. The terms are defined in “Membership Terms and Conditions”. All users who want to join the website have to accept the terms of the refund policy agreement as well as the application form. 
The website offers a no-refund policy after purchase of the services by users except the cases involving website failure or fraudulent abuse of your payment method. In case the services of the company seem defective to you, you can claim the refund and we will consider your application. You should also add the copy of your registration data to your claim. We do not accept requests without registration details. When you join the site, you get these details by mail. The operators of support team will respond to your request within 2 days. 
In case you are able to prove the authenticity of fraud or unauthorized access, you should inform us about it. Also, you should explain why you want to receive a refund. We may deny your application if you do not provide explanation. Our operators of the support service will respond to your request within 2 days.
Should you have any questions as far as the refund policy of our site is concerned, feel free to contact us at the following address: 
Sono RC LP
272 Bath Street,
G2 4JR


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