Terms and Conditions
Company Sono RC LP offers dating services which are regulated by Terms and Conditions of User Agreement.
The company Sono RC LP based in UK is the owner of the site www.planetofbrides.com and the corresponding services related to it. It functions in accordance with Terms and Conditions agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”).The Terms and Conditions can be changed by the owner of planetofbrides.com when needed. The Terms and Conditions Agreement is considered effective after being published on the website. When the customer uses the services that means that he accepts the terms and changes introduced by the Service.
The owner and the operator of the Site is Company Sono RC LP hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Company”. The Company should provide the services according to Terms and Conditions and this becomes the agreement between the two parties: the Company and the users, who get the services of the Company on the conditions determined by the dating service for them. It is allowed to access the Site and use the services and advertisements (hereinafter referred to as “Material”) on these terms only.
When the users view the Material and become the registered member of the Service, they confirm that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions.
In these Terms and Conditions our Dating Site should be understood as a digital content platform, notwithstanding the way through which you access this site.
1. Terms and conditions
The terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") regulate usage of the Company Sono RC LP website "Dating Site" regardless the way of your access. You should study attentively disclaimers you can find in paragraphs 15 - 18. Privacy Policy should also be read carefully as you use the site in compliance with it.
It is necessary to examine both documents: Terms and Conditions Agreement and Privacy Policy and agree to use the Site in case you agree with them. In case you disagree with one of the documents, you should discontinue using the Service. If you still continue using it, it means that you gave your consent to it.
We are entitled to alter the Terms and Conditions when we consider that it is necessary. The accepted changes will refer to all users who visit and use the Services after they are published and the document is changed on the Website. For this reason, it is necessary to study the terms now and then to make sure the conditions of the company suit you. Take into consideration that rules can be updated and this is your responsibility to follow them.
In spite of the fact that we regularly inspect the profiles published on the site trying to remove inappropriate information, we are not accountable for the content provided by users. You should understand that information they post is not verified therefore you can’t blindly believe everything you read there. The accuracy of data delivered by members is not checked by our managers and we are not responsible for statements they make online. In case you have some suspicions or concerns, you can inform us about it.
When you have some questions about the Agreement, you can clarify unclear points by contacting us through the contact form.
2. No warranty
You should take the Service as it is. No warranty is provided to you in regards to the following aspects:
The format of the website can be changed at any time.
The website does not guarantee its flawless work and content free from viruses.
We do not guarantee precision of Material or its completion with exception of the cases regulated by terms and conditions including the conditions that should be accomplished according to law (fully, with guarantees of the quality content that meets the requirements of particular users).
You realize that use of the Service and data you can find on it is entirely your responsibility.
3. Obligations
We are not responsible for some fault, damage or loss that occurred directly, accidentally or because of certain actions that caused loss of income, for instance, some failure in business prospects that, for some reason, occurred due to being involved with activities on the Dating site or if you are not able to use the Site for some reason.
4. Downloadable material
Any content that you upload to the website is scanned for viruses. Nevertheless, we urge you to perform additional check of the materials you want to download from the site for storage on your computer.
5. Use of the Web Site
You assume responsibility:
* not to use the Service with illegal intentions;
* not to perform certain actions that in some way can bring harm to the Service or other users, damage the functionality of the site and make it run less effectively than it does as a result of running certain scripts anywhere on the website without permission of the owner;
* not to transmit viruses or some damaging content that can cause failure of the equipment or deliver information that insults, annoys or creates some kind of discomfort in some way in other members of the site. The material should not be indecent, sexually abusive or menacing to avoid the problems;
* not to use the Service in some way that can bring to unfavorable consequences to some other user of the Site and also to the company (that refers also to copyright or confidentiality matters, though this is not the only aspect, where this point can be applied);
* not to use the Site for transfer of content meant to achieve publicity goals or for promotion and advertising purposes without our agreement.
* in case you are going to claim against other user of the Site for some reason, you can use your right to do so independently and without our consent to such actions;
* that you free Us from the responsibility to cover the losses in the event of damages, losses, expenditures, damages in addition to legal fees that arose due to the breach of Terms and Conditions and other Material from the Website.
* We reserve the right to refuse access to the Dating Site to you in case of violation of the terms that are contained in the Terms and Conditions.
We leave it to our discretion – to grant your access to the Site without limitations on conditions set by the policy described in the documents of the Dating Site.
6. Intellectual Property Rights
The design of the website, images you can see on it and the whole content of the Service is our property or the property of our licensor if other is not stated.
We deliver Material on the Website that you could use for personal goals and reproduce it entirely or partially with the exception of short-term copies created when material is downloaded to the Site and for achievement of different goals that are forbidden to pursue by the rules such as commercial display, distribution or copying of the resource if it is not a property of the third party.
Even the part of the Website is not liable for reproduction, transmittance and storage on some different resource and on some retrieval system. It is also not allowed to create the impression as if this is the third party resource unless you received permission to act differently.
7. Links to other Sites
In case there are some links on the Site to the other resources (the site of third party partners, for instance, or some co-branded resource), you should take into consideration that these are independent serviced not regulated by Us, therefore we are not responsible for content provided on those sites.
8. Content
We are not responsible for data, products, services, advertisement and any other content that you can find on the sites that are connected in some way to the Dating Site. If you make decision to register on other sites, you will have to study their terms and conditions that have nothing to do with our website. There is no any contractual connection of our company with other organizations so we accept no liability with respect of authenticity of information on those resources.
9. Registration
If you want to have access to some parts of the site where you want to communicate with other members of the site, you will be offered to subscribe to other service or register there. You will be asked to give more details then and enter email address, password for registration. You are allowed to be a Member in case:
* You are at least 18 years old
* You make your own profile
* You provide your email address which you do not share with some other person who will also use it to enter the Site.
* You will not let the person who wasn’t registered as you to enter the unauthorized area for him. He should be registered to be there.
* You are entitled to make only one account and additional accounts are not allowed because this approach can disrupt the Service and ruin it.
* You do not provide incorrect, confusing or deceptive information. It is also not allowed to pretend that you are some other person.
In case we find out that you violated these terms, we can refuse you access to the Site without delay and prior notification.
10. Membership
We do not charge for membership. You can place your profile without charge after you register.
A citizen or a resident of the United States who wants to get personal data about the person from other country or who is going to meet with the one, should meet the requirements of the IMBRA and is not allowed to contact directly people from other countries until the IMBRA procedures are accomplished. IMBRA procedures should be performed by the other party also.
12. Fees
There are some paid services on the site such as sending letters, using chat, video streaming, delivery of gifts and video presentations. You can find the prices on the website after you log on the Site. The fee schedule can be altered at any time and updated fee schedule should be published without delay when the users are notified about changes of prices with email. The prices are provided in US dollars.
13. Rejection, cancellation or suspension
We are entitled to decide upon rejection of application of the person who wants to be a Member. Your account can also be suspended or canceled immediately for some reason, and this can happen at any moment. For instance, it is possible if the person constantly violates the Terms and Conditions or does something that disrupts work of the Service. The Site will let you know about the breach with a letter sent to your email and your access becomes invalid after it.
14. Your responsibilities
You bear responsibility for everything that you post online on the Dating Site. You should realize your responsibility entirely. It refers to words, texts, pictures, artworks and sound files. You provide the content free of charge as well as the right for editing, copying, deletion, translation. In this way, there is right for publishing and broadcasting, transmittance, distribution and making the works public. The works can be repeatedly used on the dating sites or some other mass media in different parts of the world and you should waive the rights in the contribution made by you.
15. Infringement of third party rights
When you place the material on the Site, you guarantee that:
* There is not infringement of the rights of any person, corporation or company, including the proprietors of any copyright and all those who possess some kind of intellectual property. There should be no confidentiality or privacy right violation, and you have the required permissions.
* You have not insulted any person or organization or encroached on their legal rights in some respect. For instance, a person can’t comment something they are not able to justify, say untrue facts that can’t be proved, should not make statements that violate privacy of the person and can bring to court case. No obscene images or content that can be considered such on racial, religious grounds, everything that causes disrespectful attitude or hatred can be posted on the Site. The same refers to any kind of illegal content.
16. Intellectual Property
You accept that all rights, which refer as well to copyright and database rights, for all content present on the Dating Site is our property even when it was submitted by you or licensed by you. The site is used for definite purposes and can’t be exploited as some public place where you advertise your material. You can’t use it for commercial purposes and therefore you are not allowed to send spam, junk mail, and other similar messages with commercial goal. You also can’t copy and use the materials you have collected from the site in public, publishing them in mass media or create some database without permission of the Site owner.
17. Indemnity
You indemnify the Company and its subsidiaries along with people who are in charge of the working process there (directors, shareholders, and employees) from the claims, liabilities, financial losses, damages, costs and proceedings that occurred due to your violation of the Terms and Conditions or as a result of your publication performed by you or instead of you.
We are entitled to protection of claims and actions done that impose financial responsibility. At this we reserve the right to indemnity from you. You should welcome all kind of cooperation in case it is necessary.
18. Loss or damage - disclaimer
You accept that:
* content added to the Dating Site by users and dating community are their opinions and statements and have nothing to do with us or third-party companies and personalities, which can be at the head of those companies or just some people in charge (shareholders, employees, directors etc.) that cooperate with us;
* you are in charge of accuracy of any details given by any Member prior to starting any commitment on their basis;
* there is no thorough monitoring and editing on the Dating site or community;
* we do not control the third party partners that publish advertisement on the Site or other resources that are connected with the Dating Service. For this reason, we do not bear responsibility for the contents you can face when you visit their sites via links placed on the Site.
19. Limitation of Liability
We are not responsible for loss or some harm inflicted by some third party partner to you after you register there. We are not liable for mistakes and omissions that appear on the Dating Site that bring to losses and damage. The connection can be direct or not. The damage can be consequential, while damages can be classified as special or exemplary. As a result of fault the person can lose reputation, income, data, possibility, business, etc. This does not exclude our liability of the situations when our negligence brought to serious damage or even lethal outcome, our liability for fraud or other liability that can’t be ignored or limited legally.
20. No warranty
We do not provide guarantee on such things as quality, appropriateness, trustworthiness, truthfulness of the information presented by Members on the Site. Neither are we accountable for completeness of data you can find on it. Even when warranties are indirect, they are limited to the degree in compliance with the law.
We also do not provide guarantee the functionality of the Dating Site, its server and the systems that they will work smoothly without mistakes, bugs and will not be infected with viruses. We also are not responsible for failures in work of the Site. When the website is out of service for some time and can’t be accessed, we do not bear responsibility for technical complications that occurred. Such things can happen without warning on our part just because we are not able to predict all problems that can develop.
21. Data protection
Your personal information can be very helpful for better administration of the Service. Periodically, we send out the advertising or marketing materials that will tell you about our services and products or similar services offered by our third party companies. You are entitled to refuse from such emails. You can just contact the support service for it.
22. Inappropriate Use
If the contents of the website seems not suitable for you or information on it offends you or cause some disruption, we can employ the information we have at our disposal to prevent the situation and in some cases it can involve such methods as contacts with third parties, for instance, your director, email provider or even the police in case you are suspected of some illegal actions.
23. Privacy Policy
The following privacy terms are covered in the Privacy Policy.
24. Monitoring of Information
We preserve the right to control everything that is posted online on our site including posts, messages, media files that should be incompliance with the appropriate content regulations and can be applied occasionally.
25. Contact
In case, you want to contact us, you can use the address:
Sono RC LP
272 Bath Street,
G2 4JR


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