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Undoubtedly, the chemistry between a man and a woman exists, such as the humanity that knocks people together. A man is interested in a woman, a woman is looking for protection and care from a man. Some of our connections lead to serious relationships, while others don’t even flare up, or remain at the level of a short-term fling.

Everyone understands that nature arranged us in such a way that we are interested in each other. The global goal is clear - this is propagation. Our instincts crave us to meet our loved ones, unite with them and continue to live on this planet. And the fact is that a man is simply incomplete without a woman nearby. He lacks certain qualities, without which his existence will be rather deplorable (although at times it seems that it isn’t so). And the same thing happens on the part of a woman - she can certainly exist without a man, but it will be more like "existence", not a full-fledged happy life.

intense chemistry between two people

What is chemistry between two people?

Chemistry is an emotional bond that arises between two people when they are next to each other. People, between whom very strong chemistry is formed, evoke each other's emotional response by some specific characteristics of their personality. Positive emotions of one person are reflected in another, and a certain cycle of positive reaction is created, thanks to which these people begin to feel better and better next to each other.

If you feel a strong affinity with someone, this person engages your every thought, and sometimes all your spare time. You coo all night, but it seems like an hour. If you hear a call, you hope that it comes from the object of your affection. And most likely, it does. You constantly wonder what he (or she) would think about this song, this film, about the weather, how he would comment on your visit to the dentist and so on.

Chemistry can be called passion and even illness. It's well described by the formula "spark, storm, madness". When chemistry occurs, something in your behavior and traits of your character causes your partner to have a dopamine splash. The same thing happens to you. And that's all, you are lost. You spend time with each other, but it's never enough. You whisper cute little things to each other, don’t hesitate to use the word "love" and annoy everyone around you.

It’s difficult to trace what causes chemistry between two people. Anything can get things going: for example, you may like how he or she laughs at your jokes.

Chemistry is felt instantly and equally by both partners. An important distinctive feature of chemistry is the mutuality of sensations. If you feel something, you can be sure that your significant other feels the same. You become perfect empaths for each other.

An artist Alex Gray once said that true love happens between two people with such inner cockroaches that complement each other. And in his joke, there is a grain of truth. Strong chemistry usually occurs between people with the opposite, but complementary character traits.

A sensitive, energetic and slightly nervous girl can turn out to be extremely attractive for a calm, soft-hearted and emotionless young man. Introverts are usually attracted to extroverts. The kings of time management are often attracted to disorganized individuals acting spontaneously.

The chemistry between a man and a woman undoubtedly exists, and it’s very strong - but the question is what brings us together to satisfy our deep emotional and physical needs. But whether we get what we want in a relationship or not is another question. And if we get from our loved one what our nature requires - for a woman - emotional, physical and material protection, and so on, for a man - the need to be wanted, to be a hero, a getter and a leader - in this case, the chemistry becomes as high as possible, and we unite in families and live happily ever after. There are love and real feelings, which increase and grow stronger every day.

If a couple was initially attracted only by sexual instincts, and man and woman don’t satisfy other needs of each other, then one shouldn’t expect true love, and such an alliance will most likely be short-lived and fragile, and won’t last even for several years. You definitely shouldn’t seek happiness in such an alliance and attraction.

Characteristics of good chemistry between two people

We’ve collected 10 signs of chemistry between a man and a woman.

sexual chemistry between two people1. Lots of smiles

If there is a positive relationship between two people, then they smile a lot during communication. The reason is simple. When we are happy, we smile - and this is a natural reaction. Even the shiest introverts will smile broadly and rejoice.

2. The same sense of humor

There is an intense chemistry between two people with a similar sense of humor. In addition, common humor enhances feelings, even if you are just friends. Most people with a similar sense of humor can also think alike.

3. Feeling that you know each other for life

Have you ever felt that you have known this particular person for a long time? Such a powerful feeling occurs infrequently; we can say that it’s even unique. When this happens, an inexplicable feeling of comfort appears, and your conversation flows absolutely naturally and at ease.

4. Sexual attraction

We are genetically inclined to seek a partner on the basis of his physical attractiveness. In the end, people are also an animal species, eager for reproduction. Strong sexual magnetism is a typical sign of chemistry.

5. Spiritual connection

Although we sometimes can’t understand why we feel a special spiritual connection with someone, nevertheless, it does exist. You read thoughts and understand each other without words. Ordinary magic!

6. Physical contact

Playful touch as if by accident - almost universal sign of "chemistry". Men and women like to use this behavior to get some response. When this game is enjoyable for both, it speaks volumes.

7. Reflecting

This is a behavioral model when one person subconsciously imitates the gestures, speech or manner of behavior of another person. All people participate in such reflecting, whether we realize it or not. In the presence of physical or emotional attraction to someone, we immediately begin to "reflect" our chosen one. Although it can be a sign even of a simple chemistry between friends.

8. A feeling of instant comfort

This feeling is a powerful sign of strong chemistry between two people. When we meet someone for the first time, our natural reaction is to strain a little. We use a formal language, become reserved and slightly nervous. For some strange reason, an absolute sense of comfort can immediately spring up between some people.

9. Same interests

How many women can honestly admit that they love video games? Football? Basketball? How many men can say that they love romantic comedies? Embrace? Shopping? That isn't the case that the interests of men and women don't match. There is nothing wrong with it. The fact is that it's difficult to find someone with the same interests. Again, this is one of the very powerful signs of chemistry between two people.

10. The desire to see one another and communicate

If in the absence of a person you have an incredible desire to see him or her again and always look forward to your next meeting (and he or she experiences the same thing), then this is another component of the chemistry that has arisen between you.

Signs of sexual chemistry between a man and a woman

Chemistry has a strong impact on sexual relations. In its absence, a couple is doomed to boring, emotionless sex. And in the presence of strong chemistry, there's a high possibility to spend incredible nights (and days), that will stick in your memory for life.

When there is sexual chemistry between two people, sex becomes a drug for them, it isn’t just a need - it's a way to express emotions, get closer and feel each other better. Sex with a person who contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness, becomes a real physiological explosion for you, orgasm is no longer the highest point and peak of pleasure. The sexual act itself, every movement and touch raise you from earth to heaven.

There are some primary signs to tell if there's chemistry between two people. Certain gestures and demeanor often demonstrate our true thoughts and feelings. Being very careful, it's easy to understand that a representative of the opposite sex has a sexual interest in you.

Bashful blush

This sign is most characteristic of girls - men blush less often, although this also occurs. If a girl becomes red having made eye contact with a man or being with him, it speaks about the fact that she wants physical intimacy with him. That's why women (and in some cultures - men) use blusher to look more seductive.

Enlarged pupils

Enlarged pupils are a sign of arousal. If a person's pupils become enlarged when they communicate with you, they may be attracted to you. However, a person can be excited about other reasons, so you should draw conclusions about their attitude to you only on the basis of several sexual signs.

how to tell if there's chemistry between two peopleGentle touch

Such a touch can be an expression of simple sympathy or support between friends or close relatives, but with people of different sex, they are usually sexual signals.


A person unconsciously stands up straight wanting to please someone. This is especially noticeable in men who, due to this, want to appear taller and stronger. At the same time, they can slightly protrude the inguinal region, and make more or less noticeable movements of the hips towards the woman he likes. All this is done unconsciously - such behavior is dictated by ancient instincts, which still have a significant effect on the sexual activity of a person.


A man who wants to please a woman usually begins to put on marginally deeper voice than usual, and the pace of his speech slows down. In this case, a woman speaks in a higher voice, with a soft, cooing intonation.


A person who experiences sexual attraction unconsciously reflects the movements of another person. If you notice that a man sits back on a chair just like you, props his cheek with his hand, or crosses his legs just like you - most likely he feels more than a simple liking for you. However, now reflecting is used by many pickup artists, so you need to pay attention to other sexual signals - especially those that people can’t control consciously.

Visual direction

A woman who wants to pass on to a more intimate relationship with a man often looks at his lips, and a man glances over the entire face of a woman - because women don’t have obvious signs of sexual arousal for a man and he tries to find these signs of attraction on her face.

Touching the hair

Communicating with an attractive man, many women start to run their fingers through the hair, curl strands, smooth their hair, and so on. Men in a similar situation often smooth or, on the contrary, ruffle their hair.

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