33 Relationship Building Questions for Your Couple

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Dating is always fun and interesting, but everything may change when we start talking about a serious relationship. Men and women are not only from different planets, they also think differently, look differently in the same direction, and see completely different things. Quite a lot of couples prefer to ignore the daily troubles.

All relationships between a man and a woman begin with a gradual study of each other. During this period, small quarrels often occur on the ground of mutual misunderstanding. And this is normal. After all, this is one way to understand what kind of person your partner is and how to make your relationship deeper. It is important during this period to learn to solve problems that arise and not hide them. But also there is another way to deepen a romantic relationship between two people.

relationship questions and answers

Have you met a great woman recently and just wanted to get to know her? It is quite easy to do! You can ask her the right questions and watch her for a while to get an understanding of what her character is, as well as how your love relationship may develop. However, you should always remember that you shouldn’t ask a woman about her exes, unpleasant things for her, and money. It is good to periodically ask such questions. It’s incredible, but spending even 30 minutes a week on these questions, you can make a relationship much stronger. Don’t you believe? Try it once and see what happens.

Relationship questions to ask a girl

How to find a common language? What questions are good for communication with a girl? Here is the list of relationship questions you may ask a girl:

1. If you had a card that rids you of a crime, what would you do? – This deep question will show you the dark side of a woman. Interestingly, there is almost no person who will simply tell you that he/she will not use this card. When a person answers this question, there is an opportunity to talk on this topic for quite a long time. For example, why did a girl choose that particular crime?

2. What book or movie has the most influence on you? – Everyone has a book or a film that has influenced him/her to a great extent. Asking this question, you will receive very interesting information about the personality of the person with whom you are talking. You will not only find out which genres a girl likes most, but also what work she singles out from the rest. It can already give a lot of topics for further discussion.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

4. Have you ever cried because of a guy?

5. What do you most appreciate in men?

6. What would you give your life for? – Of course, you shouldn’t ask a stranger this question. Using it, it should be understood that you both can get a lot of interesting information about each other.

7. If you could become the main character in a book or a movie, whom would you choose? – This particular question will confuse your partner. And let’s be honest, it is not easy to imagine that you live in the imaginary world of a favorite book or film. At the same time, the answer to this question will tell you a lot about the personality of the woman you like. In almost all cases, she chooses a character that is very similar to her – the person with whom she identifies herself.

relationship questions to ask8. Can there be friendship between a guy and a girl?

9. If you could travel in time, where would you go? – Admittedly, this is a very tricky question with the help of which you can find out if a girl shows interest in history. In this case, even a superficial answer can be developed.

10. How do you feel about adventures in nature, camping or mountaineering? – Thus, you may get to know whether she is an adventurer. Are you ready for adventure? How she reacts to difficult situations – run from them or is not afraid? This topic can be developed for a very long time and productively because even not extreme people like forest, nature, rivers, seas, and oceans.

11. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be? – Of course, there is a possibility that a woman may say that she wouldn’t want to change anything, but even in this case, you can use humor and ask something like: “Wouldn’t you even want to change your hairdresser?”

12. If you had a superpower, which one would you choose? – The question is not as stupid as it might seem. As a rule, people want such a superpower which they really lack in life. That is, the question has a very strong underlying reason. The answer will help you draw a conclusion about the personality of a woman. After all, is she going to use her power solely for selfish purposes or there is something social in her desire?

13. Who was your hero in childhood? – After asking this question, you can learn a lot about the girl’s personality. Don’t forget to ask a counter question about what her current hero is.

14. What would you do during the zombie apocalypse? – There are people who would hide, but there are those who would fight. This uncomplicated question will help you move to more informal communication and get to know a girl. In this case, the chain of reasoning may show how much a person is ready for difficult non-standard problems.

15. If you could live anywhere, what kind of place would that be? – There is a risk to run into the banal answers (some uninhabited island, New York). But it is possible that you may get an exhaustive answer. For example, you may understand that a woman wants to move but she doesn’t have enough money. This is an interesting topic for discussion.

16. What comedy do you consider the best? – This question not only helps get some good recommendations for your list of films to watch but can also provide excellent topics for conversation and tell if a woman has a sense of humor.

17. If you had a chance, would you choose a different profession? – It is banal to ask a girl about where she works. It is always much more interesting to talk about “If..., would…?” Half of the previous questions are based on this. People adore assumptions, especially about a better life. Most likely, a woman has a dream about a new profession, about which she may tell you. And then you can ask other questions on the same topic.

18. What makes you truly happy? – Usually, people first tell us about the little things. They will tell you that listening to music or walking with friends – that’s what makes them happy. But as soon as you start to go deeper, you will find a lot of interesting things.

19. What are your hobbies and interests? – You will directly show your interest by asking such a question. And also you may interest a girl by your favorite activities. It is likely that some items will coincide and you will be able to continue the conversation on this topic.

20. What are your dreams and further goals? – This is considered one of the best early relationship questions. It will not only help get closer but also determine your common goals.

21. What do you want to know about me and my life? – In case your partner is quite silent, you can ask such a question directly. Thus, you provoke and awaken the interest of a girl to your life.

list of relationship questions22. What’s the main way you show your love?

23. Do you want to change something in your life?

24. How much alone time do you need?

25. Do you want to have children? – This is one of the best relationship building questions. Perhaps you want at least three children and she even doesn’t want to hear about them. There will be no compromise. Or maybe on the contrary, she dreams of a big family with five wonderful children and you don’t like this idea. In the future, she will be dissatisfied.

26. Have you ever called first after quarreling with a guy?

27. How do you imagine a perfect partner? – You must work up the courage and ask her what qualities she values most in men. This is important because it may give you an idea of whether you have a chance for the future with her. In return, open your thoughts about how you imagine the perfect woman of your dreams. This will be an important stage of your mutual knowledge.

28. Are you an owl or an early riser?

29. In what position do you like to have sex?

30. How do you feel about BDSM/threesome/home video?

31. What do you think about men? – Listen to how she generally speaks of men. If she often uses disrespectful phrases, you shouldn’t expect anything good from her. She doesn’t respect men, she doesn’t consider them good people and you’re no exception. She’ll never treat you differently.

32. When do you want to get married? –If you have plans to have a wedding for the next couple of years and she doesn’t have such thoughts, then after a while, you will start scandals on this basis. It is not necessary to amuse yourself with hopes that you will change it and she will be so fascinated by you that will change her mind and will want to see you as a future husband in a year.

33. What makes you feel most loved?

Why are relationship building questions for couples so popular? Because skillfully asking the questions, it is possible to learn a lot about each other. Also, it will help to define her relation to you. Of course, the soul of a woman is a mystery. But it can be easy to understand it if you know what relationship questions to ask. In early dating, it is best to communicate in general themes, avoiding disputes and conflicts. But the better you will know a woman, the more challenging question you can ask. And her reaction, how she answers these questions, explain her position, can determine her attitude to you (whether she likes you or not).

However, it is not an easy task to bring a woman to have a frank conversation. She should start trusting you. After all, fear to get psychological trauma restrains women. Therefore, they try to seem indifferent and disinterested. So, try to carefully ask a girl what she likes and what not to melt the ice in a relationship, become closer to each other and willingly share information about yourself in return. Otherwise, shouldn’t be a one-sided game. So, try to create strong ties, the exchange of sincere feelings, and genuine information.

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