New Sex Trends: Why Not Trying It Out?

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Sex has its own trends and tendencies as any other spheres of our life. We decided to investigate the newest sex trends and find out which of them really deserve attention, and which shouldn’t be taken to your bed in any case.

Technology, unfortunately or fortunately, got to our bedrooms. First and foremost, sexologists and psychologists say that progress has gradually penetrated into the most conservative part of our life – sex, and is not surprising in the age of the power of the Internet and constantly updated gadgets. However, not only they change our intimate life: we generally began to treat sex differently than 20-30 years ago. What trends are noted by experts today?

latest sex trends

Latest sex trends

Rejection of sex

It is paradoxically, but one of the new trends in sex is the rejection of sex. Moreover, the initiative comes from men. Agree that this is quite unexpected. The most popular excuses “I have a headache” and “I'm tired” have not been used for a long time. And more and more women complain that their partners avoid physical contact. Sexologists call the reason for this non-standard behavior of men “sexual satiety. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, but something that once worked excitedly, has the opposite effect now. As hunters, men were forced to seek women all their lives. This stimulated them as alpha males. Now, women have become too easy, exposing themselves unworthy and not hesitating to offer sex. All this suppresses men as hunters, sharpening new “passive” feelings and actions in them.

Fragrant devices

Sex industry doesn’t stand still and periodically pleases us with new intimate toys and other devices. One of them also includes fragrant novelties of sex shops. Today in modern sex trends, there are menthol plates for oral caresses and special ink, which you can draw a sexual route on your body and invite your lover to walk on it... with a tongue.

Intimate hairstyle

The next popular sex trends invoke all women (well, and men as well) to keep beauty not only on the head but also in intimate zones. Such haircuts are very popular among men and women nowadays. Some specialists are ready not only to create a rabbit in the style of “Playboy” but also they can decorate it with rhinestones and feathers. You will diffidently like this!

new trends in sexPersonal sex coach

It turns out that a personal coach is needed not only to monitor the physical form, the performance of exercises or for subduing your thoughts about your favorite sweets. A new coaching profession is a personal sexual mentor. This is one of the latest sex trends in America. The sex training coach gives advice on how to get to know the opposite sex, and also works as a personal guide for the body – teaches how to touch, caress, and excite oneself and your partner. The love guru is ready to spend with a pupil a whole day for his or her success.


This is also one of the new sex trends in our world. Some people like to watch how others have sex; some prefer when other people look at them when they have sex. The best solution for both types of people is the new phenomenon “dogging”. Sexual fashion, originated in the UK, gradually conquers the entire planet and is created for those who prefer to have sex in the fresh air in a secluded corner (in the park, in the forest or on the beach).


Eco-lovers have already appeared in the world. No, you don’t need to eat fruits and vegetables to become a nimbler in bed. To do this, it is enough to bring environmentally friendly appliances to your bedroom, such as organic condoms, sex toys made of wood, vibrators on energy-saving batteries or whips made from recycled materials. The real bestseller is lubricants made of herbs and natural essences.

Sex at a distance

One of the current sex trends is sex at a distance. Do you still think that the vibrator is only for playing alone? Well, you are mistaken. Now there are sex toys for two in the recent sex trends. The essence of them is that one of the partners can regulate the tempo of the vibrator, thereby managing the pleasure of another partner. A special application for the smartphone gained high demand. It even allows couples to engage quite tangible sex from a distance.

Sex applications

It would be strange if there wasn’t any app dedicated to sex among the countless applications for smartphones. And, of course, there are a lot of them! The iVibe massager application will turn your phone into a vibrator, where you can change the duration and intensity of vibrations.

69 Positions Lite will suggest a position that you and your partner have not tried yet. If you shake a smartphone, a random position appears on the screen, which can immediately be implemented.

Sex and fitness

One of the most popular porn sites in the world came up with a whole system – BangFit, which allows you to combine sex and fitness and make love instead of morning jogging. It includes a site, a mobile application, and a belt on that your smartphone is attached. Animated characters in the video on the computer screen show exercises that you and your partner should repeat and the smartphone sends data about your activity through the application to the site. As a result, you get an answer about how many calories you spent while making love.

Sexual Meditation

A special kind of sexual therapy is promoted by Nicole Deidon in her book “The Movement of Slow Sex”. The author takes control of orgasm and relies on a prolonged sexual intercourse. By the way, she claims that a man is not always needed. Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism and, of course, wild passion will help a woman to reach the peak of pleasure.

weird sex trendsSlow sex

The crisis and the autumn depression give birth to another sex trend, which we can’t ignore – slow sex. More and more couples practice slow, thoughtful, meditative sexual contact. Sometimes it can be like tantric practices and meditation of awareness – you don’t attack one another in blind passion, but long mutually caress each other, adjust to the bodies, the rhythms of the heartbeat and breath of each other. Your bodily interaction conveys the entire range of feelings, expresses support, sympathy, and willingness to comfort.

Vibrators in rhinestones

Forget about vibrators and dildos that look “like real”: they are far in the past. The market of elite erotic toys is going through the best of times! The more intricate and luxurious the vibrating assistant, the better! For example, it can be vibrators as Shiri Zinn’s company fabricates. Her latest invention is a stylish and soft instrument, made of genuine leather and trimmed with pink Swarovski crystals.

Sex with a stranger

In the West and in the States, the fashion for sex with the first hot guy or girl came a long time ago. An interesting fact that every second thirty-year-old woman admitted that she had such an experience. In favor of the sudden intimacy with machos, they say that romance and the amount of adrenaline in the blood overwhelmed them. You may even not know the names of each other, but you go to a secluded corner, car, elevator, under the table in a restaurant, etc. It is bright and delicious! The minus is only one, but serious: such sex can be very dangerous, especially in the conditions of the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and diseases of the immune system. Do you need it? That’s why such a sex-adrenaline lifestyle is out of fashion.

Fast sex

Does the soul yearn for experiences? Fast sex is what you need! It is always popular and everyone resorts periodically to this form of sex communication. And most importantly – fast sex is absolutely safe. Even if you are married for about 10 years, nothing would prevent you from experiencing vivid emotions. The conditions are simple: just a catastrophic shortage of time and space. Well, a little more awkwardness or fear – what if they catch you? The main thing is that fast sex is like Viagra – it works without fail.


Most of the men liked neither the film nor the book. Nevertheless, they did their job – revived the already diminished interest in BDSM. Girls suddenly remembered that bonding is very exciting, and domination is consistent with their life principles. Of course, in this sense, it is worth talking about the episodic nature of such hobbies because it can’t yet be called the norm of a relationship. Why did women rush to buy handcuffs? – You may ask. Perhaps they are just tired of being strong and dragging everything on themselves – work, dailies, and the upbringing of children... And BDSM gives them the opportunity to be weak and see a strong gentleman instead of an infantile man.

current sex trendsSelfie in bed

Another amusing sex-tendency of 2017 is “sex-selfies”. Yes, it also can be called one of the weird sex trends nowadays. This contagion, which appeared in our lives thanks to the phones with cameras, have already possessed probably everyone on our planet. We take selfies in an elevator, toilet, airplane, restaurant, under water, and in the sky, so why not take it in bed? The boundaries of the permitted have long been washed away. We don’t hesitate to demonstrate our naked bodies. And there even appeared a special hashtag in social networks – #aftersex. Do you know what is most frustrating about this trend? No, it is not even a decline in moral standards. This is a desire to show everything that happens to you to the public, immediately “post” it instead of giving extra moments of tenderness to your partner...

Reliable information

Do you want to test your sexual activity? Your smartphone will do it. Just download the new app Passion. When you feel that passion flares you up, then quickly press the “start” button and start making love. Not a single movement will escape from an impartial judge. It will take note of each “oh” and will not forget a single “ah”. It will remember the duration of sex, and then... give an assessment! Now you will find out who you are in bed – a “number one” or a “full layman”. Will it be fantastic or humiliating? – It depends on the result. But still, it is very fun.

Safe sex

Well, the last millennial sex trends please not only us but also the World Health Organization. Safe sex is in the top again! Not so long ago, the British Pleasure Project organization invited volunteers to take home porn for 200 pounds, provided that they had to do it in condoms. Thus, a new fashion for safe sex appeared. People began to exchange photos of unusual condoms on the Internet and even make video reviews about them.

They say that sex is in our head. And whatever desires and fantasies come to it, we live in those times when they can be easily realized. And it’s not about the number of options for sex, but about the fact that finally we can freely choose where, when, and with whom to engage (or not engage) in love.

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