How to Date a Cancer Woman: a Complete Guide

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Astrology, signs of the zodiac and horoscopes have long acquired a firm position in our lives. We turn to them for advice, ask them to tell us about our lucky days, and check our plans for the future. And although every person has their own sign of the zodiac, each of us wants to know the specifics of other signs. So, now we will introduce you some Cancer women characteristics.

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Interesting facts about Cancer women

Cancer woman has an extremely delicate and complex mental organization. Most likely, she served as a prototype for the saying that another man's soul is always dark. As a rule, Cancer people need the support of close people, but they are too shy to express their feelings.

A Cancer woman doesn’t tolerate criticism and ridicule – from her point of view nothing is more terrible. She will carefully keep a painful memory in her mind until she has the opportunity to avenge oneself.

In general, the memory of Cancer people can only be envied, they never forget anything and can easily reproduce the words they heard once. Cancer women are in awe of the past and often believe in the transmigration of souls. They aren't afraid of the mould of time, they are happy to read historical novels, buy antiques and ready to hang the portraits of ancestors on the wall. For them, life is much more than just "here and now."

These women are very economic and ready to invest a lot of energy and time in arranging their own home. Perhaps, the result of their efforts will seem old-fashioned, but it will never be tasteless. Their kitchens are often reminiscent of paintings of old Dutch masters. The English expression "My house is my castle" is 100% true for Cancer women.

Cancer woman loves and knows how to cook, and her refrigerator is always full. At the heart of such behavior is propensity to safety. She just needs to know when she will be able to eat next time or when she gets her salary next time. The Cancers, as a rule, don’t cross the line between frugality and miserliness, but they feel a strong need to save money for a rainy day. But in exceptional cases it doesn’t prevent them to use shopping therapy to treat mental wounds.

On the one hand, a Cancer woman isn't at all a talker, she knows how to keep entrusted secrets. On the other hand, she is an excellent storyteller. It's always a pleasure to listen her, unless she tells an anecdote. In this case, the Cancer woman is unlikely to be able to withhold laughter, and it doesn't adorn her at all, because sometimes there are disgusting hysterical notes. Cancer women are maximalists by nature, they need "all or nothing", "wedding or breakup".

The best matches for Cancer women

The ideal couple is a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man. Despite the fact that both partners are very emotional, they perfectly complement each other (including in bed). Scorpio's jealousy can scare away most women, but not the Cancer: in such a situation, she will feel protected.

Cancer woman traitsAnother very good partner for a Cancer woman is a Pisces man. She perfectly manages to return him from heaven to earth, organize his life, in short, be his "mother", thereby realizing her powerful maternal instinct.

A Virgo man and a Cancer woman are on the same wave, they are "doomed" to live long and happily, because both love cleanness, are housewifely and economical.

A Cancer woman and a Cancer man make up a very successful combination, they have fantastically much in common and they are never bored together. In this couple there is mutual respect. The only danger is if both partners are depressed.

A Taurus man, although stubborn, is able to balance the tenderness and fragility of a Cancer woman, and they perfectly complement each other.

Cancer woman prefers to be led, not to be a leader. Also she gets along well with the Lion men. Such a relationship will be stable, and this family boat is unlikely to turn into a "Titanic."

Aries will make her go crazy - first by the mismanagement, and then by the heat of passions (however, both processes can proceed in parallel). Maybe they won't die on the same day, but it's safe to tell about this romance to their grandchildren.

A guide to dating a Cancer woman

These people never betray friends and loved ones. Female Cancer is a prototype of a woman who under no circumstances will abandon her husband, even if he turns out to be an alcoholic, a womanizer or a grumbler. She will bear her cross courageously. But this faithfulness often depresses men, something subtly resembling prisons. Many men complain that such a forgiving love gets on their nerves. Psychologists explain this approach to marriage with an unconscious fear of being unworthy of a partner. Husbands, in their turn, often use this circumstance and constantly reproach and humiliate their wives.

The Cancers are sure that the reward for their faith should be constant confirmation that they are loved. You need to treat them like fragile and expensive porcelain - very carefully and gently. Sometimes it’s difficult for these women to have some kind of relationship, despite the fact that their modesty and genuine compassion attract men. By and large, the Cancers need only two things - love and safety. She needs the love that is "above sex", the one that means a home, children and stability. She will never invite a man to her bedroom unless she is sure that he is in a long-term relationship.

In order to win the heart of a Cancer woman, you need a complete arsenal of romantic "tricks", starting from a candle-lit date, ending with a reading of love lyrics. Also a plenty of free time, because the Cancers don't take boredom lying down! There is a useful guide to dating a Cancer woman.

1. Find a common language. If you want to impress someone, then this sign is just for you. Cancer women often wait for the knight in shining armor. They love romance, like to spend a lot of time with their beloved one and appreciate when someone openly cares for them.

2. Get to know her better. Cancer women are very cautious, so you should get to know each other better before building a close relationship. First become a good friend for your woman, and gradually she will descry in you something more.

3. Don’t play games. If a Cancer woman trusts you, she will always speak straight out. Answer her in the same way. If you are trying to create some special image of yourself, or be mysterious, don't waste time - Cancer reads you like a book. And even if you try to hide your emotions, you won't succeed.

4. Create a cozy atmosphere. Create an atmosphere where she can feel like at home. Family and home mean a lot to them. They usually prefer to spend time at home, but if you manage to create a comfortable environment for them anywhere - consider that you've won them.

5. Know what to expect. Cancer women are conservative, old-fashioned and faithful – accept it. And these characteristics aren't bad, quite the contrary. If you manage to win Cancer, she will always be devoted to you. From you the representative of this sign waits the same: love, care, conservatism in some things and fidelity. And there is nothing wrong about that!

Cancer women in bed: 7 important rules

how to know if a Cancer woman likes you1. Make a romantic evening. The simplest and most effective way to surprise her will be the organization of a gorgeous evening. Prepare well for it: light candles, turn on quiet music, make a romantic dinner. Believe me, she will be delighted, because she loves romance in all of its aspects. Don't forget about yourself, because you must look on top. It will be an excellent option if you think over how to seduce a Cancer woman.

2. Regard her kindly. The sensitive nature of Cancer women in sex is greatly influenced by her partner's attitude. If you are understanding, sympathetic, kind and considerate, she will reveal herself like a flower. But it's also easy to scare her, make her keep silent by a rude word, a sharp gesture or expression. The armor of her self-confidence is very fragile.

3. A Cancer woman will never make the first step in sex. She is too shy and afraid that she may be condemned. You need to find the most skilful way to provide support, until her erotic imagination is freed from depression. You must show that she can act in love based on her desires, and any response of her feelings will arouse you.

4. Try on a new role. Games in bed and new roles are good for revitalizing relationships and smoothing all misunderstandings. As a rule, she willingly goes to new experiments, but it isn't worth pursuing. By nature, this is a fairly conservative woman who adheres to classical relationships. And in some cases you risk running her off easily.

5. Foreplay – the golden key. She gives a lot of attention to foreplay. It should be long and intense, which will allow a woman to get the real pleasure. And it's advisable to start it not in bed. There are a lot of options: suggest her to take a bath together, start with a pleasant massage, perform an unusual dance and so on. It’s an easy way to turn on a Cancer woman and your night will be full of passion and emotions.

6. Make love in water. Cancer women like making love in water. They all have sensitive skin, and the touch of water excites them. Intimate affinity in the aroma bath, under the shower, or even better in the lake or sea – is the greatest pleasure for them. They really like the touch of fingers, hair and lips to their breasts. The Cancers are very sensitive. You can touch the tips of their fingers, and you will see an extraordinary reaction: the Cancers shudder all over. Only the Cancers are so nicely organized.

7. The most important thing! There are other ways to surprise your lover in bed. You can find them yourself, using your own experience and studying the habits and preferences of your lover. But remember that with such women you must avoid harsh criticism and condemnation. She is very vulnerable and keeps her insult for a long time, which won't give you a harmonious intimate relationship in the future.

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