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We crack jokes to make people laugh, cheer them up, and spice up a conversation. On women, humor has an even huger effect. To make a woman laugh is to conquer her heart. Women live on emotions. They easily get attached to the one who is able to give them positive emotions. That’s why your sense of humor is your main weapon when dating a girl. Apart from melting her heart and making her fall for you, humor will help you relieve tension on a first date, make you forget your insecurities, and draw you two closer. Keep reading to find out how to make a girl laugh and win her heart.

jokes to make a girl laugh

How to Make People Laugh

If you ask any person what qualities they admire in other people, a sense of humor will definitely be among the top 3. The ability to find something funny even in the most difficult situation is priceless. If you always perceive the surrounding world with a fraction of humor, you can, actually, live a happy life. Humor helps simplify complicated things. Using it, you can cheer up not only yourself but also make other people smile and look on the bright side. People are drawn to funny personalities because those radiate positivity and come across as nice and friendly people whose company is never boring.

All people have a sense of humor: some have a good sense of humor, some have a less developed sense of humor. It’s great when people understand and laugh at each other’s jokes. There is immediately a connection between them. As a rule, men are the main jokers and women are the main laughers. Women do love to laugh. Although it’s often said that a girl will laugh at all your jokes if she really likes, you should know which jokes are appropriate and effective and which ones can put off or even insult.

How to Make Women Laugh

If you want to know the secret to how to make a woman laugh, here it is: never put on the mask of a standup comedian. There are men who always have funny stuff to say to make people laugh. If you’re a serious guy who doesn’t normally crack jokes, you shouldn’t pretend. You shouldn’t recall all the anecdotes you once heard or read. The idea behind humor is its spontaneity and, at the same time, appropriateness to the ongoing situation. A far-fetched joke will not impress a girl, it will rather make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t try to you use the whole potential of your sense of humor when seducing a girl. If she’s a romantic nature, make the main emphasis on a heartfelt talk, some profound things, her childhood, passions, etc.

Moderation should be your ally. If you joke too much, she may think you’re not serious enough. There are so many precautions, you may think after this. Relax. Here are some useful tips on how to make girls laugh.

Practice positive thinking. A positive attitude is closely related to a sense of humor. Be happy and take a positive attitude to life – women admire such men. If she realizes that you can become a source of positivity and support whenever she feels low, she’ll certainly be attracted to you. Try to notice good moments even in everyday situations. This way you’ll come across as a nice, benevolent, and easy-going person. Girls like it.

Learn to be funny. If you think your sense of humor must be improved, there are ways to enhance it, or rather, learn how to use it properly. It’s not about being humorous, it’s about seeing humor around you and being able to point it out.

funny text messages to make her laughUse your body language. Being funny is something bred in the bone. However, knowing what women admire, you can enhance the level of your laughableness. When you can’t find the words to make your woman laugh, use your mimics and gestures to cause a smile on her face. For instance, sitting in a café, waiting for your order, try playing with forks, knives, and plates. Perhaps, you’ll manage to knock some melody. If there is a small kid at the next table, you can make faces – that’s cute and funny.

Tell a funny story. If you can’t come up with jokes on the spot, then I bet you have some real funny stories to tell. Some story from your childhood or from your friend’s experience told by you with all enthusiasm and the whole palette of intonations will at least evoke a smile on her lips.

Figure out what makes her laugh. An individual approach is what you need. All girls are different, and what is funny for one can be not funny at all for another. Test the waters first to see what sense of humor she’s got. If it turns out that nothing makes her even smile, perhaps this is not your person. Another reason for her indifference can be her psychological state due to some unpleasant current situation in life. Perhaps you should take it easy on her and give support rather than try to cheer her up. But if it turns that she laughs at other people’s jokes and ignores yours, you should doubt your compatibility.

Be a careful listener. Comedians are good observers. They overhear and oversee a lot which later serves as material for their comedy. You should be attentive talking to your girlfriend. This way you’ll figure out what worries her, what she likes and dislikes, what she believes in, etc. Based on this information, you’ll be able to come up with something funny that will be exactly to the point. Just make sure that the laughing matters you’re going to employ in your jokes are safe to be laughed at and won’t hurt her feelings.

Laugh at yourself. A bit of self-deprecation is always to the point. By laughing at yourself, you demonstrate confidence. Women appreciate this very much because it’s important for them to see that their man accepts and is totally okay with himself. Laugh at her jokes. Show that you like her sense of humor – she wants to know that you find her funny and interesting. Laugh together. Laugher is contagious. Try to mimic her sense of humor – she’ll like it. If it’s too different from yours, be loyal to yourself.

Learn witty quotations. It’s useful to memorize famous witty adages. They will come in handy at the right moment and become a great substitute for the jokes to make a girl laugh. However, don’t confuse funny aphorisms with trite jokes. Fool around. When you already know each other quite well, you can get childish at time. Women appreciate men’s ability to switch from serious to playful. Give irrelevant answers to her naïve or stupid questions. Remember to smile in order to show that you’re fooling around and not trying to deride her. Parody some celebrity or some of your mutual friends. Flirt with her while fooling. Tickle her.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

On a date, you have two options. You can sit on the bench in the park, have small talk, exchange formal questions, and then go leaving her totally indifferent to you. Another option is to have an active and romantic date, have fun, pay her compliments, make her laugh, and end a date leaving her wanting more.

The style of your communication on a date matters. To establish a connection, it’s not enough to ask HR-style questions. There shouldn’t be a trace of formality in your conversation. You should talk like old friends. To make it go this way, employ humor. By asking funny questions you kill two birds with one stone – you evoke a smile on her lips thus giving her positive emotions and elicit some useful information about her.

Here are some examples of those funny and insightful questions:

What is the naughtiest thing you did as a child? Questions about childhood put almost all people in a good mood. By asking this question, you’ll find out what kind of child your date was. We did a lot of funny stuff as kids, so exchange your experience and laugh together.

What was your first cell phone? A weird question, isn’t it? Unexpected questions are always the best. It will make your date dig through her memories and you’ll admire her thoughtful look. Also, you’ll find out who gave her first phone, when it happened, maybe she put money by herself or it was a present. Perhaps, there is some story about that phone. Just ask and see.

Have you ever considered becoming an actress or a model? This question is actually a good compliment. This way you imply how beautiful she is without saying it directly.

Why do girls turn left when they hear “turn to the right”? It’s a great question when you walk in a park or in the street. It’s somehow related to traffic, driving, and women’s strange things. She’ll appreciate this question. You can also ask whether she opens her mouth when she is applying mascara.

funny jokes to make a girl laugh Do you want me to spam you with emojis or you like to hear my voice? It’s a good question to ask at the end of a date to know which way of staying in touch is more comfortable. You can ask practically any ordinary question by paraphrasing it so that it will sound funny but require a simple answer.

Jokes to make a girl laugh

Actually, you can turn any detail or situation into a joke. If a girl is sad, you’ll want to cheer her up. However, you should know which matters can’t be ridiculed.

Use irony and sarcasm only in relation to yourself. Never should you ever be ironic about your girlfriend, her appearance, her actions, or things she tells you. If you speak ironically about yourself, it gives your girl an impression that you are aware of your weak points and can laugh at them. For her, it’s a sign that you’ll accept her weaknesses without making a tragedy of them. Don’t make fun of your exes. Firstly, ex-related topics are tabooed on dates. Secondly, ridiculing some habits or traits of your ex, you may insult your new girlfriend as she might have the same habit as you just described. That’s a very awkward moment. So, stay away from this kind of jokes to make her laugh.

Avoid black humor, bad language, slang, and dirty anecdotes. This type of jokes is appropriate with your buddies or if you’re not at your initial stage of dating.

Don’t laugh at some tragic news you read or hear on TV. If she is sad about some events that happened in the world, don’t try to joke about that because she’ll think you are heartless.

How to Make a Girl Laugh over Text

It’s likely that your acquaintance starts through online chats or you keep in touch using different messengers. You can not only tell funny jokes to make a girl laugh but also send texts to make her laugh. Text can be as funny as spoken words. The main thing is to make your jokes unambiguous. Here are some tips on funny text messages to make her laugh:

  • Remember what jokes she prefers. How to make someone laugh over text? You already know her sense of humor, so send something similar to what made her laugh before. Just don’t text the same old joke you told her once or twice.
  • Be original. Don’t send some banalities men copy and paste all the time.
  • Use emojis and stickers. You can describe how your day was using emojis or sending some picture that depicts your state at the end of the day.
  • Use different content. It’s great that you can share media through messengers. The best way how to make your girlfriend laugh if she is a cat-lover, for example, is to send her some funny video or picture you came across online. Resort to sexting if you’re already in a relationship.
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