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Every single mom or dad wants to be not only a happy parent but also a happy person who has their significant other, loves, and is loved. Dating when you have a kid is not the same as dating in your 20s when you’re free to go out with everyone you like at any time. The fact that you’re a single parent means that you went through a divorce or loss, which requires a certain amount of time to recover psychologically. Many single parents, especially mature ones, decide to dedicate their lives to their kids and discard their personal happiness. This is a totally wrong choice. If your dream is to find your soul mate and have a happy and harmonious family, get back to the dating scene. Single parents online dating can be your first step. Read on to learn how to be a parent and a partner and which sites and best dating app for single parents to use to find a good match for you.

Dating for single parents

Your task as a single parent is to rear happy kids and, at the same time, be a happy person yourself. Upon acquiring the status of a single parent, many people in this situation give up on their personal lives completely. They use their kids as an excuse to stop even thinking about dating someone or starting a romantic relationship. Of course, dating as a single person and dating as a single parent are two different things. You have more responsibilities and less time. Yet, if your guts tell you that you should get back to the dating scene and find a sweetheart, it means you should let yourself be happy.

Of course, your conscience will tell you that you’re a single parent and you should live up to your image. Turn down that voice in your head. You can go on romantic dates and still be a devoted parent for your kids. It’s all about time management and the right inner attitude. Most probably, you want to find a permanent partner for you and want to see them as part of your current family consisting of you and your kid(s). Therefore, you’re going to be picky. And that’s good, because those who choose single parents as their romantic partners are really good people, indeed. You just need to find your person.

When you date as a single parent, you acquire a totally different attitude to dating. You handpick your dates because you don’t want to waste your time on the wrong people. You’re focused on the emotional and spiritual aspect of a relationship. It’s important for you to have a soul mate by your side.

Basically, dating with kids is not very complicated. You just need to be wiser and more sensible. Kids can get jealous when they find out that they have to share your attention with someone else. You should take into account the age of your kids when planning to introduce your new partner to them. The introduction should take place only when you’re in a committed relationship with your partner.

Single parents' dating tips

The first thing you need to decide for yourself is whether you’re ready for dating and letting someone new into your life or not. There should be a good reason for getting back to the dating scene. If you’re a divorcee, you need a good chunk of time to let go of your past relationship, move on, and establish your life as a single parent. Using dating as a means of healing your wounds is not a good motivation. An unhealthy reason is to escape from the daily routine of a single parent or date for sex only. A new successful relationship is possible if you start it with good reasons in mind. Those reasons can be a sincere desire to share your love with someone and spend time in a company of your soul mate.

You give all your love to your kids, but you need to replenish your sources of love somewhere. A romantic relationship can help you top up your resources. If your heart craves emotional intimacy with someone, then it’s a sign you should start dating someone. Having kids, the perspective of combining your role of a single parent and that of a romantic partner may seem daunting. Yet, it’s possible to harmoniously combine these aspects of your life. Here are some essential tips for you.

Do some introspection. Once again, before you decide to dive into the dating pool, you need to realize why you’re doing it. Do a bit of self-analysis to figure out your motives – whether you’re doing this because you want to find another parent for your kids, get rid of your loneliness, or heal from a divorce or breakup. How to know you’re ready? When you say I want rather than I need.

Don’t be afraid of introducing your partner to your kids. You won’t introduce every one of your dates to your children. It will be that special someone whom you view as part of your family in the future and with whom you share commitment. By the time you invite that special someone to your house, you’ll go through a series of dates in the course of which you’ll weed out the wrong people. All short-term flings should be kept secret from your kids. Just know that when you become committed to someone, your children will notice it.

Be honest with your kids. The fact that you start going out with new people means that you’ll hire a babysitter for your kids at times. They would want to know why you are away. Tell them you’re meeting with your friends. If they want more details, say that you’re seeing your friend, a man. Like girls like spending time with boys, women like spending time with men.

Be honest with your dates. Not everyone is ready for meeting single parents. That’s why you should tell your dates that you have, as they say, that “baggage” right from the start. If you don’t mention it on a first date, skip it on a second date, and then decide to confess on a third date, don’t be surprised to never see that person again. If a person is okay with your status, they are okay with it by default and you should come clean right on your first date or during your online communication.

Reassure your kids that they are your priority. For any single parent, their kids are their priority, no matter what. However, when they see that someone new appears in their parent’s life, they often begin to fear that they will lose your love and attention. It’s very important to reassure your children that they are the most important people in your life, and the fact that you have a romantic relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you love them less.

Introduce your partner to your kids only if moving in is in your plans. Sometimes, you date someone and really enjoy spending time with that person, but you don’t see that person as your long-term partner and a parent for your kids. In this case, you should keep this relationship in secret. If your kids get acquainted with this person, they may like them a lot and get attached. Then, when you end that relationship, your kids will have to go through a painful process, similar to that they went through as you were separating with your ex.

Date other single parents. Not all people like children, and for you, it’s one of the most important criteria when getting serious with someone. If you want to be sure that your partner will understand you and your busy schedule, consider dating single parents like you. Both of you will accept such things as canceled dates and build a better connection.

Be open to different dating opportunities. Think where you can meet potential dates and what they should be like. Of course, you have your own requirements for the personality of your potential romantic partner, but it’s always good to stay open-minded. If you don’t know where to meet some decent potential dates, try finding them online using numerous dating apps and sites. There are services designed specifically for single parents.

Free dating sites for single parents

Today, the most popular place where people find romantic partners is the Internet. There are various services aimed at different audiences with different intentions. A separate niche belongs to the dating sites for single parents. To create a healthy relationship, you need a like-minded partner. If you have similar backgrounds, the odds that you’ll make a good pairing are high enough. So, if you want to start the searches of your soul mate from dating services, consider the following list of completely free dating sites for single parents.

This is one of the most highly rated and reliable dating sites. Although it’s not labeled particularly as a single parents dating site, the number of the site users is really impressive. It means that you can easily find a single parent looking for another single parent.


When you look for a serious long-term relationship, you want your potential partner to be compatible with you. You want them to be established in their career and be independent. EliteSingles is a platform for busy successful people who want to become successful in building relationships. It’s one of the best dating sites for single parents, too. Single mothers can find a really good match for them here. It proves to be one of the most effective dating platforms as well. You have the access to the basic features absolutely for free.

Eastern Europeans cherish family ties very much. Ukrainian families are very close-knit. Women are ready to become mothers already in their early 20s and they give the best care to their children. If you’re a single dad looking for a wise woman and a caring mother for your kids, then check out single women on


Dating for single parents is not a game. These guys are serious about relationships. They want to land the right person for a long-term union. eHarmony is a platform that matches singles with serious intentions. Just what every single parent is looking for.


This site’s aim is to facilitate two single parents dating. Only a single parent can totally understand the worries and the lifestyle of another single parent. That’s why they should meet one another and try to create a happy family together. The site offers a three-month free trial for you. All you need to do is to create an account and add some photos to enjoy the premium search.

Just Single Parents

The name of the site speaks for itself. It’s the realm of single mothers and fathers that want to find a loving partner and a caring parent for their kids. Single parents know how stressful dating can be for them, so the site’s mission is to relieve that stress. There is also a mobile version of the site, so you can install their app on your phone.


This is arguably the oldest dating site for single moms and dads. It’s been in the industry for about 17 years. Apart from a huge base of users, the site offers such features as single parents dating advice, news, kids health tips, etc.


This is another one of the dating websites for single parents that won’t cost you anything. The site has a mobile version, so you can use it whenever you want. You can register for free, view the profiles of other users, and read some dating advice. These days, single parents meet mainly online, so you should definitely register on one of the dating sites or use free dating apps for single parents.

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