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Due to the expanding understanding of the importance of sex in life, people seek to find ways to diversify it, so they use yoga for better sex. In addition to the many benefits, yoga directly affects your sexual energy and strength. How do yoga and sex relate to each other? Yoga - is the control of energy, including sexual. Regardless of the duration of the relationship, its characteristics and manifestations of feelings, yoga improves sexual life and brings harmony to the relations. There are many advantages of yoga for sex health, we will tell you about them in this article.

Many representatives of the stronger sex believe that yoga is an exclusively female form of physical activity. But they are wrong. For a man, yoga gives the possibility of raising sexual energy without ejaculation, for a woman - to do it in an arbitrary order, i.e. cause an orgasm. So, we suggest you find out the top 8 yoga sex benefits.

yoga and sex

1. Improves sensitivity during sexual intercourse

Breathing exercises are a very important part of yoga. They provide deeper breathing, which reduces nervousness and lowers blood pressure, and helps counteract the negative effects of stress, which is one of the most serious causes of diseases in the modern world. Studies show that yoga and meditation help the body deal with stress, which makes us more prone to intimacy and greater lovers.

Breathing exercises increase oxygen supply and improve blood circulation, enhancing sensorial perception during a sexual intercourse. In other words: you can use yoga to increase your sensitivity.

2. Enhances sexual desire and helps to reach orgasm

It works regardless of sex. A study conducted among women found that after 12 weeks of regular yoga, the female sexual function index was greatly increased. It's about sexual desire and arousal, secreting of natural lubrication and reaching orgasm. It's curious that improvements were more pronounced in women over 45.

A similar study was conducted among men. The tested man appraised their desire, sex satisfaction, erection, control of ejaculation and synchronization with the partner. The results also recorded changes for the better.

3. Gives you energy

Removing stress through breathing exercises, relaxation and physical activity, you fill the body with energy. Positive thinking and concentration during yoga cause a splash of positive energy, which is so important for sexual attraction. People who practice yoga feel happier and more relaxed. High spirits is an essential component of good sex.

4. Helps to avoid premature ejaculation

Of course, yoga is more popular among women. However, even among men, there are fans of this eastern practice, and they can appreciate its positive impact on their sexual health.

Scientists have conducted a study of two groups of men suffering from premature ejaculation. One group took medicines, and the other practiced yoga. The results showed that there were significant improvements in both groups. The researchers concluded that yoga is a very safe and effective way to combat this disease.

sex yoga poses for couples5. More orgasms

The practice of yoga has a dual effect on orgasm. Firstly, it helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles. In men, the erection becomes more prolonged, and in women, the vaginal muscles become stronger and orgasms are more intense. The second positive moment is better control of the body and the ability to relieve muscle tension coming from stress. It provides a greater degree of relaxation during a sexual intercourse and also leads to more intense orgasms.

6. You learn to accept your body

Thanks to yoga, we become more aware of our body: find out its strengths and weaknesses and learn how to manage them. You can use yoga to make the body willowier and more coordinated in order to obtain a better balance and increase physical strength. All these features are extremely useful during bed games.

The body becomes more attractive, and it makes you more self-confident. Yoga teaches how to produce sounds that correspond to feelings and are highly desirable during sex.

7. The joint way to pleasure

The science of love leads people from imperfection to perfection, from primitiveness to subtlety, from slavery to liberation. Yoga allows us not only to control the energy in our body but also finds the way to the experiences that have been in our lives and are still in our hearts. This is a kind of extraterrestrial course for obtaining a master's degree in the art of love and coexistence. Men and women are mutual guides along this way.

The sources of love science are several thousand years old. One way or another, the Tantra schools have been full for centuries, and the yogic techniques are much more numerous. However, the most important skill is mastering the touch. Tantric massage is the most pleasant of all. It’s full of eroticism and passion, but it doesn't mean that such a massage must necessarily end with orgasm, but it can lead to this. In the Western countries, tantric massage is one of the sexual methods, because it allows you to reach an orgasm.

8. A long and pleasant act of love

People are sensitive to touch. Without touch, we lose contact with our environment and loved ones, become more aggressive and isolated. Relations begin to break down. To be happy, you need to satisfy the need for a touch.

The need for intimacy is extremely high in women: when there is no such connection with a partner, the dissatisfaction of a woman reaches a maximum. The lack of intimacy causes many women to experience difficulties in feeling passion and satisfaction. And the longer they suffer from a lack of intimacy, the more they feel coldness and dissatisfaction.

Sexual intercourse has two aspects: physical and sexual. The physical side is carried out using different poses, but full sexual satisfaction comes when the couple focuses on touch, sensation, and sensorial impressions. Passionate relationships require not only powerful sexual energy, but also conscious care.

Yoga poses for better sex

Yoga allows you to get really sexual forms. Through yoga, people learn complex poses for sex, to diversify foreplay and strengthen the bond between each other.

In yoga, there are more than a dozen poses or, as they are also called, asanas. There are no universal yoga postures for sex, but there are those that give you the opportunity to get more pleasure and experiment with the position of your own body. They are suitable for those who are willowy enough, love yoga and want to try something new in sex. This is a list of 7 yoga postures for better sex.

1. Post-legged bent forward

This pose is a variant of penetration from behind and thus the partner can reach the front wall of the vagina. The posture helps to stimulate the front wall of the vagina and is easier to get to the G-spot during stimulation. In this position, the uterus sags down, the ligaments relax and blood circulation improves. But be careful, this pose is contraindicated in hypertension.

yoga positions for sexThe girl bends down, leans her hands on the floor and the man enters her from behind. This pose resembles the doggy style, so lovers of male domination will surely like it. To strengthen the sensations, the partner can firmly hold the girl's buttocks and roundly draw her to himself.

2. Crossed legs

The woman lies on her back closer to the edge of the bed or any other horizontal surface and crosses her legs. To make the pose more piquant, a girl can throw arms around the buttocks of a man. The main advantage of the pose is that the girl's closed legs increase the stimulation for both partners. It’s one of the most appropriate sex yoga poses for couples if a man has a small penis.

3. A dog with three paws

The girl bends forward, leans her hands on the floor and lifts one leg. This option is similar to the pose dog muzzle down, but thanks to the raised leg, gives much more space for movement. You can turn the hips slightly to the side and thereby make the pose more comfortable. At the same time, you will be able to open the hip joints more and increase the penetration angle.

4. Crab position

Some women experience more excitement in the crab position. Moreover, this posture stimulates the genitals and can cause a slight arousal even at the time of a standard practice during a yoga lesson. Scientists say that it’s one of the best yoga sex positions for reaching orgasm faster.

5. The pose of a child

A woman lies down on her back, raises her legs, straddles them and bends her knees. It’s a completely relaxed pose that stimulates the tissues of the perineum. It will be ideal for a woman if her vagina is located slightly further than usual. This allows the muscles and ligaments of the uterus to relax, and impulses reach the vagina much faster. There is a deep relaxation and good blood circulation to the head, so the mental dialogue turns off. In this asana, it’s easier to reach orgasm. If the woman has high blood pressure, it’s better to put a pillow under her head.

6. Cobra posture

For people with spine problems, it's better to do it resting upon their elbows, not on the hands. This is a gentler yoga sex position for the waist. Sex in this pose stimulates the muscles of the perineum, helps to relieve general fatigue, and has a positive impact on the condition of the pelvic organs of the woman, reducing stress and increasing the level of dopamine.

7. Sex on a yoga ball

It’s the most exciting yoga positions for sex. The woman lies down on the ball, leaning on the floor with her hands and feet, and then moves the ball back and forth. This pose is a variant of penetration from behind that allows a man to stimulate the front wall of the vagina.

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