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Oral Sex – The Foreplay You Should Never Skip

Oral sex is quite popular practice, and Google proves it by giving you around 100 million results if you type it in the search field. If you happened to be unfamiliar with the terms “oral sex” or “oral intercourse”, we would be happy to let you know that it is a sexual activity that involves sexual stimulation of partner's genitals or anus with your mouth. Oral sex includes cunnilingus, which is performed on a female partner, fellatio – performed on male partner, and anilingus, which can be performed on male's or female's anus.

Despite being quite a popular sexual practice, which is less risky when it comes to STDs transmission, and with most countries having no laws against it, oral sex remains a controversial topic. If you delve into those 100 million results on Google, you may find at least 250,000 articles about people feeling uncomfortable with oral sex. Women think that it is humiliating for them to perform a fellatio, while certain men think that it is humiliating to perform cunnilingus. Yep, it turns out that people are much less open about sex and its practices that you might have initially thought.

how to have oral sex

So, what is the problem with oral sex? Do men and women like oral sex? Or maybe oral sex is just an unimportant foreplay couples are having against their will? Some puritans may say that this foreplay is imposed on us by porn, and no one is actually into giving and receiving it. But in reality, oral sex is an important foreplay that you shouldn't skip, if you want your relationship to be trustful and enjoy your sexual life. So, let's check out why oral sex is important.

1. Oral Sex is About Giving to Your Partner

If you wonder how to have oral sex – here's your first rule. Oral sex is first of all about giving it to your partner. If you start from cunnilingus, then your female partner won't feel humiliated about performing fellatio on you. If you feel unsure on how to give oral sex to a woman, internet is full about articles on cunnilingus. There is nothing wrong about studying oral sex techniques to bring your partner more pleasure. And the best way to treat oral intercourse as an act of love, than as a mere sexual practice or an act of humiliation.

2. Oral Sex Can Be More Intimate Than Penetration

The next time when you think about oral sex as something humiliating, think that penetrative sex is way more simpler than oral intercourse, thus less intimate. Dwelling on hook-up culture – you go to the bar, pick up someone, then you bang, and say good-bye to each other. Not much of intimacy, right? When you get to oral sex, you get much more intimacy. The vast majority of people say that they get nothing from performing fellatio or cunnilingus. While this statements is arguable, but it clearly shows that oral sex is, once again, about giving pleasure to your partner, thus, making it much more about intimacy, than penetration.

oral sex tips for men3. Oral Sex Brings Closeness

It may seem strange to you, but oral sex breeds closeness between you and your female partner. When you have orgasm, you get the release of oxytocin, the so-called hormone of love. While for the vast majority of men, orgasm is nothing more but the side effect of the sexual intercourse, things are way more complicated. Women need the stimulation of clitoris, which can be easily achieved via cunnilingus. Thus, if you don't want your female partner to belong to the 75% of women who have problems with reaching an orgasm, you need to perform cunnilingus. While men are less simple when it comes to reaching an orgasm, women shouldn't forget about fellatio, if they want to bring closeness with their partner. Getting in touch with your partner's body is one of the most important part of intimacy and sexual practices. And practising oral intercourse is one of the best ways of understanding your partner's senses and desires.

Best Oral Sex Tips to Excite Her

Now after dwelling for a while on the importance of oral sex, we might have left you wondering on whether you were right about ditching cunnilingus when getting intimate with her. You may change your opinion, but we are not going to change our opinion on it. Thus we stand strong by claiming that you are absolutely wrong. So, if you are thinking about changing your opinion, we offer you our help in form of giving you the best cunnilingus tips. Probably, you've received bad blow jobs from time to time. After learning that things are more difficult with women, you might have thought that you need to learn certain cunnilingus tips and tricks in order to please your female partner. So, we offer you to check out our cunnilingus tips for men without further ado.

Spread Your Love

When you are about to perform cunnilingus on her, mind that you must pay attention to her clitoris. This is one of the best oral sex tips that you will get. She loves when you focus on her clitoris. Why it is important? Because clitoris has over eight thousand nerve endings, thus you can stimulate them all. Use your tongue the best way you can. Make it flat, pointy, and soft, to bring her maximum pleasure. But don't forget to spread your love all over her vagina, as focusing completely on clitoris may turn her off. Concentrating your tongue solely on that spot, makes it super sensitive or even painful. Thus spread your love all over the place.

Start Slowly

While it may sound sexist, we can't avoid food comparison... probably, you are glad that we are talking about cunnilingus and not fellatio. So, one of the oral tips that men often forget about while performing cunnilingus on her. It is not a fast food, but a gourmet restaurant, and she wants to get the best of it. Once again, if you don't like receiving bad blow jobs, make sure that you are good in cunnilingus. Slowly kiss and nibble it. Use your lips on her labia, which is very sensitive, allowing her to feel every little move you make with your mouth.

Forget About Porn Tricks

There are no tips for good oral sex in porn movies, no matter how strange it may sound. Don't forget that porn stars feel less than regular people because they turned sex into work. Moreover, some porn actors claim that they don't get any pleasure from sex any longer. Your female partner is regular, not in a humiliating sense, woman. She is not a porn actress, and she may feel frustrated and confused, if you try writing your name on her vagina with your tongue. So, forget about what you've learned from latest Brazzers' videos, as it may look impressive on your laptop's screen, but it doesn't feel as impressive in real life. Keep things simple. Try swirling your tongue in circle-moves around her clitoris. You can do clockwise or counter-clockwise, or both way. And try being creative, as you imagination may work way better than all the tricks that you may learn from PornHub.

tips for good oral sexIt Shouldn't Be Goal-Oriented

Strange to find something like that in the list of tips for oral sex, but, yeah, giving her a squirting orgasm, shouldn't be your main goal. Because it is a major turn-off both for you and for her. All of your sex practices should be pleasure-oriented, rather than goal-oriented. If your main goal is to give her a squirting orgasm, your main goal is not giving her pleasure. You are simply trying to achieve you goal, which automatically turns her off. She may feel that you are trying to turn her into carbon copy of something that you've seen on PornHub. What she really wants is to get lost in the moments of pleasure with you, and if you want to give it to her, stop concentrating on stupid goals.

Think Of What You Like

One of the best tips for great oral sex that we may give to you is to think what you like about receiving a blow job. Do you like it gentle or when she does a little bit rude? Do you like nibbling or deep-throating? Now think it over, then try to imagine what she's sensing when you are performing cunnilingus on her. This trick requires imagination. Now try doing applying the same techniques on her. Of course, you can't get into deep-throating, but you can go really deep with your tongue. Do you like her jerking your penis, while she's performing fellatio on you? Then don't forget about using your fingers. A lot of women enjoy one or two finger in her vagina while you're kissing and sucking on her clitoris. It may lead to a blended orgasm that would end up in her tossing and turning around in the bed.

The Main Thing Is Getting Into It

After learning about the importance of oral sex, you may change your opinion about it. But the main thing about oral intercourse is being into it. This is your last and final tip. You have probably had experienced lukewarm blow jobs from women that felt that performing fellatio on you is something obligatory? Well, if after this article performing cunnilingus on your girlfriend would become obligatory – forget about it. If she would feel that you are a little bit unsure and bored about performing cunnilingus, she won't enjoy it. Thus get into it, if you want your girlfriend to get pleasure out of it.

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