Getting Mixed Signals from a Girl: How to Understand Her Right

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This time we’d like to seize the moment and talk about a weird and a whole lot confusing phenomenon for a lot of dudes – in particular, getting mixed signals from a girl.

The thing is, you never know what women’s mixed signals really mean. One moment, she is totally fine, flirty and warm with you so that you’re pretty excited, thinking you might be eventually getting somewhere with the girl. And the next moment, she suddenly cools off standing aloof - and you have absolutely no idea what might have happened.

Right after and just out of nowhere - BOOM! The girl is back warm and friendly with you, with all of her flirty behavior having returned back. So what’s all of that supposed to mean? Does she like you, or is it telling you she actually doesn’t?

mixed signals from a girl

Mixed signals from a woman and their meaning

What are mixed signals? Most guys often got madly bewildered when they try to reckon whether a particular woman likes them or not. That can be occurring because of some major gender differences mainly in how feelings are usually expressed and understood. And precisely due to those differences, many men feel like they might be getting mixed signals from a woman. Without a doubt, the last thing you’d probably want to do on the spot is to hit on a girlie who is showing no interest in you. However, how can you figure out what her true thoughts really are? She seems to be flirty one moment, yet all of her flirty mood vanishes in the matter of seconds.

How do you need to act?

Unfortunately for guys, social standards have taught most girls to keep smiling, act politely and be very cautious. Indeed, that has made understanding women even harder. At the same time, while far not every dude may feel this way, the vast majority of modern men wish that a woman who is just not interested could simply tell them that. And yes, it could potentially make dating a lot easier if you instantly knew that you’d better be moving on to the next date if rejected by the previous one.

Mostly because of how females are normally raised, guys can’t always say if they are into them. Women are usually told they need to be humble and all, so they just keep talking to men generally out of politeness only. The companionate smile you hoped was a green light appears to be nothing more than just her being polite and trying hard not to reject you straightaway. All the short answers to your basic questions aren’t the girl being coy - she does not want to appear rude and ignore you from the very beginning.

So how to understand a girl sending mixed signals? Regardless of your particular situation, there always are a few effective ways that can help you tell when a female clearly isn’t interested in you. If you ever come across the following signs, there might be an excellent chance the girl does not actually want to be with you.

  • You’d asked for her phone number and she turned you down.
  • You asked for the number, the girl gave you it, however she has never answered to any of your calls or texts.
  • You’d asked her out and she said no.
  • You’ve approached her and started talking, and the first thing she mentioned was a boyfriend or husband.
  • She is telling you you’re not her type.
  • She tends to be reluctant to encourage the conversations with you, usually responding in one-word answers and is focused on something else rather than you.

getting mixed signals from a womanThe examples given above almost always indicate that a woman is just not that much interested in having relations with you. There are a few solid reasons why a girl sending mixed signals might be genuine though. Perhaps she might not even realize she is actually transmitting those mixed signals. Furthermore, she may be naturally flirtatious, thus she did not realize you’d had a crush on her in any other way. She could also be legitimately making up her mind about your true potential, or, as a matter of fact, she is solely playing hard to get. All in all, the girl might be trying to cautiously approach you and make absolutely sure you are as a good catch as you actually appear.

Getting mixed signals from a girl: Deciphering

It is a pretty frustrating thing to find yourself on the receiving end of some lady’s mixed signals. Luckily, carving through those can be easy enough once you’re provided with the steps required to take things forward. To make a long story short, that means to keep pushing ahead, having a girl contributing, and, finally, continually improving the interaction.

And if you are not doing - or aren’t really willing to keep the step-taking process going through which is needed to be able to find out if you have got a real deal and a woman who is legitimately into you or a girl who is only playing the flirting game, though, well, all these mixed signs can last basically forever.

1. She does not even realize she’s sending mixed signals

The girl is freely flirting and friendly smiling at you, but all of a sudden she receives a text message and leaves. Leaves you wondering if she hates you or likes you. Unfortunately, there is actually no other possible way to define it to be absolutely confident, so be sure to proceed with a fine deal of caution. So, in this sort of scenario, it might be a work issue or some family emergency that she encountered in the message. And her standing up and leaving without dropping a word may have totally nothing to do with you. At the same time, the girl can be pretending to receive that text in order to escape. In this case, unless you are certain she is the woman of your dreams, you might choose to hold off on taking the next step until she does.

2. She presumed you just wanted to be friends

Have you heard the old saying telling that two people of opposite genders can never be friends with each other simply because one of them will always be romantically interested in another one? While it may not always be true that two people of different genders can’t be buddies, it is usually true that many of such “buddies” have a secret crush on each other. And exactly while she thought you just wished to talk, hang around and remain friends, you could have a plain different goal kept in mind. Her mixed messages happen just because she smiles and talks like a friend, yet she doesn’t like you as something more. In such case, the best option available is for you to figure that out ASAP. By simply asking her out. If she turns you down, you will finally know that the girl only thinks of you as nothing more than a friend.

3. She is a flirt type of gal

You know, there are certain women and, in fact, men who appear to be natural flirts. Those personalities are outgoing enough and love talking to people a lot. Unluckily, other people often misconstrue the genuine kindness of theirs and their outgoing nature as some precise sign of romantic interest. With that being said, if your crush is one of those flirt people, you can always figure it out pretty easily by the way she behaves around other people. If she treats others the same way she treats you, then all of her mixed signals are simply a part of her unique personality. And if she is that outgoing, she may consider making the first move if she’s interested in you.

4. She is testing the waters

Another reason of getting mixed signals from a girl can be telling of her attempting to detect a “bad guy.” Thanks to the media and the stories constantly delivered in the news about girls getting raped, mugged or drugged on the dates, most likely, she was warned by her friends or parents that every single man just wants to have sex with her and nothing else. And precisely by treading with caution, the girl can determine if you want something more than a romantic fling and if you happen to be a rapist or a serial killer. You definitely know you are no serial killer, still she does not.

If that is the point, you’ll need to take some extra time to prove that you are a trustworthy gent without any bad intentions. Try talking to her, flirting a little more and see where it takes you. Once she is absolutely comfortable around you, she will be ready to show you what she wants.

getting mixed signals from a girl 5. She assumes you aren’t interested

In some way, this one is among the hardest things ever to experience. Just like a usual person, she is not a mind reader. So when you hit on the girl, she might have thought you were a truly friendly person who wished to strike up a nice talk. Initially, she flirted back with you. After that, she had a fleeting thought that you review her as just a friend. And mainly because of that, she toned down and stopped flirting with you. She doesn’t want to end up completely embarrassed or make things even more awkward by flirting, so she decided to play it safe.

If you are sure this is your case, proceed to making the first move. Confidently ask for her number and do not forget to include a kiss, heart or some other sweet emoji in your text to her. Ask if the girl wants a drink or go out. Once she knows you are looking for something more than just a friendship, she will feel more certain and can flirt with you again.

6. She might like you, but some better option may have come along

Sometimes, you can spend days and weeks chatting up a woman before you meet up for a private date. During that period, it is entirely possible that a wonderful, single girl will meet some other guy. She was quite flirty with you, so what can prevent her from being flirty with someone else? If she chooses that someone else over you, then she is likely to stop flirting with you. Unfortunately, you haven’t got too many options in such situation. The best one would be to let her go and move on. And while it can bruise your ego, avoid taking the rejection to heart too much. She simply found a guy who suits her ideal partner image better, but that doesn’t mean he is better than you. Relationship is like a puzzle piece, and your crush just happened to find a better fit for it.

Mixed signals from a girl: Ex Edition

We’ve considered some ways of treating a girl sending mixed messages, but how should you treat an ex sending mixed signals? When getting mixed signals from a girl who was once your girl, the first step of yours is to define why she is doing so. If you think it happens because she accuses herself of walking away or the girl’s just trying to tease you, back off. There’s a really small chance she wants to date you again. But if you continue to hit on your ex-girlfriend, it will make her feel even more eager to keep mocking you, which will eventually spoil your entire life. Instead, you just need to focus on moving on.

Closing Remarks

Reading other people’s true motives and mannerisms can hardly be easy. It will take time to learn more about a woman, so mixed signals are pretty common when you meet a new girl. That’s why, be patient, pay close attention to her responses and finally you will figure out her real feelings in one way or another. If you really desire to put a deal of delight on the faces of the girl who shows interest in you, be sure to take some strong actions as a response to any mixed signals you encounter – those women who are not receptive you will forget pretty soon, but the girls who actually are you will certainly have an amazing experience with, so you might never want others.

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