How to Increase Your Libido: a Guide for Men

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Libido implies sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Don’t confuse this concept with potency – physiological capabilities. In other words, in the first case, it is appropriate to say “I want”, and in the second one – “I can”. With age, men often have problems: they cease to have a desire at the sight of a beautiful woman. Basically, it depends on the level of testosterone, but there are other reasons. Let’s figure out why this happens and how to boost male libido.

how to boost libido

Everything you need to know about libido in men

The testosterone level begins to gradually decrease in men after reaching 25 years of age. This is confirmed by statistics – a decrease in libido is most often observed in men older than 30 years. A life of most of them changes into an uncomfortable one: career, children, and other worries. All this together often leads to a decrease in male libido. Trying to understand what libido is and what it depends on, we come across different definitions but not medical ones. This term is used by various sciences and each treats it differently. From a medical point of view, libido is a sexual attraction, the desire to have sex. Actually, libido is a broad concept. It also concerns the speed of the onset of an erection in the process of intimate caresses, the onset of orgasm and its emotional coloring.

A sexual attraction develops in our body since childhood. At the age of three, sexual differentiation occurs. We begin to realize the difference between boys and girls. Then there is a period of interest and study of the opposite sex. There is no attraction or passion, only curiosity. With the onset of puberty, a desire appears. Libido manifests itself in sexual fantasies, thoughts of sex. At the end of the period of puberty, the emotional component is replaced by the sexual component. Here we described the natural process of libidinal maturation. A healthy man should go through all the stages. If a stressful or traumatic factor has acted in one of the periods, then it could be the reason of low libido.

There are two main factors affecting a low libido in young men:

  • testosterone;
  • hereditary features.

Testosterone is the main male hormone. In a body of a woman, it is also produced but in much smaller quantities. This hormone is responsible for the desire to have sex, body hair growth, aggression level, and muscular development. Men who have a sufficient amount of testosterone are well-developed physically, have hair on a face and body, and are capable of frequent fertilization. These men are prepared by nature to fight for the continuation of the genus. Their level of aggression allows them to protect women and their children. If we lived in a wild animal world, only those who had a sufficient amount of testosterone would have chances for offspring. There is the evidence that a decrease of testosterone levels is genetically programmed. But in addition to heredity, there are reasons for accelerating its decline.

Loss of libido in men

how to increase your libidoThe intensity of sexual desire in any man depends on many factors. Conditionally, all the reasons for reducing libido can be divided into two groups: physical (organic) and psychological.

First of all, it should be noted that all men have a different sexual constitution and if it is the norm for some person to have one or two sexual contacts a day, then for another – it is quite enough to have sex twice a month. In addition, the frequency of intimate relationships depends on age: the older a man, the less often he has the desire for intimacy.

The production of testosterone has the most direct effect on libido. This process is quite natural in older men, but in young men, this hormone must be produced in sufficient quantities. You shouldn’t take hormonal drugs to solve problems with sexual desire because you can seriously disrupt metabolism.

Problems in a family are equally important. Many men complain about the loss of attractiveness to their partners, fatigue from family life, frequent conflicts and quarrels. All this leads to a gradual extinction of sexual desire and a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse. In order to solve such a problem, a man shouldn’t seek for sex on the side, but first of all, it is necessary to analyze mistakes and make efforts to establish normal relations.

Finally, the constant stress associated with work can negate all efforts to increase libido. If a man is preoccupied with problems in business, lack of money, and he has almost no free time, then intimate relations will inevitably take a back seat.

Therefore, in the presence of such a problem as low libido in men, first of all, it is necessary to identify the causes of the appearance of such a disruption and then take measures to restore sexual desire.

Causes of low libido in men

Many men don’t know how to raise libido. Lack of desire can be associated with abnormalities in the endocrine system. Statistics say that 40% of men experience a decrease in libido. Reduction of sexual desire occurs with age. As we have already mentioned, after 25, a testosterone level begins to decline gradually. And after 40 years, many men enter the so-called menopause and the further it is, the more difficult it is to reverse this dynamics. Let’s talk about it below.

1. Pills

Intake of antidepressants or pills against allergies is another point that strikes on sexual cravings. How to increase sex drive in men? In such cases, men should focus directly on the treatment of a disease that kills an attraction.

2. Stress

Sometimes the problem is not in the physical but in the oppressed moral state. If a man is constantly exposed to stress, feels depressed and irritated, doesn’t get enough sleep, this is bad for his libido. The fact is that in a stressful situation, a body produces adrenaline – a hormone of fear, which, in turn, lowers the level of testosterone.

3. Upbringing

Another psychological factor is a strict upbringing. If from a childhood, a man has absorbed an idea of the obscenity of sexual relations, it will be difficult for hormones to “convince” him in opposite things.

4. Habitual intoxication

Smoking and alcohol cause significant harm to our body. But speaking of the most harmful drink for men, this is beer. Beer contains vegetable analogs of estrogens. With frequent consumption of this drink, a man’s body changes and a “beer belly” appears. External changes are a reflection of the internal state of a body. A body becomes effeminate and the attraction to the opposite sex is blocked because of the analogs of estrogens. So, if you don’t know how to increase libido naturally, then, first of all, stop drinking and smoking.

5. Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system

Overheating and stagnation of blood in the pelvic area lead to a chronic inflammatory process. The whole mechanism suffers from the moment of occurrence of a weak erection.

How to increase libido in men

First of all, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to solve the problem independently and it is possible only in the case when there is a decreased libido. If the task is to fully restore the lost sexual desire, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. It is also important to review behavior in different aspects of life:

  • Only proper nutrition without fatty and fried foods, a body must be provided with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins
  • Increase testosterone levels in the blood
  • Rest should be an integral part of life
  • If you have extra weight, you need to normalize it
  • Drugs should be carefully selected

how to boost male libido1. Nutrition

You have to eat products with a huge content of zinc. It is not superfluous to add products that contain vitamins B, C, D to your diet. They are contained in vegetables and fruits. The basics of the diet should be cereals, meat products, and vegetables. And, of course, drink water. Hormones are quickly and correctly synthesized in a body if proteins, fats, and carbohydrates start to come in sufficient quantities. This will help blood circulation in the genital organs and stimulate the production of the necessary hormone. It is better to avoid overeating and excessive consumption of fatty foods. Sugar and fast-digested carbohydrates lead to excessive fat deposition. They should be consumed in strictly limited quantities. Also, watermelon, saffron, mint, celery, parsley, and ginger, in combination with a psychologist’s advice are indispensable for male libido. This is how to increase your libido.

2. Physical exercises

You can do simple exercises for the tension of the pelvic muscles. They are quite effective and useful for men’s health. Refuse bad habits, try to normalize your day to the maximum, eat healthy foods containing aphrodisiacs. Be engaged in sports because regular physical activity lifts the mood, improves your external and internal state, and helps to get rid of stress. It will be quite easy to achieve a positive result carrying out all the instructions. Given the psychological aspects of the problem, you must remember: for the normal development of a body you need to constantly train. A male body must perform physical work. Actually, if you don’t have enough time, it is not necessary to go to the gym. It is enough to go for a walk every day.

3. Flirt

Applying such an easy way, you will not need to run to doctors and look for the cause of the problem in the future. It is enough to begin to train your libido. It is simple. You just should flirt with beautiful women and that’s all. Deciding to get married, a man usually balances the character of his libido. This can be viewed from two sides: everything seems to be good, a relationship becomes stable, but how to maintain the “fire” that is so important for desire? Flirt with your wife, thereby, developing your libido.

4. Don’t take pills

How to improve libido? If you are inclined to medication, be careful. Reduced libido in men may not require such interference. Often after 40 years, a man begins to lose his male power and is looking for a way to return everything to its place, and the easiest way is to use pills. But we must remember that they can do harm. Don’t forget that in old age, a man can have a normal sexual attraction to the opposite sex, sometimes even heightened. Therefore, doctors can recommend hormonal therapy, which normalizes the level of testosterone. Or you can use aromatic oils instead of pills. The chemical compounds contained in them have a high volatility. Evaporating from a body during massage, oils get the respiratory tract and affect the receptors. There increases the level of substances responsible for sexual desire and pleasure from sexual intimacy. The most powerful effect occurs when using bergamot, geranium, and cloves oil.

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