What Is It About Faking Orgasms?

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This is one of those classic subjects that will never go out of fashion. Gone are those days when people made love with the only aim – that of procreation. People have become more liberated in discovering their sexuality. Sexual intimacy is an important part of life of each person, that’s why everything related to this matter should be clear for everyone. Both partners want to get to the ultimate point of intercourse, that is orgasm, but not always it happens to both. According to one survey, 92% of women admitted to faking an orgasm at least once. Some of them do it always, while some have real orgasms but pretend in certain situations. Men want to know for sure when it’s real and when it’s fake. Do you really want to know the truth? Let’s figure out.

why girls fake orgasms

Why girls fake orgasms

Why do you force a smile when you receive not the present you hoped to get? Because you don’t want to disappoint a giver. Many women are faking orgasms with the same excuse in mind. What is a fake orgasm? It’s when a woman makes the orgasmic sounds of pleasure during sex when she doesn’t actually experience an orgasm.

For every man, any sexual act ends with an orgasm (although they can fake it too). Female body reacts differently to intercourse. Almost all of them get a kick out of the process, but fewer can climax. They saw the moments of uncontrollable pleasure in movies, and they know this is how it should be. But real life is different from the universe of romantic and erotic movies. There are some cases when a woman decides to copy the typical signs of orgasm for some of the following reasons.

She wants to bring this intercourse to an end. There are some days when a woman’s brain is busy with haunting thoughts about some current problems at work or in life. She doesn’t want even to think about sex. If she agrees to make out, she’ll not be focused on reaching an orgasm. In this case, her man should help her sort the issues out and get rid of the negative thoughts that occupy her mind. Only after that he can initiate intimacy.

She doesn’t want to hurt his pride. It’s not a secret that all men are conscious of their sexual abilities. Their task is not only to conceive a child but regularly satisfy their women in bed. If a man can’t do this, it undermines his self-confidence, he becomes depressed and aggressive. If a woman really loves her sexual partner and he does his best to please her (foreplay, caresses) but it doesn’t help, she’ll become a bit of an actress. By imitating orgasm, a woman takes care of her man’s self-esteem.

She is afraid of her man. It may sound weird and horrific, but there is such category of women. Usually, the woman is afraid not of his man but of the previous unsuccessful experience. She can’t relax and get tuned to the right wave. Also, she may be afraid that he would think she is frigid and unemotional.

She can’t get an orgasm. Among the popular explanations why women fake orgasm, the assumption that they are frigid is the most widespread. If a woman can’t get that desired full discharge, it doesn’t give her man a right to call her frigid. There are no frigid women, there are poor-skilled lovers.

The psychological approach to fake orgasms

Every man is a conqueror by nature. He wants to be sure that he’s the only owner of her heart and she doesn’t even think about other men or the possibility of sex with some other guy. How to ensure this? The answer is quite obvious – the woman needs to get regular and intense satisfaction from sexual contacts with him.

faking orgasmAnd here the question about fake orgasms arises. An orgasm is a proof that a woman is satisfied. Can a woman fake it? Yes, she can. How many women fake orgasm? You may not like the statistics. A lot of women do it. But if she fakes her climax, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her man. Something just went wrong and she resorted to acting.

It’s considered that a woman needs a lot of time to get turned on and experience an orgasm. With that in mind, a man will extend the process. But what if a woman is excited enough? Then your demonstration of different techniques and stamina will only be odd. Instead of showing off your skills, look her in the eyes to see what she really wants. You’ll get it immediately – she wanted fast and vivid sex, but now she is just pretending out of politeness.

Or another example of misunderstanding. You jump out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and growl like a tiger. For the 25th time. When you did it for the first time, you saw how it turned her on, so you decided it’s a good starter for your subsequent foreplays. Take my advice – watch her reaction. Perhaps, it will make things clear to you. That first time was right after you came back from a long business trip that’s why any wild sound produced by your vocal chords could awaken a sexual desire in her. Now, she tries to conceal her annoyance caused by this protracted game and wants you to be a hare, not a tiger anymore.

The point I’m trying to make is that you should be more attentive, and all women’s secrets will become apparent to you. Most probably, your woman’s real wishes are on the tip of her tongue, so you just need to find the right moment to discuss what she really wants or create such situation when she’ll get everything off her chest.

How women behave after orgasm? In 99% of cases, they are relaxed, placid and a bit drowsy. Criticism, banter, vivacity, and a humble (or quite straightforward) suggestion to try once again are indicative of the probable insincerity of all her sighs and screams.

What are the symptoms of orgasm? You must already know them, but here is a reminder: hurried breathing, a blush on the face, her neck and chest, warm limbs. Eyes are closed or half-open. The gaze is wandering. And there is something else. If you already watched your woman climaxing for real, you’ll be able to distinguish a real orgasm from a fake one. While two different women will behave differently during an orgasm, one and the same woman will be consistent in her actions. You haven’t noticed any regularity? Probably, you were too focused on your erection. Your selfishness – this is what kills the romance of sex and makes your woman pretend.

Very often, not knowing the workings of female sexuality, men begin to bombard their women with questions, “Didn’t you fake orgasm?”, “Did you really climax?”, “Are you telling me the truth?” According to sexologists, these questions are absolutely unnecessary. They ruin the intimate harmony in the relationship. It will be much better if men quit solving the riddle “why do women fake orgasms?” but start paying more attention to women’s wishes and hints.

If a woman gets enough tenderness and attention from her loved one, if their intimate life is satisfying, she loves her man and sometimes fakes orgasms in order not to disappoint him – it’s an absolutely normal situation.

Sure signs that a girl fakes orgasms

Usually, women are good actresses, and they can play the role of a climaxing woman very credibly. But you want to know how to spot a fake orgasm to turn it into a real one. As the man, you should do your best to make your woman orgasm. So, check out the following signs in order to eliminate fake orgasms from your intimate life.

1. You just started and she is already there. You should get suspicious if she goes into ecstasies very soon after you started making love. A ‘warm-up period’ for a woman lasts up to 20 minutes, so if it’s your fifth minute and she is moaning, most probably she is pretending. What can you do about it? Start all over again. Perhaps, the foreplay time was not enough for you. Give her a second chance.

how to spot a fake orgasm2. The sounds she makes are different. How to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm? Listen closely to her screams. When a woman is climaxing, she loses her head for a moment and the way she screams and moans is uncontrollable. If you heard her real-orgasm moans, you’ll easily detect the falsity. She’ll scream much louder and less naturally, as if imitating some adult film actress.

3. The timing is broken. It’s so annoying when something goes wrong in the middle of a movie and people’s voices don’t synchronize with their actions. The same error occurs when women fake their satisfaction. If she is about to experience an orgasm, her body will react instantly – her hips will tense up, she’ll squeeze the sheets in her fists, her face will get that pre-orgasm expression. If there isn’t anything like that on a horizon, prevent her fake climax by changing your strategy. For example, give her oral caresses and then get back to penetration.

4. No indicators on her skin. The signs of her having an orgasm were mentioned above. One of them was blushed face and reddish rash on the chest. Not all women have this indicator, but if your woman is normally blushed after sex, use it as a tell-tale sign. What can you do to make her blush? Focus on tactile contact. Her body is full of erogenous zones, so caress her soft spots. Those can be her ears, thighs, the area around her belly button – you know better. Make sure she is turned on enough to guarantee a mutual orgasm.

5. She lies silently afterwards. When you’re overwhelmed with pleasure you want to vocalize it or at least show it with your deep sigh, or whatever. Usually, partners exchange their impressions of the intercourse. If silence is what follows your sexual act, then she had nothing to shout about. Intrude immediately and try to change the situation. Use her toys to help her get the same pleasure you just experienced.

Once you catch her pretending, it’s a signal for you to change something about your approach or technique. Since the intimate life of a couple should be beneficial for both, you should have a frank talk and elicit from your woman what she really likes and what she’d like to change. Usually, the quality of sex changes significantly after this exchange of information.

Now that you know why girls fake orgasms and how they do that, you can improve the quality of your sex life. Irrespective of the reason for her not climaxing, you can work together to eliminate any obstacle that prevented your woman from getting best out of your act of love. Remember that a fake orgasm is not deception but a way to encourage you.

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