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We all know the Alpha male, right? He is the one in the corner, which usually says something wrong or rude to impress everyone and intimidate them to an agreement. But what is a Sigma male? A Sigma male is not an introvert in its purest form, yet these men possess some qualities from all the types. He just doesn't worry about his place in the pack because he is a loner.

The male Sigma is challenging to detect because you will never recognize him. This melancholy and mysterious Sigma male personality is never revealed because this is precisely what defines him. You will never know what happens in the head of a male Sigma. But we tried to explain some of the aspects of his nature below.

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Why We Don't Know Much About a Sigma Male Personality

The outside world is not interested in the Sigma male, but the Sigma male is interested in the outside world. He likes to grow, progress, move forward, but always independently. She is not afraid of loneliness, so he doesn’t seek ways to be more attractive to women, even though they are among his most precious allies. He is alone but does not feel isolated. He just likes to be with himself. Loneliness gives him a feeling of freedom, and because these men hide so much inside, we usually classify them as introverts. He can do what he wants when he wants and is not dependent on other people's schedules or desires. That doesn't mean that he doesn't like socializing or that he doesn't possess vital communicative skills. This is a paradox since he can be comfortable in a group and can integrate easily. On any site to meet girls, he is likely to be placed in the top profiles and has many fans.

Is the Sigma male directly a Beta or an Alpha who did not find his place and voluntarily excluded himself?

It is reasoning which makes sense and which confirms a theory "a man is not born Sigma, but he becomes one." Society often applies this explanation to its ignorance of the existence of such a type of man. Not finding his place, the Sigma individual voluntarily departs and chooses exclusion rather than the feeling of not being in his place. The real answer lies with the Sigma: does he feel comfortable in this role? Does he feel right in this imposed solitude? If so, he is in his place; after all, many men of all ages have insulated themselves to find peace of mind. Comparing a Sigma male vs. Alpha male and Sigma vs. Omega male, our hero is perhaps the only type who can become a modern-day hermit or monk.

If the male Sigma does not feel comfortable in his lonely universe, perhaps this period is indeed only a period of transition to the next. Let him take advantage of this solitude to build his personality, develop without external noises, and return to society when he feels ready. Dating a Sigma male, you cannot manipulate or tell what to do; they will never fall to your deceptions. It is hard to be with him, but this is a choice of a strong woman, as well as his choice to stay with her.

Who Are Sigma Males?

A Sigma male hates authority, and when others give him orders. He seeks solutions to avoid situations in which he will be a subordinate. His satisfaction comes from inside. While others seek validation from others, the male Sigma knows his worth and tries to maintain it. He does not feel the need to prove himself for others but tries to surpass the old version of himself. Of course, one of the Sigma male traits is that he likes it when others recognize his value, but this aspect is not essential to him.

He likes to listen rather than talk. He listens to all the opinions. He can agree with the most different arguments because he thinks critically. He tries to analyze everything and remains open to criticism. When he is confident with someone, he talks and can be a little too much. You would think that those Sigma male characteristics portray a perfect man, a type that we would like to be or become, but he is far from perfect and knows it. He has specific faults that could cost him opportunities in his love or professional life. Like all loners, he does not trust easily, and it is hard to get close to him. A Sigma male relationship with women is passionate but complicated, and the two break up feeling disappointed and broken.what is a sigma male

Emotionally, he is unavailable and will have great difficulty building relationships over the long term. He is present but keeps a distance so as not to be hurt anymore. In the professional sphere, he misses out on certain occasions because of his fear of submitting to authority or the need to work in a "group." Man is a social animal, but the Sigma tries to reject this part of its nature. Therefore, he suffers from internal conflict. Does he isolate himself too much? Where does this need for not wanting to bond with others come from? So many questions to which he has no answer and which can torment him. The male Sigma ultimately has only one enemy: himself. If he can achieve excellence in loneliness, he can also let it take up too much space in his life and harm him.

Main Sigma Male Traits

The lonely warrior who enters and exits groups, no one is going to identify him or accept, but this is normal because everything is fine with these men. If you wonder how to be a Sigma male, there is no exact answer to this question. Nobody still knows whether you should learn how to be Sigma, or these traits are inherited with birth. Nevertheless, here are a few characteristics of this type of man.

They are handsome to women, but no one cares or notices them

They are shy and silent, so women find them mysterious and want to know what is happening in their heads. But the fact is that a Sigma will never let them in. What is attractive on the outside is not so fun when it comes to the extremes. Sigma males never give up, do not let the mystery disappear, and they prefer silence rather than empty chatter.

People consider them intelligent and smart

They are the definition of a wise guy, but they act out as if they are even more intelligent. They know almost everything about anything. When a Sigma speaks, people listen because they rarely express their opinion, but when they do — this is valuable.

They hate social norms and expectations

A Sigma male is not a Beta who sets himself apart from the group. They are not Alpha either because they do not want someone to follow them, and what they really hate the most is when someone has hopes and expectations towards how people should act and how they should look like. They do what they want. And they do it correctly when they want, and care less about what people think about it. Norms are boring, and Sigma males see nothing cool about control, they try not to control their own life but are responsible for the consequences.

They are usually on the dark side of morally gray areas

Sigma men tend to get into trouble, whether they are trying or no. Since they do not think that the rules apply to them, they are doing things that they should not, and sometimes illegal, because they think they are above the law. They are likely to change their mind and choose an unpopular point of view. You may be surprised at some of their sayings because they contradict the other statements, they make but seem odd to the rest. To be accurate, Sigma males do not care.

They have contempt for the rules

The only thing Sigma males remember about the rules is that they were designed to be violated. The rules have no purpose but to keep Sigma males happy and make them comply. They believe that people should have the freedom to choose, regardless of what the society or the law says. It is not so good to be part of a group or community.

They like to merge, not stand out

They do not strive to stand out or be alone. This is what their personality dictates them to do. They merge with the background and disappear, but since they are brilliant and attractive because of their mysterious nature, mixing with the background is not so simple.

There will never be a slave to fashion

Sigma males do not accept trends. They set their own ones. They have their own understanding of style, and it always turns out surprisingly good. They think that fast fashion is meaningless, and wearing what everyone around you does makes you look stupid. They would rather wear an old T-shirt and jeans than be a slave to some fast-moving tendencies or waste money on luxurious labels. One of the best Sigma male examples in terms of style is Steve Jobs.

Sigma Male Test: Are You One of Them?

So, if we never recognize the Sigma-male, then how do you know if you are one? There are some clear signs that you are not just shy or playing hard to get. You are really a hard one because you do not need other people in your life. You are not trying to force someone to follow you, just the opposite. You want people to retreat. This is something that almost all Sigma males have in common, but this does not define them thoroughly. If you can apply at least some of these statements to yourself, pass the Sigma male test to make a final conclusion concerning your affiliation.

You do not want to be the best or be a part of the packsigma male traits

You are not like the other guys in the group who want to be the best. You really don't want to be. In fact, the very thought that someone wants to follow you makes you uncomfortable. And even mentioning that you will follow someone else is impossible. You do not follow the relations between people and inside communities because you stand on your own and do not need followers or recognition.

You rebel against what you should do and be, simply because you can

Matching is your kryptonite. You are not a rebel for any other reason than you can allow yourself to be him, so why not? A genuine hater of something popular or just pretending to be him, you always stay yourself, which sometimes seems risky and irresponsible. For girls, this is very sexy.

As powerful as Alpha, you don’t need to prove it to anyone but yourself

Sigma are not followers, and they can be leaders if they choose this path, but they simply do not need it. Sigma-male is a dominant personality that no one can change and does not even think about it. They just do their job correctly, and they don't give a damn who is responsible for them. As a rule, people quickly realize that they shouldn't expect anything from these self-sufficient males and stop giving them commands. So, a Sigma continues to exist on his own and is perfectly happy about it.

Sigma males live their life in silence, but it is golden

Sigma males have a minimal number of things to say. If they say something, it's better to listen, because it probably means something. If you are a Sigma, you rarely feel an urge to speak up. Silence is your position. You are not going to attract attention by expressing any opinion about anything. This is not someone else's business.

You are James Dean for no reason, literally

You are a hot guy who comes to town to figure out the system and pick up all the hot girls. But it's not your fault. You don't even want them to think that you are amazing. A rebel is beautiful to girls who are looking for a bad guy.

Sigma men seek balance like everyone else, but unlike the Alpha, which seeks this one while trying to guide, and the Beta, which seeks this one by winning a place of choice in our stressful society, the male Sigma seeks his balance alone trying to build his way with his own hands.

This type of male is the most mysterious, and this is why they attract people. No one can really get close to them because they do not allow it, and you will have a hard time trying to look deep into their souls. You will want them to change, but Sigma males will never do this. More than a personal choice, being a Sigma is a lifestyle that tuns in your blood, and you cannot deprive yourself of these qualities.

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