What Are the Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After?

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There are hundreds of reasons why men don’t want to marry. But anyway, they do it despite the fact that they are proud of being bachelors and ladies’ loves and are not bounded by the oaths of eternal fidelity and love. Pessimists say that love ends with the beginning of family life. But a marriage is the way to improve a love relationship. Thus relationships become deeper, stronger, and more interesting. Two different personalities are turning into a single family when get married.

modern marriage definition

The concept of marriage in the modern world: how people see it

In modern culture, a modern marriage has a definition of a social contract, a kind of act of trust between partners. Often this is just a legal formality and it is needed “just in case”: from the custody of children to obtaining citizenship or tax benefits. No matter how sad it may be, it should be acknowledged that romance gives way to property law and marriage contracts.

Now the whole difficulty is that people don’t understand what modern marriage is. There is a tendency to early relationships – people live like a husband and a wife, not having the right to do it, and then it takes a year or two and they begin to look for flaws in each other. She or he is bad, lazy, doesn’t want to support, etc. From the very beginning, they don’t even think about laying the “foundation” for their family. They accept just the freedom of a relationship. This freedom has nothing essential and reasonable and is a persecutor of collapse for many families.

A marriage is an important component of the life scenario. This is an important decision and not everyone realizes the seriousness of this choice. Most people get married because it's so necessary, and for a momentary impulse, and then after a couple of months or years, they realize that they made the wrong decision. Men and women have different views on the issue of the modern marriage. And if ordinary ladies and even businesswomen are in a hurry to bind themselves by the bonds of marriage, then representatives of the strong half of humanity are ready to postpone this event even to old age. And yet there are cases when men insist on official marriage. So, when men are ready to get married and what are the reasons for this?

Reasons to get married and live happily ever after

Young men tend to “protect” their independent status. They stubbornly don’t understand why people have to get married. But according to the results of opinion polls, every 4 out of 5 bachelors aged over 25 years would exchange freedom for a warm family relationship. But some of them are simply afraid to take such an important step because they don’t know what awaits them and what benefits of family life they can get. Let’s look at good reasons to get married young.

reasons to get marriedWhat are the reasons to get married and have a happy family?

The first reason is continuation of love

Despite the pessimistic statements that a marriage means the end of any romance, it provides the beginning of a whole new level of love. A marriage allows two loving people to join a partnership, where the two halves are formed into the whole, where love grows into a deeper, more perfect relationship.

The second reason is personal growth

Some men can keep saying that a marriage kills individuality and limits a person's personal space. However, on the other hand, a marriage allows each partner to explore the unknown facets of own personality, study the various nuances of relationships that are responsible for the well-being and solving problems (both personal and common, that can be met on the way of a couple). It also allows each partner to grow and better understand each other and people.

The third reason is support in difficult times

Married people, living side by side with each other, can always count on mutual support in difficult periods of life. This is called emotional support, as well as assistance in the case of medical care. Those people, who live in a marriage for several years, know how it is easy to accept and get used to the support of each other and take it for granted when they get sick, in an emergency situation and so on. Now imagine that you are alone in such situations. Agree that it is better to have a loving woman nearby. That is why this is one of the most important reasons why people get married.

The forth reason is that married people live longer

Studies conducted by American psychotherapists and psychologists have proved that people living in marriage are much less susceptible to depression, as well as to cardiovascular diseases. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, they live much longer than people who are divorced or single.

The fifth reason is financial benefits

As we already noted above, it is easy to do everything when two loving people live together. If both spouses work (and it is so in most cases), then they have a common budget and additional support in a “family wallet”. And maybe one of the spouses has an inheritance. Family couples, as a rule, are more willing to take out loans, it is easier for them to rent an apartment and so on.

The next reason to get married is wedding gifts

Inviting guests to a wedding, you will surely receive many gifts. And it doesn’t matter whether it is money or three identical toasters that are presented to you on a wedding day. This will help you save money on different necessary things or even on the next wedding invitations to your friends.

The seventh reason is procreation

A married couple forms the best conditions for having children and the right psychological environment. Children feel comfortable in a full family. Paternal instinct is not as obvious as maternal. But the birth of children is one of the main arguments in favor of a marriage. After all, every man will be very happy to lull his little copy who will bring new meaning to his life.

reasons to get marriedThe eighth reason is regular sex

The reason that most people give for getting married is sex. It is a very important aspect. And when you have it with a loved one, you get much more pleasure knowing that you don’t need to run anywhere and this is not for one night. Lonely people, alas, as a rule, are deprived of such pleasure.

The ninth reason is the need of being together with somebody

Despite all the hype about the increase of divorces in developed societies, the tendencies in favor of re-marriage are equally strong. That's why there are so many dating sites for lonely men and women who try their luck to get married for the second time.

The tenth reason is delicious and healthy home food

This is one of the reasons why you need to get married. Of course, not every lady is capable of creating culinary masterpieces. But a loving wife will not cook her lovely man semi-finished or instant noodles. Rather, she will learn the preferences of her husband and feed him with delicious home-made dishes.

The eleventh reason is a successful career

Quite often there is a situation where a man has to be a solid family man for promotion. This is especially common in foreign companies. For some reason, it is believed that a married man is more reliable, responsible and flexible. It is strange enough, but that's exactly how every second man answered. They really believe that a married man has a much better chance of making progress in his career. After all, a boss always entrusts the responsible task to a married employee since he is more organized. And if a family man has some trouble at work, then he will not start drinking alcohol because of every failure, but most likely he will just tell everything his wife. Also, employees, who have families, will not hang out in nightclubs until morning, have fun with all sorts of adventures after which they will not have the ability to work on the next day.

The twelfth reason is a specific status

Having entered into a legal marriage, a man acquires a certain status – more positive, traditionally more socially high and respected. The image of a family man is the guarantor of all kinds of speculation about health, lifestyle, etc. There are a number of professions and positions where the presence of a legitimate spouse is very much recommended.

The thirteenth reason is life without addictions

This is really one of the right reasons to get married. A happy marriage also protects you from alcohol and nicotine addictions. The American scientists made exactly such conclusions: men who are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes are most often unmarried.

what are the reasons to get marriedThe fourteenth reason is happiness

Australian scientists guarantee this. And they name a record figure of 135%. According to them, this is how much a married man is happier than an unmarried man. Scientists themselves explain this by a quieter life and care, which a lucky guy periodically gets from his wife.

The fifteenth reason is love

And the last reason among reasons to get married is love. Most people marry, of course, for love! And from here follows a desire to fall asleep and wake up next to a loved one, officially legalize a relationship, feel necessary and loved, create some unique world together. Of course, you can’t do it without difficulties, but you have to learn together with your soul mate how to overcome these difficulties.

To sum up

As you can see, not only love is important in this issue. It is simply necessary to respect, understand and strive for care and partnership for the development of long-term relationships. If there is only passion, then a relationship will not last long. Everyone has their own values and views on family life. If a soul mate is already found and you are sure that she is exactly what you need, then it's time to check all the advantages of married life by yourself. Therefore, be firm in your intentions and create a strong family.

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