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When the Soviet Union had dissolved, the women from behind the Iron Curtain instantly drew attention of western men. That happened because of the well-known legend, that feminism had no impact at that territory. Western men who have been complaining about the ultra-emancipated women in their countries found the idea of women who value family and accept traditional gender role quite suggestive.

Women obsessed with their careers are easily hurting the ego of a man, who wants to be the leader in the couple. Western women are not going to change, so there was only one solution, find a woman who's eager to respect you and who wishes to be the perfect housewife and lover for you.

Thus western men got crazed on Russian girls. They are beautiful, they have patriarchal upbringing, their main goal is being good wives.

It was only a matter of time, before men discovered Ukrainian brides. When you go through dating services you can see that dating a Ukrainian girl is the hottest offer, coming second only after Russian girls.

Sexy Ukrainian brides are considered to be more beautiful than their Russian counterparts. With time men got more obsessed with the desire to find a Ukrainian woman. But, it turned out that Ukrainian girls are not only more beautiful than Russian women, they differ drastically.


As you need to be a scholar to understand that not all Slavic people are Russians, there's no surprise that western men easily confuse Ukrainian girls with Russian, Belarus, or Polish women. But you need to learn their cultural peculiarities, if you want Ukrainian women for marriage.

With all those dreams western men have about hot Ukrainian brides, they make one typical mistake when it comes to the question “How to get a Ukrainian bride?”. They mix nations.

Although, the legend about meekness and traditionalism of post-Soviet women can be largely applied to Russian women, it has nothing to do with Ukrainian girls.

So, you need to learn the Pros and Cons of dating a Ukrainian woman, because everything depends on your tastes.


Ukrainian girls are beautiful

Appearance means a lot for Ukrainian girls. Be sure, wherever you meet a Ukrainian girl, she will be ultimately gorgeous. That's because they spend a lot of time taking care of themselves. A vast majority of Ukrainian girls go to a gym. They rarely go out without makeup, although their natural beauty is splendid on its own. They spend a tremendous amount of time on dressing up and doing their hair. That's why when on dating sites trying to find a Ukrainian bride you get lost, because each picture makes you feel like you can't take your eyes off.

Ukrainian girls are terrific cooks

If you're searching for Ukrainian girls for marriage, you're right on money. If you marry one, you'll never get hungry. The vast majority of Ukrainian women are terrific cooks, and they are eager to get you acquainted with the traditional Ukrainian cuisine, which is considered to be the most diverse and delicious. And it's not the whole story, Ukrainian girls like improving their skills in cooking. One day when you enter the kitchen, you may find her making sushi or cooking something middle eastern.

They are family-oriented

Like the vast majority of Slavic women, Ukrainian girls are family-oriented. But, this point can be viewed as semi-con, as Ukrainian girls have a different mindset than their Russian 'sisters'. While Russian girls have patriarchal upbringing, where man is a central figure, Ukrainian girls are brought up in a more matriarchal way. They build families to fulfil themselves as wives and mothers. As Russian girls, they view man as a main family's supplier, thus kids upbringing is their business. She will make the house cozy, she will cook, and she will look after the kids, but it is not because of her respect for you.ukrainian-woman

She's your partner and friend

Ukrainian girls are for men with more tolerant and democratic mindset. She is not only a perfect housewife, but she's also your best friend. You can always share your problems and your thoughts about different things with her. In Ukrainian culture, men and women are partners, so discussion of different topics and exchanging thoughts are welcomed. You can always ask her for advice, if you can't make your decision on this or that topic.


Long relationship's development

In terms of international dating, Ukrainian and Russian females differ greatly. While Russian girls are eager to leave their country to marry a foreigner, things are different with Ukrainian girls. According to Ukrainian traditions, you need to become good friends before your relationships are going to develop further. She must be certain that it is the real love, before she agrees on marrying you.

They are not that eager to leave her country

Ukrainian girls are known for their patriotism, and unlike Russian girls, they are not that easy in leaving their homeland. So, if you're still into Ukrainian girls, don't start communicating with the girl with suggestion to move in with you. Give it time, if it's the real love, she will leave everything for you. But, once again, give it time. There's no need to be in a hurry.

You need to be an expert in Ukrainian culture (or get ready to become one)

Ukrainian girls truly love their homeland, so acquiring some knowledge about Ukraine and its culture is highly advised, before approaching those gorgeous women. If you had no chance to dig some information about Ukraine, get ready to be lectured about its history and culture. If you want to conquer the girl, start asking her questions about her homeland, she will be pleased with your interest.

She's the head of the family

While feminism had a lesser impact in Eastern Europe, old traditions have a great influence. Ukrainian girls have a matriarchal mindset. You can be the boss at your work and in the financial questions, but when you come home – she is the boss. And it is better to treat her with respect, or else you will meet an angry Ukrainian woman.

If the Cons didn't scare you off, then you're very brave, thus you are ready to start dating a Ukrainian woman.

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