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Winter is an occasion to warm yourself with love, isn’t it? When it is cold outside, and a blizzard rages, we want to get in a fairytale. Cold winter comes to us suddenly, and all the people immediately fall into two types: some want to urgently return to summer in winter, and others are going to conquer the high mountains of snows. So, when you meet single girl online, you will definitely want to go somewhere together. What are the best romantic winter getaways?

most romantic winter getaways

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway in Winter 2020

Your vacation with your loved one is in winter, and it seems to you that this is not as fun as summer vacation? No! It all depends on the mood, ideas, and amount of information that you have.

First of all, decide what you want. What do you want to do when traveling? What winter romantic getaways to choose and what to see there? To answer these questions, ask your friends who have already been in the country where you are going to for advice, or ask for recommendations in groups for travelers on social networks. By the way, you can also find relationship tips while surfing the Internet, that is, you will know how to perfectly spend time together.

Then work on the route. Look at maps, how long it will take to move from one point to another, add to it at least 1.5-3 hours for delays and unexpected stops. Find your local bus schedule or car rental locations. And finally, plan your budget. When traveling, you should always have enough money: you may miss a flight, fall victim to street thieves, lose your passport, and buy something you needed, for example, medicine that is forgotten at home or comfortable shoes.

Top Destinations for a Romantic Vacation in Winter

Couples in love (especially at the initial stage of a relationship) often look for romance and solitude, which in our time can be found far from anywhere in the world.


Are you looking for romantic winter getaways in Europe? Well, fjords, Vikings, valkyries, incredible colors of the northern lights – no matter what association comes to mind when mentioning Norway, in any case, it will be a vivid memory of the true Nordic nature of the country. This is not the most popular tourist route, but it is beautiful there in winter. It is cold but not as in the North pole. At least, this doesn’t interfere with walking in Oslo since there are plenty of comfortable cafes where you can warm up.


Italy is just as beautiful for traveling in winter as it is at other times of the year. This is one of the best romantic winter getaways. You will appreciate the lower prices for tickets and accommodation, the lack of crowds of tourists and the sales season. In winter, ski and thermal resorts, the peak of the theater season and the atmosphere of a Christmas miracle are at your service.

Rhode Island

On a trip to Rhode Island in winter, you will experience tremendous emotions, enjoy the local nature, and see the beauty of the traditions and customs of the country. This is really one of the best romantic winter escapes for people in love. The local population here is famous for friendliness and hospitality and has long been used to a large influx of tourists.

The Maldives

romantic winter getaways

What to do on a romantic winter getaway? Enjoy the sun. There is no bad time to travel to the Maldives. Whatever island you choose, they are all perfect. Even those who think that they will be bored in the Maldives will eventually fall in love with these islands. This is a great destination for a family vacation and, perhaps, the best place for a paradise beach holiday.


Many perceive Croatia exclusively as a “summer” country with sea resorts. And this is wrong! Healing sea breeze, majestic panoramas of the winter sea, the charm of the Mediterranean nature without the usual hot sun will win you over. In addition to walking and sightseeing, you can go skiing or sledding as well as spend a couple of hours in local restaurants serving traditional skewered pigs.


This is considered one of the best romantic winter getaways in the US. Yes, it is hot there all year round. And yes, there are a lot of five-star hotels that will satisfy your every whim. Some people love just to lie all day in the sun, and there is nothing wrong with that. For the rest, there are a lot of entertainments in Hawaii in winter: the best beaches, the best surfing, the best walks through the jungle and volcanoes.


what to do on a romantic winter getaway

Wide slopes and endless snowy landscapes – Switzerland is a good option for a romantic winter vacation for couples where snow. Switzerland is the birthplace of winter tourism. Choosing Switzerland for a winter holiday, you will receive a high level of service, magnificent slopes for skiing, amazing nature, and many attractions that are within walking distance in a small country in the center of Europe.

The Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic mean that your dreams become a reality with the taste of a real coconut. This is an island country in the Caribbean, a picture of bliss with the obligatory hashtag #paradise on social networks. Newlyweds and just tourists who dream about the exotic and romance of the Caribbean come here.

The Canary Islands

In the Canaries, summer is year-round, and the air temperature never drops below 20 degrees Celsius. The most popular destinations are Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote. However, three small islands are more secluded – these are La Palma, El Hierro, and La Gomera. They are rarely offered as popular tourist winter destinations, which is why they are worth exploring during winter vacations.


This is one of the winter weekend getaways for couples who just want to go “somewhere to the ends of the world.” Getting here is not so easy, but your rest will be really exotic. The main attraction of the island is its unique untouched nature. In the tropical jungle, you can find rare species of plants and animals, or find caves hidden from people.

Tips What to Do During a Romantic Winter Getaway

You can have the best winter vacations, choosing any occupation you like, no matter where you are – in a cold or hot country.

most romantic winter getawaysTry new sports

First of all, winter is a good opportunity to learn new sports. If previously you didn't have a chance to try skiing or snowboarding, do it this winter. Ask one of your more experienced friends to teach you or use the services of an instructor. If you are not a fan of extreme sports but want to diversify your vacation, choose less dangerous options, for example, ice skating.

Go to the Christmas market

In each town, and even more so in large cities, various festive fairs are certainly held, and numerous events are held, or simply unusual decorations are placed in shopping centers and the city center. At these fairs, you can purchase various handmade gifts, toys, chocolate, ride on the carousel, watch a concert and listen to music.

Fishing on vacation

Fishing for a man is already a gift and relaxation. But on the sea or ocean, this is a completely different feeling. Large fish, exotic breeds and bright colors – you will have something to tell friends when returning from vacation. Also, professional fishermen will help catch some overseas fish.

Have a winter photoshoot

There can be two options at this point – either you are a photographer yourself and you can arrange a photo shoot for your loved one on a frozen lake or in a snowy forest, or you just want to take photos somewhere on the ocean with your soulmate. The second option, of course, is better for you because in this case, you will remember your vacation all your life. A photoshoot is a great way to “freeze” a moment, to remember this winter exactly as it is.

Look at the stars

Despite the simplicity of this occupation, its meaning is much deeper than it seems at first glance. You can look at the stars at any time of the year, but just imagine – you, your loved one, a winter park, absolute silence, and endless starry sky. Isn’t it nice? In winter, the stars acquire a special, unique shine. This setting can refresh the romance of your life and inflame the relationship.

When it’s cold and a blizzard howls outside, it’s time to plan a vacation to the most romantic winter getaways. There are many points on the map where you can go and relax on the warm coast or in cold countries. Winter vacations can bring a lot of vivid memories and, by the way, significantly strengthen the immune system. But the most important thing is that you will spend this winter with your loved one.

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