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One of the most difficult trials that must be overcome at the beginning of a new relationship is meeting the family of a partner. And the only way to avoid this step is not to start a serious relationship but to confine ourselves to short romances. But if a man has serious intentions and strives to find their soulmate, he will not be able to avoid meeting girlfriend's parents. Let’s start with some meeting the parents for the first time tips.

meeting girlfriend's parents

How to Meet Your Girlfriend's Parents?

And so, you have been dating with your girlfriend for a certain time, and now she invites you to meet her family. "Well, why? After all, everything’s fine, and is there any need for meeting your girlfriend's parents? There’s no difference on when to meet the parents, there’s no right or wrong time. Long-term relationships will still lead to such a situation, and if you are always afraid of this or postpone acquaintance with her family until better times, then you can lose your woman altogether. Everyone has to go through such a meeting, but the result of it will depend on a guy himself. Surely, some men panic because of it, “How to behave? What to say? Should be just silent for the whole evening?” You shouldn’t be so worried, listen to our advice, and nothing will be able to stop you on your way to love, even her family.

Why do girls introduce guys to their parents? They want more, they see potential in your love. There aren’t two ways about it, she values you and has big plans for you. After meeting with a family, not only a girl but the parents will expect some actions from you: living together, engagement, weddings. If the period of acquaintance and meetings with parents has gone on for too long, know that for them you will become a burden, and they will not truly understand what the hell you are doing in their home and why are you eating their food. You should do more pleasant things during your first encounter with parents. Take care of your woman and her mother at the table, help with moving the table, carry the plates from the kitchen and help her mother to wash them afterward. A man also needs to let her parents know that he is interested in this girl not only because of her tits and her butt but also thanks to everything else, so keep your eyes away from her rack, even though she may look amazing in her new t-shirt.

It happens like this: you are terribly shy, afraid to even sigh loudly, you are constrained in movement, you cannot figure out where to put your arms and legs. If you are a professional pick-up artist, then I hope you have already overcome this problem. And to those who are still shy away, I advise you to be more modest.

You must try to keep the conversation going, you have to know what it is about at the very least. If you are not in on the subject, it is better to smoothly switch to some other topic that will be more comfortable for you. For example, with the girl's mom, you can talk about TV shows. Before meeting with parents, you need to watch a couple of episodes of different soap operas on TV in order to be aware of all of the Brazilian intrigues. After you discuss the marriage of Juan and Beatrissa with the girl’s mother, your girlfriend’s mom will feel sympathy for you. Talk about her garden if there is one, how to care for vegetables or tell your family recipes. If she asks where you know all this from, you can safely answer that you always helped your mother when you were young.

It is necessary to talk with her dad about the latest football news, speculate about politics and tell him a few jokes that you should prepare in advance. Perhaps he will become so generous that he will offer you a sip of brandy. If you tell the girl's dad about your love for his daughter, that you have serious intentions, her dad will be very proud that his daughter has found such a nice guy who is not afraid to be sincere. Be sure to mention that she is very similar to him as well, not in the looks, but in character… don’t mess this one up.

meeting her parentsWhen meeting her parents, a lively atmosphere should reign at the table during dinner. Imagine that you are having dinner every evening in this circle of people. During the conversation, try to make appropriate jokes, nothing too edgy, express your own opinions, mention some small observations about their family or make a sincere compliment to her mother.

When meeting her parents for the first time - success depends on you. Of course, if you try, you will have more chances to achieve it. There is no need to pretend to be someone else or copy someone's actions. The main thing is to be yourself. If you like your girlfriend's parents, then they will surely forgive you minor flaws, as your own relatives forgive you. Now that you know the general tips for meeting the parents, let’s pick the right outfit for this occasion.

What to Wear When Meeting the Parents?

Your clothes play a big role in creating the most important impression when meeting parents. After all, we choose clothes ourselves in accordance with our concepts of beauty, fashion, and how to dress in one way or another. It will be very bad if you decide to wear a jacket, expensive shoes, and your regular sports pants. Also, don’t experiment with your outfit, this is the worst time to do it, so pick something that isn’t new to you. Anyway, you will most likely get enough of discomfort at the table, and you don’t need more of it. Various additions to the suit, like socks, tie say a lot about your taste. At the same time, the general rule is to pick up all parts of clothes in such a way that nothing stands out, everything should be in place and not be superfluous.

Elegance is in simplicity

Take the acquaintance with your girlfriend’s family as a job interview. There are a lot of things in common between these two events: when you go to an interview, and when you first meet your girlfriend's parents, you must carefully consider all the details of your outfit.

What to wear to meet the parents?

  • The image does not have to be official.
  • Jacket with a tie is not a must, it may cause you discomfort.
  • It is better to give preference to an informal style of clothing.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and well ironed.

For most of us, these simple truths are well known, but some of us may completely forget about these things. But there will be no second chance for meeting her parents, I mean… there may be a second time that you meet them, but the first impression is the most important one. Keep this in mind.

What to Bring When Meeting Her Parents?

Gifts for meeting the parents are required. To come to the parents of your girlfriend for the first time with empty hands is a bad idea. In order to make this meeting easier on yourself, and to make a positive impression from the get-go, it is better to choose and purchase a small gift or two.

The Basic Rules for Choosing a Gift for the Girl's Parents Are the Following

  • Not too cheap and not too expensive. A cheap gift is unlikely to appeal to a parent, and it will make you look cheap. A gift that is too expensive may put the parents in an awkward situation;
  • It should be appropriate for the moment. It is not necessary to give a gift of a comic character, and ambiguous gifts may be misunderstood;
  • It should match their tastes. It is better to discuss in advance the issue of gifts with your girlfriend. She knows her parents and their taste preferences.

Here are the things that you can gift to her mother:

  • Flowers; candies;
  • Decor items;
  • Beautiful accessories;
  • Favorite perfume;
  • Something for the kitchen (original dish, plate, etc.);
  • Scarf.

gifts for meeting the parentsWhen choosing a gift, you should definitely consult with a girl. Suddenly, her mom is allergic to flowers or sweet. It will be not superfluous to know what perfume, candy, accessories she likes.

Here are the things that you can gift her father:

  • Good alcohol;
  • Cigars;
  • Accessory for the car;
  • Tie;
  • New videogame.

Questions That Her Parents May Ask

Question 1. About the seriousness of intent. This question is inevitable, and you will have to answer it. If the wedding with a girl is not near, you shouldn't swear to her parents in loyalty and endless love for their daughter. In life, everything can change, and then it turns out that these were empty words. It is important to have a respectful, caring, reverent attitude to your girlfriend. This will be quite enough for such a visit, but some parents may rush to the question of marriage from the get-go, so keep this in mind.

Question 2. About family, children. The question about children is inevitable. In any case, it is worth answering it according to your own feelings. The answer should be honest and polite. If there are no children in the near future, it is not necessary to declare that you don’t plan them at all. You just need to focus on the fact that everything is ahead of you two, it is too early to think about children, and now you should focus on your career/education.

Question 3. About future plans. The question of plans for the near and long-term future can be answered directly. Everyone has their own plans and dreams, and you can voice them. Don’t lie about your plans, it is a risk that isn’t worth it.

Question 4. About yourself. What is your hobby? Where do you study? What kind of person are you? What do you like/dislike? etc. There are lots of variations of the same question. When answering, you can talk about your hobbies, interests, positive traits of character. The main thing is not to praise yourself too hard and not to look like a narcissist. You can objectively tell them about your successes, achievements.

Question 5. About your family. You should talk about the family, parents, who they are, etc. No need to delve into family relationships, give all the nuances of the family life and all the struggles that you’ve been through.

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