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For many guys, the question, “Is it worth chasing after girls?” is pretty relevant. It seems to you that you like the girl, and you would like to continue the relationship, but not everything is as smooth as you want. What should you do? Today we will talk about such topics as dependent relationships, men chasing women, why chasing women is useless, and how to stop chasing women.

never chasing women again

What Does Chasing Women Mean?

When you are chasing a woman, you forget about your desires and goals in life. She becomes your ultimate goal, and the only thing that matters is how to get her attention and love. In a healthy relationship, you take an interest in each other for who you are, so your lives and interests must coincide to establish a connection that will grow into something serious.

Thus, you accept each other without any forced emotions and desperate attempts to charm each other. When you chase a woman – you do just that.

You have to remember that if you don’t get love from a woman, and you give everything to her, then it’s not worth it. If you not know where to meet women, then you have to remember that there are thousands of different girls looking for dates on lots of different dating sites, so you will never be left alone since the opportunities are limitless.

Top 5 Ways Guys Chase Women

Men have one common weakness, and it is women. But are there men and women who constantly attend various events? Everything in personal life is not going as well as we would like.

1. Indulge her in everything

The easiest way to get a girl’s attention is to do everything that she wants. Women like this type of men. These are weak men, pussies. Women will use such men for a long time to solve their domestic problems. "Joe, honey, can you fix my computer?" or "Honey, will you take me to the airport?" And many men listen to and do everything that they are told and expect a woman to eventually fall in love with them for everything that they have done, but this will never happen. Women have never been excited about such men and will not be in the next century. But do not confuse such pussies with gentlemen. They always look after women. Gentlemen do the same things, but they don’t expect anything in return.

2. Attempts to buy her attention with gifts

How often do you take a girl to a restaurant, give her gifts, and flowers and prefer spending time with her instead of your friends? The method of trying to buy a woman’s disposition has probably once worked. Nowadays, there is a whole generation of girls who favorably accept the gifts from men, smiling and blushing in response to phrases like, "You are so cute." As practice shows, this approach affects a very limited circle of girls, and it doesn’t work all that much. If a man is just a bag of gifts – he will be treated this way, and there will be no reciprocation to his feelings.

chasing women never work3. Talk too early about your feelings

Another very serious mistake is to reveal your feelings at an early stage of your communication. Beautiful women always enjoy the increased attention of men. As a rule, such women often date men. They have a great experience. And they know what to expect from a man in a relationship. That is why the guaranteed way to make a woman run away from you at all costs will be the phrase, "You know, I really like you," while the woman is not yet interested in you. These words are a sign to her that you look like all the other guys who fall in love with her too quickly. And they can’t control themselves. With such men, everything is very clear. They are not interesting. Communicate with the girl so that until the very last moment she doubts, “Does he like me? Am I good enough for him?”

4. Thinking that girls are attracted only to handsome or rich guys

It is another fairly common mistake because of which many guys finish their relationships, without even having time to start them. Without a doubt, women who have certain selection criteria exist. But most women are much more interested in a man’s personality than in his wallet or how he looks. In no case you should give up on beautiful girls if you do not have a villa in Spain, and you are lower than 6’2 ft. or you are not as handsome as Brad Pitt. Money is just a resource and owning it does not make others love you. The real reason for success is your personality. Your inner world. And the emotions that you can give your chosen one.

5. Consider a girl special

Sometimes a special girl appears in the life of every man. Well, she’s not like everyone else. A man forgets everything in the world and rushes headlong into the whirlpool of her beautiful eyes and gentle hugs. And then the worst thing happens. He forgets everything. He forgets the fact that she must be seduced. That she must be charmed. He’s deeply in love and is ready to sacrifice everything for her alone. After all, people like her no longer exist. And her love must be achieved at all costs. He becomes too bewitched by her. He doesn’t sleep at night, thinks about her, constantly looks for meetings, sends text messages online.

Simply put, he begins to behave like a complete idiot. Forgetting about friends and work, he begins to show his increased attention, making mistake after mistake. Unfortunately, when a girl sees that a man is subjugated by her (her beauty, smile or anything else), she immediately realizes that she is in full control of the situation, and it becomes boring to play with such a man. For her, there is no longer any intrigue. For her, this game has already been played. No passions, expectations, emotions, unpredictability, which are so necessary for a girl to form her attraction to a man. For her, such a boy in love is no longer a man.

Why Chasing Doesn’t Lead to Anything?

Why does chasing women never work, in modern society, people still believe that men should be chasing women, look after her, give flowers, and sweets, accompany her home, wait a few months until she decides to have sex with him, please her in every way, and shower her with attention and other crap? These and other things have been crushed into the heads of men since childhood, from films and mass media to direct suggestions from others, a man chasing women is the norm, it is the way things should work. But all this does not work. If it was otherwise, you would not be sitting on this site looking for answers to your questions.

Very often you can hear things like these from the girls, “He must,” “He is obliged,” “Well, you are a man after all” and so on. Under conditions when you try to turn off your perception of the world and try to take a feminine point of view, you can find common sense here. Such behavior is very beneficial for them. In addition to alpha males, there are also beta males, which can go without sex but, at the same time, it is excellent to use them for your selfish purposes. Besides, women have innate abilities for acting, which they can use to blackmail or bluff, and, quite frankly, a lot of what they do is a performance. Do not get fooled by this kind of garbage.

Why do men get in trouble chasing women? To begin with, if a man chases a girl, then he automatically puts himself below her and shows low value. At the same time, she is awarded high value (put on an imaginary pedestal) very undeservedly. This is manifested through positioning, which is transmitted through non-verbalism and behavior in general. In this situation, the guy is trying to make a barter that will be beneficial only to him, but the girl is not, and on a subconscious level, she easily notices it and discards such a boyfriend.

Building communication with a woman on an equal footing will be much more productive, and better from a higher position. Yes, the whole pickup thing is built on how to teach guys to value themselves! The more you try to impose your company on a girl who is not that interested in you, the more she will move away from you. Remember: do not try to do something just to make her like you, do what you like. And if it doesn’t seem to work with a girl, let go, there are many others around, you will be able to find someone better than your current girlfriend.

The main idea of this article is that instead of caring for a girl and trying to get her attention in every possible way, you need to make her run after you. This is the principle of reverse seduction when she takes steps in your direction, and you either accept them or reject them. So it should be in a healthy society in which men have confident dominant behavior, and women do not put on performances every single day and can act according to their true desires.

I had a lot of consultations at which the guys asked for advice on how to return their ex when they did a lot of mistakes in their attempts to chase after a girl. relationships men chasing womenSo, the main (and almost the only) mistake of the majority was that they tried to do everything in their power to impress a girl, threw gifts their way and begged to return, that is, they played the role of an obedient dog. That is, they did everything that in no case can be done at all, this ended up being the reason for all of their problems. “Why I stop chasing women?” Because your chase will not end in anything good, the chase is the issue.

Every woman wants an alpha male in her life because when it comes to male appearance, this plays the very last role. After all, a true leader conquers those around him not with his beauty, but with confidence and dominance (masculinity), which attracts girls. Moreover, each of them has its taste for different types of male appearance. However, in this case, there is a small exception: guys who are very lucky in terms of cuteness are in high demand among women. To seduce, such handsome men just need to approach a woman, establish a dialogue and not screw up everything that comes next, because women often experience platonic desires when they see such men. But such cases are rather the exception to the rule. And the rule is that chasing women never works. Ok, let’s say that you swear to yourself, never chasing women again, I hate chasing women, what’s next?

What Are the Alternative Ways to Attract Women?

Are you tired of chasing women, let’s find out how to attract women yourself? To become attractive to girls, it’s not enough to look cool. What matters is how you behave in their presence. So watch out not only for your appearance but also for words and actions!

Try reading her while watching her

Caution: Do not let her or anyone else see you staring at her. Girls cannot stand when they are closely examined in public. This causes hostility to the person who’s watching them. Study the girl in secret, try to find out her habits, what she loves and what she doesn't love, how she treats you (here her body language will tell you everything).

Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence

How to stop chasing women? Self-esteem and self-confidence are very attractive qualities. The girls will go crazy for a guy who is confident in himself and what he can do. Do things that strengthen your self-esteem: it can be volunteer work, learning something new or traveling. You can build self-confidence by volunteering in organizations that help people. This will give you a chance to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can do something to change the world around you. You can also develop self-confidence by learning something new, such as a second or third language. It can be easy and free to arrange via the Internet using sites such as Livemocha, Duolingo, and others.

Present yourself as an interesting person

Be the one the girls want to date. You do not need to be super-smart but be at least curious and interested in different things. Be the kind of person who works hard to improve the lives of people around. Do something with your life. It is very important. Stand up and start changing your life for the better. You can gain a lot of knowledge by reading about what you are interested in. Do you know that there are whole books about the evolution of weapons, such as swords? Books about the extinction of dinosaurs? Yes, yes, time to go to the library. Think about your goals and dreams. What do you want from your life? What are you dreaming about? If you have real passion, the girl will find it attractive: she will want to think that you will love her as much as you like football, for example.

That's all the recommendations. Be a man, a strong person. It attracts girls. Learn to understand the word no. If a girl has already made it clear that she is not interested in a relationship with you, be sure that you definitely have no prospects, you just don’t suit her, you don’t need to cause feelings of disgust for yourself in vain attempts to attract her attention. If you are interested in a girl, she will not let you go anywhere.

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