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Most of us have been through this: you’re chatting with a girl, and everything seems fine. Both of you are OK with how things go, but then your companion suddenly stops answering your messages. She allows herself to forget about you for an hour or two or might even ignore you the whole day. In the toughest cases, your messages are left unread forever. It’s a problem not all guys can handle. Typically, they just give up and move forward, healing their damaged egos. But what if this is the girl you’d love to see next to you? Well, you’ve got options. Read below to find out how to say that a girl ignores you on purpose, what are the signs she actually does it, and what to do if she doesn't text you back. And don’t lose heart, mate: there are still chances to fix everything.

Deep feelings can result in various consequences. It’s awesome if your companion shares your feelings. And it’s much harder to push through rejected calls and unanswered messages. What if the girl just doesn’t want to reach out to you? First of all, don’t start panicking too soon. Let's analyze the situations when a girl ignores your messages and figure out the main reasons why she does this. After all, you may have nothing to do with it. Be prepared for disappointment, though, as the truth may be bitter.

what to do when she doesn't text back

Common situations when she doesn't text back

When it comes to dating and messaging, every detail counts. The location, her mood, day of the week, and even your haircut can predetermine your chance to catch a girl’s eye. But even if something about you seems intriguing, and she falls for it, this doesn’t mean she’ll give you her number or answer if you text. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, beware of possible risks.

You met online and started chatting

You met on a dating website, chatted for a bit, and out of a sudden, she went silent. That’s not the worst thing that might happen. Thousands of guys find women online every day, but only few of them manage to turn a casual chat into something serious because online acquaintances are worth nothing these days. So, if she doesn't text back, is she not interested? Not necessarily. Who knows why she bailed, but if your conversation was brief, we suggest you not puzzle over the reasons and find someone else to chat with. The Internet is full of singles waiting for a nice guy to text them. Besides, the girl might reconsider her decision and turn up in a couple of days, but don’t get your hopes up.

You met and you asked for her contacts

Cases like this are rare today, but let’s say you met somewhere outdoors, liked each other, and you boldly asked for her number. Back then, the girl had nothing against you calling or texting her. Maybe, she even wanted you to ask her out, but then the charm from the first impression faded, and doubts began creeping in. She realized she knows nothing about you, and, frankly speaking, there are much better things to do other than go on a surprise date with a stranger. And here you are, staring at the phone screen and wondering why she read the message and didn’t answer it. The good thing is if she’s in doubt, you can still make her change her mind with the right words. But if she gave her contacts not because she liked you but because she’s too shy to say no, you won’t hear from her again.

You had one or a few dates

Sadly, some girls consider it normal to disappear after a date and not bother to explain why. And the worst part of it is that you have no idea what you did to scare her away. From where you stand, the date went well, and you haven’t seen any sign of her being disappointed. If you only knew how many guys end up like this. “It’s been two days, and she didn't text back. How long should I wait?” You shouldn’t. she doesn't text backFeel free to try and ask her what went wrong if you haven’t already, but be ready to let her go. There are better ways to build your self-esteem besides convincing girls how wrong they are to ignore your messages.

You've just started a relationship

Can there be something more insulting than when a girl dumps her boyfriend and never says why? If that’s your case, our condolences. Unless you did something to make your companion do that, of course. All that’s left is to hope she’ll find the courage to contact you one day and let you know why she left. And she might do that in a few weeks, so don’t delete her contacts just yet.

Real reasons she doesn't text back

No matter what situation you found yourself in, it sucks when you check the messenger every minute, wondering why it’s so freaking hard to text a few words to let you know what’s going on. To make matters worse, she hasn’t even read the message, although you see her online occasionally. Well, if your companion isn’t going to explain herself, let’s play a guessing game and try to figure out on our own what lies behind her sadistic decision to torture you with silence. We went through all the possible reasons and narrowed the list down to four major points. Notice that all of them have a certain time frame, so if you’re not sure which point fits your case, just check how long you’ve been waiting. So, as they say, pick your poison.

1. She’s busy

Let’s be optimistic and start with the first reason that comes to your mind when she doesn't text you back: the girl is busy. Now, there are a lot of factors to consider here. The first one is the time of the day. If you text her at, say, 2 pm, there’s a real chance she won’t answer until 7-9 pm because her schedule might be tight. And if she works at a hospital, you might have to wait until the next day. Besides, she’s a living person, with plans, needs, and all that, so she may be hanging out with friends after work. The less you know each other, the longer you’ll have to wait. If you just met, give her from 6 hours to 2 days to answer. If she doesn’t, say goodbye. But if you’re dating (and you know she’s not a doctor), it would be weird to ignore you for more than a day. And if she read the message and didn’t reply, don’t waste time.

2. She’s mad at you

Just give them a reason, and they’ll cling to it like it’s a well in a desert. You might not even know that she’s mad, and she’s not going to tell you this straight. Consider it a peculiar female feature you must accept. But adequacy should always come first. Think about what you could’ve done to upset her, and if nothing comes to mind, ask her, but do it politely. In cases like this, girls use radio silence to attract attention. But! A mad girl would never ignore a guy for longer than a few days. And keep in mind that this doesn’t work as an excuse if you’re dating. So again, if she doesn't text back for days, just forget it.

3. You’re not her type

It’s the most likely scenario and the first thing you should think of if you met on the street or online. Such acquaintances are always fragile and often end before they actually start. It’s always hard to tell someone you don’t like them, and why should you explain something to a stranger, anyway? In this situation, you probably won’t get anything from her, so there’s no point in trying. It’s not your case if you already had a few dates. By this time, your companion should’ve decided if she likes you physically. This leaves only one explanation for you.

4. She’s breaking up with you

Sad but true. If you’re in a relationship, and she hasn’t come in contact with you for quite a while, but all the messages you’ve sent have been read, it’s time to face the truth – she broke up with you. If you were curious about what to do if she doesn't text back, at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. There’s still a slight chance that she might answer you and explain everything, but usually, the longer we hesitate, the harder it gets to text or call. So don’t expect anything.

If she doesn't text back, should I text again and when?

The most common question guys ask when girls stop answering their messages is, “How long should I wait to text her if she doesn't text back?” In actuality, it’s not always the right question. First of all, ask yourself if you should text the girl in the first place. Different situations require different approaches. For instance, if you know nothing about the girl, and she doesn’t know you, why bother? Sure, it’s sad to lose an opportunity to ask such a cute girl out. But do you really want to know why she chose not to answer you? You’ll survive without explanations.

when she doesn't text backIf you’re not ready to let your new friend go, the optimal time between messages is one day. Wait for 24 hours and text again. If you get no reply, you’ll at least know that you did what you could. If the lady in question is your girlfriend, you have the right to know why she doesn’t come in contact. It’s OK to text her a few times and ask to clarify things.

She doesn't text back: how to act according to any situation

Alright, so you’re tired of waiting and eager to know what to do if she doesn't text back. Let’s sum things up and consider a few options.

If you don’t know each other, the best way to act is to do nothing. You already texted her once and showed initiative. All she had to do was answer your message and either agree to come on a date or apologize and say that she’s not interested. Typically, when we talk about strangers, total silence implies the second option. So if the girl doesn’t text you back in a day or so, she automatically says no.

If you had at least one date, and it’s been more than a day since you texted her, you may text again and ask if everything’s fine, even if she read the previous message. She might’ve accidentally opened it and never noticed. Or she might’ve forgotten to answer you because she was busy, and now she doesn’t know how to explain that to you. With a new message, you’ll remind her of yourself, and she’ll probably break the silence and text something like, “OMG! I forgot to text you back. So awkward...” But if she reads the message and leaves it unanswered again, the chances she’ll reply to the third one are slim to none.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s up to you to decide how many messages you’re ready to send before you get a reply. But remember that sending message after message for days is as wrong as ignoring someone. Besides, being too persistent, you’ll just end up blocked in every messenger. If this happens, consider it a message that reads, “We’re breaking up!” We would advise sending a couple of messages once a week. If she doesn’t text back two-three times, stop trying.

Not all acquaintances grow into romances, and not all dates go perfectly. Sometimes ladies just can’t explain why they didn’t like you, and the best option for them is to ignore your calls and messages. Some girls ask for attention this way and expect you to text them all day long. Your companion can be unpredictable, but now you know what to do when she doesn't text back: don’t get crazy and wait for a day before texting again. But before taking any actions, ask yourself, do you really want her to reply? There are plenty of opportunities out there, and many of them are much better than the one you lost.

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