Main Problems and Tips for Overweight Dating

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Everywhere people face the destructive impact of beauty standards on everyday life and inner self-awareness. In society, this gives rise to discrimination and sexualization, which becomes the cause of various anxieties and low self-esteem.

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Difficulties of Dating When Overweight

This is why people face certain difficulties when it comes to dating, and here are the biggest, most destructive roadblocks an overweight person can face in their attempts to date other people.


Since childhood, people laugh at fat people. This is such an undeniable flaw that can negate any other merit of a person. It doesn’t matter whether the cause of obesity is in the wrong eating habits in the family, in the psychological disorders in which food is perceived as the best method of defeating stress or metabolic disease.

Being overweight doesn’t make your healthy any better, don’t be fooled in this regard, but it’s all about a sense of proportion in this matter. If you have excess weight, and it doesn’t affect your life all that much, then it’s one thing, but it is a completely different thing, a much bigger issue if it makes your life a lot harder. This is a thing that you have to remember and know the difference between these two states. And here comes shaming, people seem to be too harsh when it comes to excess weight. They are being fed with a standard after standard of beauty which rarely has something to do with excess weight. All the catwalk models are as skinny as if they don't have even a gram of body fat. However, not everyone can spend their precious time on becoming a catwalk model and always stay in relatively decent shape. Excess weight seems to be ridiculed as a sign of a low sense of will, laziness, gluttony and is generally rarely ever mentioned near the word “beauty.”

Lack of self-confidence

This shaming manifests itself in people that have excess weight, and it makes their life a whole lot worse. This article is devoted to this precise issue, people lose their self-confidence under all of the pressure that others put on them. How can you be self-confident when people poke their fingers at you, call you “fat,” and all of the standards of beauty are very much different from how you look? It is very hard to do so.

Health problems

But being overweight is not only a pseudo-aesthetic problem. This is a serious threat to health, as extra pounds drag a train of various diseases.

Firstly, these are diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes mellitus are constant companions of obesity. It is known that overweight people suffer from hypertension 3-4 times more often than people with normal weight. The reason is simple: to circulate the blood over a larger body, the heart is forced to take on an increased burden. And an increase in the power of the heart pump, in turn, leads to an increase in pressure. And then it is quite easy to imagine the damaging effects that excess weight has on your health: arterial hypertension leads to damage to all organs and tissues of the body. The relationship between excess weight and diabetes is explained by an increase in the body's sensitivity to insulin, which leads to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism and the development of diabetes mellitus (type 2).

dating when overweightThere is a group of diseases of the musculoskeletal system that arise precisely because of excess weight, these are arthritis and arthrosis. Obesity is the cause of respiratory dysfunction. The vital capacity of the lungs can significantly decrease compared to the norm, which depends not only on changes in the boundaries and compression of the lungs but also on the shortness of breath associated with metabolic disorders in the lung tissue. The liver can also be the target of negative effects of excess weight: stagnation in the gallbladder and hepatic passages creates the conditions for the formation of stones. Like we have already said, excess weight also creates psychological problems, at the very least, it undermines a person’s self-esteem.

The list of diseases that are provoked by being overweight can go on for a long time. The treatment of all these diseases is possible with proper weight loss. Scientists have proven that even a slight decrease in body weight leads to an improvement in the general condition of the body.

Overweight Dating Is No Longer a Problem in the 21st Century

Fortunately enough, the perception of excess weight has been shifting for some time, and now people are freer to express themselves and their beauty in whichever way they like.

And while countries all around the world vary in their progressiveness, including the issue of beauty and excess weight, generally speaking, overweight people are not being ridiculed as much as they once were.

And this goes for the world of dating and relationships as well. We all have our tastes and preferences when it comes to the appearance of other people and being overweight doesn’t make you ugly for the rest of the world, not at all. True, some people find an excess weight to be ugly, but the keyword here is “some.” Others won’t even notice it, and the third, which is not a small group of people, believe me, will prefer a person with some extra pounds over someone that doesn’t.

Basis Advice on Dating for Overweight Singles

Overweight people are often exposed to this because they become objects of ridicule and the stereotype that only inactive and unhealthy people have excess weight. The body-positive movement is only beginning to gain momentum, and you need to enjoy life now. Not only many modern girls worry about their appearance and weight but also men. This part of the population is no less severely affected, especially within small groups of people. It is worth remembering that, first of all, a person is unique both externally and internally. Having excess weight, scars, imperfect facial features or body is normal for girls and guys.

The ability to accept your body is an important skill that you need to learn from childhood, regardless of the size of the clothes you wear. If the question, “How to make someone like you if you are fat?” bothers you, you need to understand what stands in your way and learn to love yourself. In most cases, it is the lack of confidence that prevents people from getting to know other people, not the extra pounds.

1. The concept of beauty is subjective

Being overweight and dating go together just fine, in fact, the question of obesity is rather unimportant here. This is something that you have to remember if you want to date women online. People initially evaluate each other’s appearance and only then get to know their personality better. Men pay more attention to the looks at first. Women are different in this regard because they evaluate not only the appearance of the interlocutor. Important features are confidence, the ability to maintain a nice conversation, a sense of humor and others. Everything is individual: the most handsome person does not always cause admiration, as, for example, a good-natured and sincere overweight person, however, the rule also works in vice versa. One guy can be quite interested in dating a plus size girl, the other will not. There are different ways to be sexy.

2. Attributes that are much more attractive than one’s appearance

Each has their own idea of beauty and identifies different features that an ideal partner should have. Many are looking for a strong and confident person, while others value gentleness. Some are crazy about people with a perfect physique, but others prefer overweight partners. It’s all about compatibility in a relationship, not trying to follow a certain image that other people force upon you.

Here are the main characteristics that people tend to find attractive:

  • confidence;
  • sociability;
  • sincerity;
  • determination;
  • being able to take initiative;
  • loyalty;
  • responsiveness;
  • rationality;
  • self-sufficiency;
  • security;
  • optimistic attitude;
  • purposefulness.

To answer the question, “How should an overweight person make someone like them?” you need to find these features and show them in the simplest possible ways: through dialogue, your actions, and attitude towards other people. But do not forget that this is a small part of holistic perception because much depends on a person that you are talking to.

3. The basic rules that you need to follow to make a good impression

  • Forget about excess weight! You should neither think about what you do not like about yourself, nor focus on the flaws because there are much more advantages to focus on. Make full use of the moment and enjoy chatting in a pleasant company. People love individuals who know how to captivate someone with their personality, have charisma, and can listen and show interest in what is happening.
  • Develop confidence and try to accept things that cannot be changed. To succeed with the opposite sex, you need to focus on what sets you apart from the rest. Try to find a hobby that will make you happier. Women love men who are passionate about something interesting.
  • Love yourself. Here’s the most important thing about dating when overweight. Once you learn to accept yourself and begin to devote time to hobbies, you can love yourself. This is the easiest and most affordable step.
  • Being overweight is not a true reason that can prevent a person from being liked by others. Remember that your body is ideal for someone, which means you should try to get acquainted with an interesting young lady.

4. Things that people don’t like more than being overweight

  • overweight and datingUntidy appearance. Nobody canceled the basic rules of hygiene: do not forget about showering, clean and fresh clothes, polished shoes, regular visits to the hairdresser, and daily shaving.
  • Overly intrusive courtship, or vice versa, lack of feelings, coldness. There is no need to be too clingy.
  • Banal ways of dating. An overweight person cannot always conquer the chosen one with external data alone, you need to show creativity and ingenuity. Remember that there is only one chance to make the first impression.

5. How to make someone like you if you are overweight?

You have to prove yourself as an interesting person so that the interlocutor will want to continue your communication, they must be interested in the development of your relationships. Even if you don’t like your looks, you should not hide the positive aspects of your personality behind a wall of fears and anxieties.

6. World stars who have proven that being overweight is not an obstacle to achieving your goal

Many modern stars do not have perfect appearance, face or body proportions, but this did not prevent them from becoming popular and loved all over the world.

Here are 5 overweight men who are not bogged down in anxieties and have achieved success in their favorite business:

  • Cee-Lo Green, a singer with amazing vocals;
  • Kevin Smith, an actor who played in many amazing movies such as Clerks, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and others;
  • Anthony Anderson, a famous actor with a hole between his front teeth;
  • Kevin James, an actor and comedian;
  • Jonah Hill, an actor who achieved lots of success while being quite plump.

But what about women? Can a fat girl find the man of her heart? It is worth talking about someone like Kim Kardashian, whose forms do not interfere with being a ridiculously successful fashion model, coveted by many men from around the world. Adele is a famous singer that is far from modern standards of beauty, but this did not stop her from building a career, gaining world fame. Russian TV and radio host Anfisa Chekhova does not hide her excess weight because it sets her apart from other Russian stars. These are examples of beautiful and popular women who are not shackled by stereotypes and strict modern model boundaries. Their main secret is their self-love for their “imperfect” forms.

Are you interested in plus size dating apps? Well then, let’s talk about the best plus size dating apps and services.

Best Plus Size Dating Apps and Sites

Now that you know a thing or two about dating for overweight people, let’s talk about some overweight dating sites. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of overweight dating sites to be found on the Internet.

Here are four best dating sites for overweight singles.


Planetofbrides is one of the fastest-rising dating communities on the Internet. It is also a great dating site for overweight people.

2. is one of the largest plus size dating communities in the world.

3. is an overweight dating website that allows you to meet with hot local singles and do so in the comfort of your own home.

4. is one of the largest overweight online dating communities on the Internet.

A person chooses a partner for themselves depending on who will make them feel desirable, beautiful, interesting, and secure. That is why it is not so much important to monitor your external beauty, but it is important to show the best manifestations of your character. You can be quite handsome and attractive to other people by keeping yourself neat and tidy, courageous, confident, and decisive, with good manners and a great sense of humor. Note! The tips are individual, so it’s up to you to decide how to present yourself and stand out from the rest. The main thing is to always be yourself because being sincere is attractive.

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