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"How compatible are we?" is a question, which faces the couple at the early stages of a relationship. While the answer seems obvious – if we are together than we are compatible enough – things are not that simple. Although a lot of people think of compatibility as of something formulaic, it isn't. Just ask yourself, what do you associate with compatibility? What are the things pop up in your head, when you hear the word "compatibility"? Right, things you have in common.

Of course, having common interests is great for a couple, but you cannot build a relationship on sharing the same hobbies or liking the same books, films or musical acts. Moreover, it turns out that you of both may like same things, being absolutely incompatible as a couple. So, how to know if you are compatible? Of course, there is an astrological approach. You can always check out what zodiac signs are compatible. It's worth finding out whether you and your partner are compatible based on your zodiac signs.

how compatible are you

However, it turns out that's astrological approach doesn't work as great as you would like. People with zodiac signs that are "bound to be together" don't work out as a couple, while others who should have been absolutely ill-matched according to the horoscope create perfect bonds. Needless to say that those who are basing their search of the perfect partner on the question, "What signs are compatible?" may not find their perfect match at all. There is also birthday compatibility, which is also not your ultimate weapon of choice in figuring out whether you are a good couple or not.

Trying to find the answer to, "Are you compatible?" you will see millions of factors according to which you can be compatible, but there are millions more according to which you can be mismatched. So, how to gather them all in order to answer the question "are we compatible as a couple"? In order to help you with this difficult task, we've created the compatibility test. Of course, we can't claim that we have covered all the indicators of couple's compatibility, but we've included the major issues that may show whether you match or not. So, we offer you to check out our relationship compatibility quiz without further ado.

"Are We Compatible" Quiz

How compatible are you? You don't really believe in love compatibility tests, do you? You shouldn't worry, and you shouldn't pass the quiz while wondering what your answers mean. In our love compatibility quiz, you are going to find questions, answers, as well as the meaning of each result. So, let's dig into the quiz.

1. Generally, How Do You, As A Couple, Spend Your Free Time Together?

a) We prefer outdoor activities and something exciting; It's a great answer, especially if you are both into it. If you don't stay at home and both long to do something exciting, then you are more than a compatible couple. The only reason that you should worry about is if you argue while choosing the place where to spend your weekend. All in all, you are a great couple.

are we sexually compatibleb) We prefer staying at home; While you may think that this variant means that you are having problems in your relationship, it's not true. Staying at home isn't a sign of incompatibility if you both are okay with it. However, if only one of you is okay with such leisure time, while another one sees perfect weekend differently, you might have problems.

c) We don't spend free time together; Well, it can be a sign that you are an incompatible couple. While you may claim that both of you are okay with that, it's not right. Compatible partners prefer spending time together.

2. How Often Do You Share a Laugh Together?

a) We share laugh together on a daily basis; Most likely, you are a perfect match, based on your sense of humor. You may have the list of favorite stand-up artists, whose shows you visit on a regular basis. You like the same comedies. And humor really connects us. So, based solely on your sense of humor you are absolutely compatible.

b) No, we don't share common sense of humor; While you may think that based on the previous question having different taste of humor is not a big deal. Unfortunately, it's not. As couples who don't understand jokes of each other or don't like each other's sense of humor are unlikely to last for long.

3. What Is the Most Important Aspect of a Successful Relationship?

a) Compromise; Compromising is inevitable when it comes to relationships, but when you put it as the central aspect of a successful relationship, it's unlikely that you and your partner are compatible as a couple. It means that compromise is the very first thing that pops up in your head when you think about a relationship. Most likely, you prefer sacrificing yourself for a relationship, and this way is too close to victimizing yourself. Sooner or later, you are going to initiate scandals with your partner because they haven't sacrificed enough for you.

b) Communication; If you pick communication, then you are a compatible couple. People who put communication first can find common ground in every argument. You always try to understand each other, instead of sacrificing your own desires and opinions in favor of your partner.

4. How Close Are You When It Comes to Sex?

a) We are passionate, always experimenting and bed, trying to fulfill each other's fantasies; While this is not a sexual compatibility quiz, sex plays essential role in relationships. If you pick a) then you may no longer ask yourselves "are we sexually compatible?", as you are absolutely compatible as a couple. You are never bored when it comes to sex, and you know how important it is to be passionate in bed.

b) We just have sex, as all other couples do; Are you satisfied with your sex life? Are you sure that having sex just because all other couples have sex is okay? Do you like sex at all? While both of you may not be into diving into different erotic practices, if your sex life is boring, you are not compatible as a couple.

5. How Do You Communicate with Each Other's Families?

a) Perfectly, we have become the parts of each other's families; If it is so, you are absolutely compatible as a couple. Many couples don't stand the test of their families, which leads to inevitable break up. If you are comfortable with each other's families, your chances for a long-lasting relationship are incredibly high.

b) My partner hates my parents, and I hate his/her family; Well, while you may think that you are grown-ups and that your families have no impact on you, it's not so. It is extremely hard to date when your parents constantly tell you that they don't appreciate your partner. So, your love compatibility is always under fire, which makes a breakup quite a possible final.

6. What Are Your Views on Marriage?

a) We need to get married as soon as possible; While it may seem like a clear sign that you are compatible as a couple, there are few questions, which you should ask yourselves. Are you sure that you are eager to spend the rest of your lives together? Or do you just want to get married?

love compatibilityb) We need some time to figure out whether we fit each other; On the one hand, it can be just a realistic approach, but on the other hand, you might be afraid of the responsibilities that marriage brings?

7. Do Your Political Views Match?

a) We do have some differences, but mostly, our political views are the same; It is absolutely okay to have certain differences, but if your political views mostly match, then you are quite compatible as a couple.

b) We avoid talking politics, as we are poles apart in it; Ouch! Do you remember what we have said about compromises? Yes, you keep silent now, but sooner or later, your different views on politics will result in an inevitable breakup.

8. Do Your Religious Views Match?

a) We have the same religion; We are both atheists; If your religious views match, then you are a compatible couple. Everything is just that simple here.

b) We don't discuss religion, as it may cause arguments; Once again, compromises are significant, but sooner or later, your silence will result in big problems.

9. Do You See Your Future Together?

a) Yes, we definitely see our future together; The first sign of couple's compatibility is mutual plans for the future. If you see your future together, there is no point in wondering whether you are compatible or not, as you are a perfect match.

b) Unsure; Being unsure is not critical, however, if you are not trying to figure out whether you are planning to be together or not, most likely, you are going to split.

Are We Compatible?

We are not telling you to rely entirely on our compatibility quiz. Regardless of what you can find on the Internet, you should, first of all, listen to your heart and to your inner voice. However, our quiz can show you the problems that you have in a relationship. Even if you are unable to save your recent relationship, you can figure out the mistakes you should avoid in your future relationships. Now you know that religious and political views, as well as your family's attitude towards your partner, may play a crucial role in your romantic relationship.

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