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Many men are interested in how to sexually arouse a girl. And this applies not only to young inexperienced guys but also to men who have lived for one year in marriage. It is not the easiest task for a man to turn on a girl but following certain rules, you can achieve your goal much easier than you think. As it is known, over time, many couples have problems of an intimate nature, when “he wants, but she doesn’t”. In this article, we will consider the question of how to turn on a girl with kisses, words, text and more.

How to sexually arouse a woman quickly

1. Romantic atmosphere. If you don’t know how to turn on a girl, first of all, remember: the main thing is the atmosphere. Of course, there are cases where a guy starts touching a girl in a movie theater or other public place where there is a certain dose of adrenaline. However, the best option for a successful conclusion of the case is a calm and relaxed atmosphere. There should be no urgent cases requiring attention, no phone calls for work and other things.

2. It is necessary to find her erogenous zones. Right phrases, pleasant touches, and affectionate, sensual strokes will help you answer the question of how to sexually arouse a woman quickly.

Classification of pressure points to arouse a woman:

  • weak – earlobes, hair;
  • middle – lips, neck, chest;
  • strong – the inner thigh, intimate organs.

3. Touch, stroke, caress her. Since touches excite a girl most of all, it is important to do this gradually. First, in the course of a conversation, you can cover her hand with your hand as if accidentally and then lightly touch her shoulders or waist. By her reaction, you immediately understand whether a girl wants a closer contact. If she didn’t resist your touch, then you managed to excite a girl. She likes you and she is ready to move to a more intimate communication.

4. Touch delicate spots of her body. How to arouse a woman fast? You can start with stroking her hair, playing with her hands. Then smoothly go to the ears. And, of course, kiss her. There is very delicate skin on the neck, so the caresses of this zone bring a lot of pleasure. The abdomen is also susceptible to touch. The area between the scapulae is erogenous as well.

5. Touch her breast. It reacts to the man’s caresses when he touches nipples with massaging movements. Beginners should be aware that the perception of caresses doesn’t depend on the size of the breast. But for some ladies, the breast is not a sensitive place to kiss.

6. Show her your feelings, which cause touches and kisses in you. Enjoy a girl, breathe in the scent of her skin, explore every inch of her body, anticipating the joy that you experience, when at the moment of possessing each other, a sweet trembling will run over your bodies. There is no greater happiness for a woman when she, feeling male desire, trembles with pleasure because of his touches and hears a muffled man’s “ah-aa-aaa!” There is no greater pleasure for a man than to feel a trembling with passion girl in his hands and hear her moan: “More, my love, more!”

7. Don’t rush to quickly bring a girl to orgasm. Delay the sweet moment when your body will merge and penetrate one other! All eastern practices of sex are based on the fact that partners restrain themselves as long as possible and not allow the miracle to end without starting. Since you are adults who are able to fight with strong temptations and are able to receive subtle pleasure from expectation and anticipation, you can enhance the pleasure experienced a hundredfold.

how to sexually arouse a womanHow to sexually arouse a woman with words

When it comes directly to the seduction of a chosen one, many men completely forget about the magical power of words, immediately turning to more active actions. Since touching and kissing are not always appropriate, you can talk wherever and whenever you like. From our advice, you will learn how to properly turn on a girl through words.

1. Do you want to turn on a woman? Start asking her personal questions: what she likes for breakfast, what clothes she likes to wear, what she values most in people. A woman will never be excited if she is uncomfortable in the presence of a partner. The more comfortable the process of communication is, the more likely a man will see the excitement of a girl.

2. A short story of a sexual nature, told in a whisper, causes a great sexual desire in a woman. That is why we can note the fact that men like to look at piquant scenes, and women – to talk about them.

3. Compliments are your best friends. With the help of compliments, show a girl how attractive, desired, and loved she is. You can speak not only about appearance but also personal traits, about what you like about her, what is so special about her. Doing so, speak sincerely and really what you feel.

4. Don’t lie and flatter. Any girl immediately feels falsehood and untruth. Frankness and the nature of intimate conversation directly depend on the duration and proximity of your relationship. Therefore, you shouldn’t start this kind of conversation on the first date and with an unfamiliar girl.

5. Voice intonation plays a big role in seduction. When talking with a girl, watch your intonations and timbre of your voice. Don’t speak loudly, quickly, and confusedly. But don’t mumble words to yourself. Your voice should sound confident, but relaxed and calm. The deep, pectoral timbre with a slight wheeze is especially exciting.

6. Saying all kinds of romantic nonsense and tenderness, try to look into the eyes of a woman or whisper words in her ear. To further emancipate and excite a girl, start a conversation on an erotic topic. When it comes to intimacy (not necessarily the same day), she will be more emancipated remembering all your preliminary discussions. In such a conversation you can share your sexual desires, ask about her fantasies. The main thing is not to overdo and not to shock her otherwise the girl will think that you are some kind of sexually anxious person.

How to sexually arouse a woman through text

There are many cases when men want their women to turn on even before they come home. This desire can be fulfilled with the help of a phone. It is easy to do just saying the below phrases or by sending a “hot message”. By the way, it is very convenient. First, it is much easier for some men to write something vulgar than say this looking into the eyes of a girl. Secondly, a girl can read such a message wherever she is. So, what to write to a girl? It depends on her personality. Some of them will not understand the message like this: “What are you waiting for? I want to see you naked now!” while others, will want to immediately implement this idea in life. If your woman is the type of women who don’t mind getting such messages, then we have some idea how to turn a girl on over text.

  • “I don’t know what to do. I’m so bored. I want to do something interesting with you!” – It looks like an ordinary message but with a clear hint at sex. It obviously has an exciting effect.
  • “What could we do if we were together?” – This is one more message that can help melt the fire of your desires.
  • “I feel so bad. I want to be under your blanket!” – Don’t you think that it is perfect? Just wait for an answer.
  • “You turn me on!” – It is a very good message. Especially if the degree of your excitement is clearly visible.
  • “You are the hottest girl!” – These are nice words that turn women on.
  • “You have the most beautiful buttocks!” – Thus, you can emphasize the uniqueness of your partner in comparison with other women.
  • “Your body drives me crazy!” – This is also good words that arouse a woman.
  • “I want you to feel good!” – At first glance, this is a neutral message, but it allows fantasy to be played out.
  • “What will we do tonight?”
  • “You can’t even imagine how much I want you now” – This is how to arouse a woman over text.

how to sexually arouse a womanHow to arouse a woman by touch

In order for both partners to enjoy sex, stimulation should start in advance. Sometimes it is enough to feel some touch of a person of the opposite sex, as immediately reflexively the mechanism of the nervous reaction turns on. A bad touch can cause trembling, stress, fear. But a touch of a loved one leads to comfort, relaxation; such touches lead to the development of certain hormones that cause desire. It is necessary to learn to touch a girl correctly. So, where to touch a woman to arouse her?

1. Fingers. In the fingertips, there are about three thousand sensory receptors. Even the slight stroking of her fingers makes her very happy. Do it slowly and very gently and you will be pleasantly surprised by her reaction and plans for the evening. If she releases from your hand, then you’re not very attractive to her! And if she also starts to touch your fingers, then she likes you very much.

2. Wrists. Specialists in body language argue that the wrist for a woman is a certain sign. If she is interested in you, then she will specifically show it to you, so you should accidentally touch it lightly. If she looks at you after this, this is likely to continue. But if a lady chosen by you squeezes her fingers into a fist and puts her hand on the table, with knuckles up, then it’s better to leave politely.

3. Neck. In the movies, people often check the pulse putting their hands on someone’s neck. But this is not only a medical item. In fact, this is a very strong erogenous zone. If you whisper something nice to a girl’s ear and unobtrusively touch this place, a girl will adjust to the erotic harmony. If she doesn’t like this approach, she will simply make a step back.

4. Shoulders. When the man’s hand falls on the female shoulders, it means support for her. This is perceived as trust in you. If she likes it, she will stick to you. But if she drops your hand, don’t continue – something is not right.

5. Back. How to arouse a woman by touching her? Psychologists say that if you correctly touch the female back, you will be the leader in her eyes. Women generally prefer this quality in men. Try inadvertently put your hands on her lower back when you go out. If she doesn’t pay attention to it, she is comfortable, but if she breaks out, she still doesn’t consider you her man.

6. Forearms. This is the easiest action to establish close contact. You just talk, point at something or someone, then gently take her forearm to give the right direction to the look. A girl may not pay attention to this touch, but her subconscious mind will work correctly. Girls really like it when men take them by forearms.

7. Thighs. If you touch the thigh, just above the knee, then this will be regarded as a gesture of encouragement, especially if a girl has a bad mood or she is somewhat disturbed. In the best case, she will put her hand over yours.

8. When you feel that she is ready, you can caress her genitals. The best time to proceed to the process itself is when a girl strongly wants it. Carefully follow the reaction of a partner, learn the language of her body. Find those spots that give her maximum pleasure, and experiment.

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