How to Please a Woman in Bed: a Step-by-Step Guide

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Many men try to do everything possible pleasing a woman in bed. However, satisfaction involves not only sexual contact. It also includes other signs of attention that are directed at her desires and dreams. Many women dream of receiving flowers and gifts not only on holidays, want to be loved and appreciated. It is worth remembering the expression, which is partly true – women love with their ears. So, first of all, make your woman happy with words and presents. In a modern, very dynamic world, many women complain that they don’t receive pleasure from an intimate relationship. If men don’t know how to please a woman sexually, they consider themselves guilty of this. If you are one of those men, you need to know a few secrets and features of female orgasm to cope with this situation.

ways to please a woman

How to please your girl emotionally

Try to relax your girl

When you want to please a woman, you have to help her relax and don’t think about problems. If a woman is under pressure, she will not experience sexual attraction. If she thinks about something else and not about the process, you will not be able to satisfy her. Do a relaxing massage, for example. You can use massage oils and scented candles. Turn on some pleasant music and decorate the bathroom with aromatic candles. And remember: never force a woman to have sex.

Think about her

You can turn a woman on using long and passionate kisses, touching intimate parts of her body and erogenous zones. For bringing a girl pleasure, you need to know her body perfectly and study all her sensitive places. You must be a “researcher”. Thus, you will know how to satisfy a woman. Intimate life should be of great importance to every couple. So, this issue must be approached with full responsibility.

Kiss her

It is recommended to begin with kisses on her ears, neck, and lips. So, here is a little recommendation for kisses: her earlobes can be slightly bitten, but don’t overdo. You can use the tip of the tongue for caresses. Next, go to the lips. As soon as it becomes apparent that the lady is excited, you can begin to kiss her with more passion. You shouldn’t rush with kissing her breast. At first, you can snuggle up to her with your breast. But when it becomes apparent that she snuggles up to you more and more, you can put your hand on her chest.

Get excited as well

When you are with her, it's important to be excited as well. Excitation has a property to be transmitted, and, above all, you yourself have to want it. A man shouldn’t hide his excitement. Every woman likes to see a man's sexual attraction. The dream of all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is to be desired and irreplaceable. If your voice sounds not tempting in casual conversations, then you should speak directly into her ear right before sex and do it more quietly than usually. Let her understand that you really want her. This is one of the ways of how to please a woman in bed.

pleasing a womanStart to turn her on with foreplay

Also, a man should take the initiative in bed. It is important to understand that women need more time to get excited, which means that sex should begin with a long and diligent foreplay. It plays an extremely important role and relaxes a girl. Study the female anatomy. Many women can’t get physical satisfaction from sex with a loved one because a man doesn’t know how to do it right. The woman's body has many places responsible for sexual arousal. Find her erogenous zones. The female body stores many secrets. Women have erogenous zones almost everywhere, even where it is simply unthinkable to find. Knowing this, you can satisfy your woman. You can kiss and caress the erogenous zones of your partner. Some women like to experience a little pain in these places, so you can try to pinch, bite, scratch, but do it only within reasonable limits.

Play with a woman

Show your love to a woman. Let her feel that she is really loved. Touch her gently, smile, that is, show your feelings with gestures. Show that you consider her beautiful and sexy. Show that you are a confident man. You must look at her with the eyes of an interested man who doesn’t see anything around him except her. After 20-25 minutes, you can start caressing her breasts. But don’t touch the nipples, even if a woman tries to tell you about it. Let her wait a little and turn on even more.

Be ready to talk on “hot” topics

Don’t hurry to go straight to sex. Give her the opportunity to get comfortable with you. Dirty conversations during sex are necessary. But they shouldn’t be too stupid or insulting. “You're the best whom I ever had”, “You're the hottest woman in my life” – this is the bad versions of dirty conversations in bed because you compare her with other girls. Use the classics of the dirty genre: “You're so hot!”, “You're very sexy.” If you don’t know what to say, then you can admire her body. It always works! Be a bad boy with her. Tell her how much you want to take her clothes off and kiss her body with your lips. Tell her that you want to count every mole on her body with a tongue. You can say something like this. Say something that will please your woman.

How to please a woman orally

Try oral stimulation of her body

As you know, most women need a little time to "turn on" before plunging into sex. Oral sex is an excellent form of any foreplay. And if it is done correctly, it may even be more pleasant for her than the sexual act itself. How to orally please a woman? You shouldn’t please a woman orally only during the foreplay to sex. There is nothing wrong with making your woman happy just for the sake of her pleasure. Sex doesn’t always have to follow after this. Of course, it is much easier for women to satisfy a man with oral sex and there are ladies who don’t experience orgasm from such stimulation. But anyway, most women like it and maybe your loved one doesn’t mind trying it.

How to please a woman with your hands

Start slowly

Of course, all women experience the “attack of passion” when they are ready to “jump” on you and rip off all your clothes. Some ladies are especially fortunate with temperament, and they get pretty quickly into an excited state. Another thing is when your loved girl or your wife is initially in a calm mood and perhaps doesn’t even think about love joys. Then your task is to light a fire in her with your gentle caresses of hands.

how to please a woman with your handsBegin from afar

Touch her hair, stroke the back side of the palm or gently touch her arm moving to the neck and shoulders. Gradually, let your hands slide through the whole body of a girl, but don’t try to immediately get to her intimate places – most likely, she will immediately step back. Combine your touches with kisses. Move your hand close to her intimate areas and take them off. Most likely, a girl will want you not to stop but continue it. And act carefully at this stage: always remain gentle.


Sex exists and brings pleasure without preliminary caresses, but, in most cases, it is impossible to achieve a good result without petting. And if a lady doesn’t like how you caress her, there may not be a wishful continuation. To begin with, it is nice to find out what kisses and caresses she loves most. Paradoxically, we are all different, and things, which bring enchanting satisfaction to a particular woman, may not bring pleasure to others. Start with kissing. The meaning of kissing is not in gratification, but in pleasant sensations from kisses. A separate issue is biting. You have to do it affectionately and gently. Examine her body with your fingertips. Caress her body. It will certainly excite her and strengthen the attraction.

How to please a girl in sex itself

Add more caresses

The closer you get to the cherished goal during the preliminary caresses, the more contrasting you can make the sensations of your girl. The abdomen, buttocks, hips (especially their inner sides) are very close to the genitals. If you touch and kiss these zones, it will make a girl want to move on to the next stage. Excitation rolls as waves: you can caress these zones and bring the sensation of a girl almost to the peak, then make a step back in your touches. At first, the wave of feelings will weaken, but then it will come with a new force.

Make love when she doesn’t expect it

For example, you can seduce your girlfriend when she is sleeping. She can be very sleepy, but sudden arousal will change everything and sex will be terrific.

Don’t miss the moment

This is the most important and pleasant stage of sex. Your loved one is completely ready for sex. In this state, women often get crazy because of pleasure and want to tear their men into shreds (of course, in a good sense of the word). Now you can safely move on to the main point and start the process of lovemaking.

Finally, I want to say that a woman needs affectionate embrace and care after sex. You have to be with your woman at this moment. She will appreciate it and put you in the frame of a reliable and unusual man.

So, now you know how to sexually please a woman. Sex is not the case when you need to be the head and the first. Therefore, if a lady wants to be on top – don’t dissuade her. And try not to hurry up with your own orgasm. At the same time, the received pleasure is the guarantee that this evening is not the last. Well, if you manage to bring her to a multi-orgasm – it means even more. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to satisfy a girl. She will certainly get real pleasure from having sex with you. When you know how to please a woman, everything else doesn’t matter: your age, your appearance, your work, your car, the amount of money, etc. When a girl is excited, she becomes much less selective, and the desire may almost drive her crazy. She often becomes quite aggressive in order to get what she wants. If you achieve your goal, namely, to have nice sex with a beautiful girl making you experience the full range of emotions, she will dream only about you, about the night with you and not run anywhere to satisfy herself.

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