Ten Gifts that a Russian Girl Would Love

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So, you've spent enough time dating online with Russian girl, to figure out who is your favourite. And you realize that words are not enough anymore to prove your affection. Probably some little material things can work for you. Dating Russian girls may require sending gifts. Picking gifts for girls is hard, and as western men mostly remain uneducated about Russia, picking gift for your Russian girl can be even harder.

So, without further ado check out the list of gift ideas for your Russian woman.

1. Flowers
Yes, you may think that it is banal, 'cause every time a guy doesn't know what kind of presents will be the best for her will choose flowers. But, those experienced in dating Russian women know that flowers can be a perfect for her. There's, however, one important thing that you should mind. You must know what flowers she likes, because you don't want to disappoint her with your first gift.

2. Sweets
Funny enough, but in Russian the first few months of dating is often called “period of sweets and flowers”, so sending her some sweets can be really great. Although, as with flowers, better learn what sweets she likes, and if she likes them at all.

3. Soft toy
One of the most popular presents for girls in the world. Believe it or not, a teddy bear is already a sweet thing, but for Russian girls it can be one of the most romantic gifts ever. That's probably says a lot about the generosity of Russian men.

4. Perfume
Again one of the most common gift ideas for girls. Smell can tell much about the person, and Russian girls are obsessed with their image, so perfume will do as perfect gift for her. But if your Russian girl is capricious, you'd better know what kinds of odour she likes, 'cause guessing is not your best friend.

5. Unconventional date
Don't google it. It means that when arranging the date you should use your imagination. Pick something romantic, which will satisfy you both. Maybe it will be a nice dinner on a roof or... well, use your imagination.

6. Accessory
You may think that makeup would be better, but Russian girls enjoy their natural look. So, a chick bag, a fashionable scarf, or a pair of leather gloves will be a perfect gift for her. If you’re a hesitant in about picking the right item for a gift, you can always ask your female friends.

7. Gadgets
While you may still hear stories about drunk Russian bears playing balalaikas in the streets, Russia is actually sinking in i-phones manufactured in China. So, presenting her with the i-phones produced in the US, would be a perfect gift for you.

8. Lingerie
While it’s debatable that this gift can be more for your own pleasure than for hers, Russian girls enjoy wearing sexy undergarments. But, mind that you may present this gift only when your relationship is well-established. Otherwise, she might think that you're up for one night stand.

9. Jewelry
This is another gift that requires well-established relationship. It also requires special occasion. Just as with lingerie, if it is one of your first gifts she may think that you're trying to buy her.

10. A Romantic Trip
Russian economic state Russian girls rarely travel. Arranging a trip to the place she want to visit would be the best gift. And imagine how intense her romantic feelings for you will be, when upon arrival she'll find you waiting for her.

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