How To Save Your Long Distance Relationship

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Probably one of you've got the new job that requires relocation or you've met each other online and as for now you can afford more than short trips to each other. Thus, your long distance relationship starts. So what? You know how to make long distance relationships work, don't you? You are far away from each other only physically, your mental bounds are unbreakable.

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Besides, if one of you relocated because of new job, you're more likely to spend the weekends together. Wasn't it the same when your relationships have just started?

Why long distance relationships come to end?

In case if you're from different countries or town and your relationships have started online, there's no problem too. Sooner or later you will move in together. The question is how soon...

In both cases sooner or later you'll hear paranoia agent knocking at your door. It make take different forms depending on the situation you're in.

With relocation you're most likely to feel that something you thought to be constant and everlasting is slowly starts to vanish. Trying to figure the way out you may suggest your partner to relocate with you. Then, either you'll start blaming your partner that she didn't even try to do it or she starts blaming you for taking this job. You're more likely react as Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's “The Shining”, screaming that she never thinks about your responsibilities”. Mutual blames are also highly possible.

In case if you're living in different towns or countries and only planning to move in together, you're most likely to become paranoid thinking that both of you are not trying hard enough for your plan to materialize. The thoughts that your relationships are going nowhere visit both of you frequently.

Moreover, you're in hysterical state thinking how to save your long distance relationships. And you search the internet, only to find that you're not alone wondering “How can I save my long distance relationships?”.

Well, there are plenty of tips on how to save a long distance relationship.

How to make the best of your long distance partnership

First, you can build successful long distance relationship on trust, and not on the suspicions. You don't think that she should suspect something when you say that you can't talk because you're busy? Than, trust her when she says that she was with her friends last evening.

When physical distance is inevitable, don't create emotional distance. It doesn't mean that you should phone or chat with each other for hours everyday. But brief conversation can be a great help in saving your long distance relationship. If you can't talk or chat, sending short romantic messages or even voice clips will do just fine.

Involve each other in your separate lives. Talk about your work or your home duties, but don't forget that it should be in the form of a dialogue. Because, if it comes as yours or her monologue, it can be a sign that your long distance relationship has already given a crack.

And the best advice is to stay positive and keep believing that distances have no control over love.

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