Dating in your 40s: What to know and what to consider

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Finally you're mature and have a possibility to just enjoy yourself. When it comes to dating in 40s, it is the best time to forget or to correct your past mistakes. While sometimes reasons for finding a partner can be tragic, like being widowed or overcoming the recent painful divorce. Dating when your last time on the market was quite long ago can be scary. But progress was made to help you.

Dating in your 40s

How to find a partner

It is much easier to find partner with the help of dating services. Besides, senior dating has it certain benefits.

You are much more self-confident than you were in early twenties. You are unlikely to be dependent on your partner as you when you was young. This allows you to solve your personal dilemmas on your own, without spoiling relationships by it.

Another huge advantage of dating after forty is that you've learned few useful lessons from your previous romantic experiences. If you've learned them you have no problem with analyzing your possible partner, avoiding falling into old traps.

Your financial standings are much better than when you were in high school or at college. No longer you have to use your last pocket money to go to the cinema. You can afford dinners at the fancy restaurants.

As you are more confident both sexually and romantically, romance is more enjoyable for you.

Why it’s essential to know what kind of relationships you want

But, certain difficulties may occur anyway. In your young years you were often asked to figure out what is really important for you. By forty understanding what you want is not only desirable, but it's essential, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. You need to take a critical look at your past experiences and decide what you want and what you don't want anymore.

If it doesn't happen, you maybe in a lot of trouble, trying to chase down your old romantic dreams that failed to materialize because of immaturity and lack of experience.

As it was already said, there are dating services to choose from, to find your partner online. All you have to do is to decide what kind of relationships you really want. If you like dating women in their 40s, there are a lot of dating sites for seniors. But, forties often can be the second youth and your attention can be lingering towards young girls. Dating sites are at your service once again. But if you want to be romantically linked with someone younger, there are certain rules you should follow.

Young girls often fall for older guys because of their emotional maturity, mind, and life experience. So, it means that you shouldn't have your high school years 2.0, but show how mature you are. It also means, that you should share your life experience. And while for certain time you'd pleased with her hanging around, but troubles most likely will find you.

There are two main problems that can destroy your relationships with a younger girl. First being your paranoia. She is young and you may start thinking that she has some sugar on the side with someone of her age. You may also become paranoid, thinking that she's planning to leave you for one of those college studs. As a result you start pouring thousands of expensive gifts on her, which she may consider as you trying to buy her.

There's another script, in which you start controlling her every move. Guess you've got the concept and figured out already its inevitable end.

The second problem is her. She may start demanding from you to act as adult. No surprise, as she fell for you because you have something that guys of her age don't have, and that's being your maturity and life experience. And that frustrates you, because for the first time in your life you feel free and you want to have fun. And what she's doing? She tries to restrain you. Of course such kind of relationships will sooner or later give a crack and you'll split.

If you can't handle it with grace and you're not ready to be her mature partner that shares his life experience with her, than probably you should use one of those dating services for seniors or even find some physical place where senior singles meet.

Dating someone of your age has its certain advantages. She feels free and wants to have fun as much as you do.

The most important thing is to remember that too much fun isn't fun at all. The sense of freedom may easily change into the sense of loneliness. After forty you'll unlikely want relationships that are going nowhere, that's why you should use all the benefits this magical age gives you.

General Recommendations

Make a choice. Online dating for seniors gives you enough time to make right decisions, before wrong ones have materialized.

You can have a great relationship with a young girl, if you won't develop a paranoia about your age gap. Still, you shouldn't act as if it doesn't exist.

Still, you shouldn't forget about senior dating sites. Maybe you'll be happy with a woman of your age. Two people with separate lives and a lot of experience can be more capable of building a healthy partnership – something that their younger counterparts could only have dreamed about.

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