Five types of men who are successful in dating Ukrainian women

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When dating a Ukrainian woman, you may stumble upon certain cultural differences. For instance, both of you may have different views on love and relationships. But these differences may also be the reason to find a Ukrainian woman, as they are known for more traditional family values than their counterparts elsewhere.

successful in dating Ukrainian women

But the thing is that not all Ukrainian beauties will fall in love with a guy just because he’s a foreigner. All women prefer different types of men, and if you are not even close to one of them, your chances of finding Ukrainian ladies for dating are pretty low. We put together a list of most common types of men who are successful in dating Ukrainian girls.

  • 1) Those who wish to settle down and have a family

Ladies who are attracted to such type of men are mostly divorced without children or have never been married before. Sometimes these are divorced ladies with at least one child, who wish to have another one. So, they still can have a child, which means that they are rather young, maybe under 35. Of course, there are plenty of women aged from 36 to 45 who still want to get married and have a kid or two and think that they are healthy enough for that. But usually, men choose ladies under 35. Men of this type are the most successful because often women seek partners abroad to create a family, but can’t do it at home.

  • 2) Those who look for a life partner

For men of the first type having their own kids is a priority over having a wife for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the second type of men are usually older and don’t want a Hollywood-style beauty who only brings troubles. They just want to date a Ukrainian woman who will agree to enjoy life together and who won’t start searching for someone better. These men find their compatibility and mutual feelings more important than personal desires.

  • 3) Young and shy guys

Men of this type are in their twenties and mostly considered too young by Western girls to have a family. Ukrainian ladies, one the contrary, are ready for marriage by the age of 22, and if there’s no one suitable for it around, they start looking for a partner overseas. They wouldn’t choose some 43-year-old divorced guy, but they will be interested in someone in his twenties, especially if he looks good and has a sense of style.

  • 4) Wealthy men

No matter how old you are and how you look, if you have a lot of money, you can easily start dating a Ukrainian girl. This happens not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Of course, you can become rich and have any girl you like, but only if you work really, really hard, keep doing what you love, and take risks.

But it doesn’t mean that the only thing all Ukrainian girls for dating care about is money. Not at all, and this is why the guys from the first, second, and third type also have a chance. It just shows that there is a bit unfairness in our life. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a better life. But due to the same unfairness, you are living in better conditions than the girl you want to date with. This gives you the chance to find Ukrainian women for dating who are better than those you have in your home country.

  • 5) Guys with a good sense of humor

There’s also a fifth type of men which is more like a collective image of all previous types. Almost any Ukrainian woman finds the emotional state of her men important. Sociable guys who always know what to talk about and can make a lady laugh are always attractive. There’s almost no age limit: a 45-50-year-old man can date a Ukrainian girl in her twenties.

Ukrainian women like being supported and cheered up, they want to see that men care about them. Try to be yourself and stay open for communication. Then you will never have problems with dating Ukrainian women.

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