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Love hits you unexpectedly. When I was just a high-school kid, I thought, “I bet, she’s the one for me. That’s it.” I was wrong approximately three times after that. And then, I met my second wife. But not everyone is that lucky. We always hesitate and look for a better option. We are practical and always consider ways to make life perfect. But that comes with major drawbacks, like trust issues and lifelong confusion, and, finally, divorce.


  1. Are you sure that she is the one?
  2. How to determine if she's the one?
  3. How not to lose the love of your life?

ways to know if she is the right one

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the end of 2016, the divorce rate was 3.2 per 1.000 citizens. And that leads me to a question, “How do you know if she is the one?” Marriage is such a serious matter! No wonder we get so scared when it comes to it. We are terrified to make the wrong choice, to marry the wrong person. Then when do you know that she is the right one? Will your heart tingle when you see her?

Are You Sure That She Is the One?

Perhaps you have heard this phrase from your dad when you were graduating or even back at high school. These are precious words for every woman or girl to hear. But how do you know when and whom do you say these words to? Every experienced man will tell you it’s the feeling on the inside, and it never betrays. Yes, all you need to do is to trust that feeling. No one guarantees you will be with that woman forever, but she is going to mean the world for you till the end of times.

And while some of us slowly but surely search for a wife on hot women dating sites, others feel depressed and lost. Where does that fear come from?

Some hesitate even before the wedding, thinking that, “This is all a huge mistake - my real destiny is waiting for me somewhere.” The feeling is foul, but you have all the rights to think over. There is nothing hypocritical or bad about it.

How to Determine If She's the One?

How to know if she is the one or not? Well, if you want that X-ray vision, try to avoid red flags. Besides, learn how to trust your gut. We’ve all been there, falling for the wrong person. It brings us experience and helps in our further search, finding out if she is the right one. Especially if you hang out on sites where “younger women seeking older men,” it’s good to be attentive and take precautions. So, how to determine if she is the one?

She is attentive and has a strong will. The girl likes to push your limits. And if you think that only a mean woman will test you, nag and always try to get to you in a million ways, you are very wrong, mister. A lot of people are so uninterested nowadays. They can’t take care of one more human other than themselves. Everyone is just too busy, minding their business and missing a lot of mutual things that need correction. how to know if she is the one or notThat is why do not lose her if she is attentive to your life and has a strong will to make you both better people. Some women are so eager to put you on their radar, that men are often scared of their willpower. If you see a girl who, without any hesitation, starts cleaning your house, recommending your diets and helping you with your work, don’t be afraid of her. You have found THE woman who won’t leave you no matter what. She already sees you as her responsibility, her family, and she has no intention of giving up on you no matter what, because you don’t turn your back on family. It is worse if she compliments you for no reason, smiles silently with no desire to solve problems, and disappears when things are going down. Though, a "ride or die" woman will treat you seriously. Trust me, you will never want to lose her.

The reaction of your inner circle. Believe it or not, but people often see what’s best for us while we’re still in a blindfold. Do you remember how our parents used to scold, insisting on how that girl has “bad influence”? Well, tell me they didn’t have a point. When you are in love, most things don’t matter. You don’t see the disadvantages. But others see everything. They notice how your personality, attitude, style change. And sometimes, it’s for better. That’s why if you don’t know how to tell if she is the one, ask your closest friends or relatives.

You forgive. Have you ever noticed how some things you hate in one woman feel completely okay in the other woman? For example, you’ve always been an advocate for fit girls. And then, all of a sudden, you fall in love with a curvier woman. How to know if she is the one? You will forgive her A LOT. You will forgive her being late, not doing the dishes, bragging, sobbing, yawning, chewing, all kinds of stuff you would be mortified to see in other people. Why? Because true love is a devil. You wish for one thing and always fall for the opposite one.

You change your habits. Coming from the previous point, have you ever noticed how easy it is to give up old habits for the right person? I was smoking for 25 years. Nobody had a problem with that, besides my mom. But as soon as my wife moved in with me, she wouldn’t allow me to smoke a single cigarette. I used to brag to my friends, “No woman could change me. I’m a man, and I do what I gotta do!” Well, that’s a lie too. If you found the right person, there wouldn't be a single thing you would cherish more than your relationships.

You change the way you dream. When you find the right person, you start thinking about the future. And that person, of course, is the main figure in that future. You change dramatically. Even a flirty airhead would give up his old habits and settle down. Suddenly, you don’t think about partying. You want to invest all your time, money and power to build a strong and happy family nest. We see lots of girls in our bed, but who do we see at the altar? If you can imagine at least one woman as your better half and you start smiling, that is how to know if she is the one or not.

You admire. Let’s be honest, we often look down on girls. We love to talk about how they don’t have logic. We love condescendingly talking to them. But when a real woman comes to our lives, we are so fascinated, there’s suddenly no air left in the room. She is breathtaking. “I don’t deserve her” is a phrase that indicates that a man is a head over heels. Suddenly, you admire her hobbies, her unique attitude to things, the way she communicates. She becomes a distant idol from heaven, as pure and wise as an angel. But be sure not to play into this game too much. Perfect or not, you are amazing, too. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.

If She Is the One - How Not to Lose Her?how to know if she is the one

Imagine you find a treasure that is bohemian and at the same time, life-threatening. What if someone is going to snatch away my pure little princess? What if I don’t deserve her? What if she doesn’t cherish me as much as I do? The things we like the most are the easiest to lose. How not to let that happen?

Make her your main priority. Men love to tell that if you want to hold a woman’s attention, ignore her. Be a snowflake and she’ll never let you go. Well, according to the survey, made in 2014, women who acted uninterested indeed won more attention from gentlemen. But is that fair play? If you love your person, manipulation and mind games are just unnecessary. Making a girl feel insecure and subjected to your emotions will lead to co-dependency but not love. That is why if you want to keep her by your side, show her as much love as you can. Prioritize her and make her understand that no matter what, you will be on her side.

Show interest in her hobbies and goals. At this point, if you love a person, it’s not hard to be interested in her hobbies. But some hobbies are just out of men’s league. You don’t have to be an excellent stylist or know celebrities well (given that she loves those things), but there sure has to be a common ground. It would be great if you took a class in something, start a tradition or just shared weekly news with each other.

Convince her family and friends that you are the best. Remember, the inner circle is the hardest judges? That’s right. If you want to stay with that person, don’t start fights with her friends or relatives. You don’t have to befriend them all, but at least show respect and appreciation when they decide to show up. Be hospitable and interested.

Be a good listener. If you show disrespect by not listening to her stories and mixing all of her friends’ names, that is just rude. You will lose her interest in no time as well. People like to think they are valuable figures. And if you want to keep her by your side, be sure to listen to every detail. Remember what type of flowers she likes, who she looks up to, who are her besties. These things matter.

When do you know if she is the right one? Ironically, you just know it. To put it short, you trust this person, you are comfortable with her, you are not scared to change and to look into the future. You see a little reflection of yourself in this person and actually like it. You love everything about her, from her hobbies to her friends. When you first meet her, you already feel like she’s your family. That is how you know “she for keeps.” Good luck and may God send this person to you!

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