How to Give an Erotic Massage: Tips for Men

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In order to do erotic massage properly, one must not only have strong hands but also a clear head since incorrect movements, especially during such an intimate kind of massage, can be harmful to health, or, at least, do not bring the desired result and sensations to your partner. This is real art. Therefore, today we will focus on what is a sensual massage and the general principles of erotic Japanese massage, giving you tips and advice.

Is erotic Asian massage given only to a beloved woman? What kind of association do we have with the word "massage"? Of course, we immediately think about muscle pain and back tension, which can be reduced with the help of a therapeutic massage. However, this is a misconception that massage is only suitable for therapy. An Asian erotic massage given to your girlfriend will work wonders and rise your feelings as never before.

what is an erotic massage

What Is an Erotic Massage?

Most varieties of relaxing treatments come from Asia. Erotic massage is not an exception since it is a unique kind of oriental massage. Distinctive features of the erotic massage procedure have been famous for centuries. And the best in erotic touching is that fatigue can be reduced not only with the help of hands.

Sensual erotic massage has a positive and tonic effect for the whole body. If the procedure is done correctly, people who regularly experience erotic oil massage can notice:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • the fatigue and depressive moods going away;
  • the skin is free from dead and scaly particles, and it becomes more elastic and softer;
  • strengthening of the nervous system and decreasing the negative effects of stress.

The goal of sensual massage for women is to give your partner pleasure. Ideally, make her cum at the end. However, even if you have sex afterward, it is important to understand that your own orgasm is a secondary matter. Therefore, all attention should be focused on the woman and her feelings.

In order for everything to work out, you need to follow some rules. First of all, do not overfeed your loved one before a romantic procedure. Secondly, make sure that the room where your best erotic massage session will take place is warm enough. Thirdly, your hands should also be warm and soft. You will also need assage oil (don't use cream) and lubricant for the intimate parts (massage oil may cause irritation of the mucous membranes).

If you want to find the answer to, “What is a sensual massage?” you can watch erotic massage videos before practice.

How to Give an Erotic Massage

Do your relationships demand diversity? Then massage for a loved one is a perfect idea for a romantic pastime. Yes, such a session cannot be spent in a cafe, cinema, or in the park. You must devote special time and place as well as prepare in advance. What can be a great place for erotic massage for women? Don't be even tempted by the attractive outlines of a leather sofa or bed with a feather blanket. Such areas are not suitable for massage.

If you decide to do everything according to medical rules and be at least sure that you will not harm your partner, then only a hard surface is suitable for massage, it can be made softer and more comfortable using a light blanket. There is a need to take care of your loved one as too uneven surface will be uncomfortable and will bring only negative memories instead of any positive result.

what is a sensual massageBefore the massage itself, it is advisable to take a bath or shower with your partner. Well, you can make a massage in the same bathtub, or in bed, on the carpet or even just on the chair. And it is best to do it to the sounds of pleasant music and by the light of candles (especially if you have aroma candles).

You should lubricate your hands with a pleasantly smelling aromatic oil (the following mixtures of essential oils are most effective in such cases: 2 drops of jasmine, ylang-ylang, nutmeg sage or 1 drop of ginger oil and 2 drops of ylang-ylang and rose oil mixed with 30 ml of peach or olive oil). Your hands must be warm, soft, and the nails should be short.

The best position is when the woman is lying on her stomach, this will give her the opportunity to relax as much as possible. As this procedure is so relaxing and pleasant, watch your beloved not to get asleep! To make sure that this doesn't happen, you need to switch between soft stroking movements and more rigid ones. Find a sensitive spot between the woman's shoulder blades. Touch her bare breasts. You can move the whole body while simultaneously pressing on the partner’s buttocks. You can even bite them because this is another erogenous zone. You can squeeze, slap and kiss them, it will make her aroused for sure, and she will only thank you for that!

The last strokes should be barely noticeable so that the person being massaged has the feeling that you are simply chasing the air over her body. As this is one of the most sensual massage techniques, it is better not to stay long at this stage: ten minutes is enough.

Now you can turn the woman on her back. Do not immediately pounce on what is situated between her legs. Leave it for the final part. But pay close attention to the inner thighs: touching this part of the body makes women go crazy. Only after that, it is time to massage the genitals.

Squeeze and stroke the genital lips. Massage the area around them, basically masturbate. When a girl will be approaching an orgasm, stop the movement for a few seconds, let her take a few breaths and continue again. Torture her in this way several times so that the orgasm is brighter.

The erotic massage done properly will not only be pleasant to the woman but will also help warm up before sexual intercourse. Especially if you are doing a massage to your own wife and not a random girl.

Special practices concerning massaging of the intimate parts have been theorized far back by the Taoists. According to modern Indian scientists, erotic massage improves blood flow to the genitals and boosts the sensations and in general, stimulates the hormonal system to increase testosterone production. This hormone is responsible for sexual arousal for both men and women. Among its other benefits, it has a good effect on the digestive system, psyche, and immune system.

Finally, you can suck or lick fingers on her legs. This is very erotic, and she will surely go crazy with delight. But the decision to allow you to do this lies on a girl because not all women are ready for such petting.

Erotic Massage Techniques

Have you found the answer to, “What is an erotic massage?” Great! It’s time to learn on which specific zones you should focus your attention during this procedure. The primary erogenous zones include (ying energy):

  • Lips, labia, tongue, nipples.
  • The nipples emit subtle energy and absorb the vital energy of qi for its transfer to the thymus, the “heart house.” After a slight stimulation of the breast, the energy cycle is activated.
  • The clitoris is the key to the autonomic nervous system of women. Secondary erogenous zones (yang energy):
  • Earlobes. First, you should massage the lobe of the right ear to release the energy flow, and then move to the lobe of the left ear.
  • The back of the neck, especially the seventh cervical vertebra: firmly but gently massage it 72 times in a clockwise direction, then 72 times in a counterclockwise direction.
  • The most effective point of stimulation is in the place where the sacrum and the lumbar vertebra converge. Massaging this place has a beneficial effect on the sex glands and adrenal glands and causes vibrant sensations.
  • Buttocks (the point at which the legs go into the hips): massaging this point provides the strongest stimulation of the sex glands.
  • Inner thighs.

As you may also need to know specific techniques on how to give an erotic massage, we present you some of the simplest and most effective ones.

  1. erotic massage for womenThe massage starts from the back. First strokes are performed with palms, including rubbing it with the fingertips.
  2. The next stage - breast massage is performed when a woman is lying on her back. The movements are performed from the edges to the shoulders, then gently stroke the side surfaces of her body.
  3. In the prone position, a massage of the lower back is performed. In this case, the partner must sit astride and perform soft stroking with the palmar surfaces.

Tips for Performing Erotic Massage

  • Don't start a massage if you have a bad mood. The partner will feel it.
  • Watch the response of the partner to the massage at different points of the body. So you can find new erogenous zones.
  • Moisturize her body with essential oils, so it is more convenient and more pleasant to slip on the partner's skin during the massage.
  • Do not take your hands off the body, keep constant tactile contact during an erotic massage.

Then the partner turns back. Stroking her belly, the man slowly moves to the genital area, doing it with his palm and fingers gently, barely touching her skin. Movement can be performed in a circle.

Massage should be done slowly, paying attention to each part of the partner’s body. You can light candles, turn on relaxing music, or gently whisper in your beloved ears all kinds of tenderness or compliments.

Sex After the Massage: Why and Why Not

What is concerning this point, you and your partner should decide for yourself. When planning to give your partner an erotic massage, understand that you should forget about your own pleasure and desires for some time and be ready to sacrifice for your beloved one. Only if you focus on your partner’s sensations, you will get the maximum result. As well as you should listen to how her body responds to what you are doing, do not interrupt the moment of the highest pleasure at the most inappropriate moment. It would be a pity if your girl was about to cum, but you stopped massaging her and pulled out your penis to penetrate her. Remember that great sex can be a perfect final point in erotic massage only if you see that you both want it. If a girl is not in the mood for this, just pet her, let her cum and do not ruin your romantic evening.


The main female erogenous zones are the chest, toes, arms, abdomen, especially it's lower part, buttocks, the outer and inner part of thighs. When massaging a back of a girl, special attention should be paid to the sides and waist, and after that, you can carefully massage the belly.

Erotic massage is a special art, where both the theory and partners' fantasy are equally important. The more often you will do each other an erotic massage, the faster you will come closer to perfection in intimate life. Read books, watch videos about different techniques and practice hour after hour! And try to relax and turn off your mind, do just whatever your gut says you, and then your actions will surprise your beloved one.

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