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Ecology and conscious consumption are of great attention today. “Upcycling” is the word of 2020. This means giving things a second life. Holidays are not a reason to forget about the environment, and even gifts can be chosen by the concept of “Zero Waste.” Most importantly, don’t buy unnecessary things: cheap souvenirs or gifts that a woman will not use.

Check out environmentally friendly gifts ideas that are approved by a younger women seeking older men dating site.

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Is Everything Really Bad With the Environment These Days?

Air and water pollution scare people but not enough to correct the causes and consequences of disasters. Instead, we are fencing ourselves off with unnecessary things in the hope that this will somehow help. Scientists call the human impact on the planet the main cause of poor ecology.

The evolution of mankind has done scientific discoveries, achievements, but also polluted the environment. In recent decades, the problem of poor ecology has become especially relevant. And it seems that science doesn’t stand still, scientific works are being created, research is being conducted, but it is not possible to achieve visible results. People began to damage the planet from primitive times – we barbarously destroyed forests, killed animals and birds, changed the landscape for crops and expanded the area of residence. Even then, this led to cataclysms and climate change. With the formation of society, mining has begun, the nuclear and chemical industries have started developing, and water bodies have begun to drain. Population growth leads to an increase in the amount of garbage that even developed countries are not able to handle it. Human influence affects all components of the environment.

It’s a paradox, but mankind has been striving to improve the quality of life for years, simultaneously causing irreparable harm to their health. Environmental degradation is the first cause of cancer, allergies. Studies have shown that the more rapidly industry develops in cities, the stronger the epidemic of influenza and other deadly diseases is.

Why There Are More Women Than Men Among Eco Gifts Fans

Is there any explanation for the fact that men are not so interested in natures gift? It turned out that the same question has long been asked by researchers of women seeking younger men dating sites. Thus, studies conducted at different times show that women are more concerned about environmental health risks, they are more likely to buy organic products and are more interested in the efficient use of energy. Besides, according to the Gallup Institute, women are more informed about the scientific aspects of climate change and are likely to be more concerned about its consequences.

All studies suggest that men are less concerned about plastic and greenhouse gas emissions; they are less interested in zero waste movement and overall stability. Why? The authors of the 2016 study published in the journal Consumer Research tried to answer the question. They analyzed the results of seven independent studies and came to a curious conclusion. In their opinion, the main reason for this behavior of men is a common stereotype that a “green” consumer looks more feminine. Since men, as a rule, are more preoccupied with their gender identity than women, this stereotype encourages them to abandon eco things. Men see a “green” lifestyle as a threat to their masculinity.

eco friendly tech giftsAnother study proves that men are not so interested in earth-friendly products because they don’t feel empathy. The authors of the study explain that women are initially more sensitive since they are socialized from the moment of birth to better understand and evaluate the needs of others. And as the results show, women are more prone to altruism to protect the environment. Of course, some men are also capable of this, at least those who are capable of emotional empathy.

What Types of Eco Gifts Are There?

Climate change is a global issue. More and more people realize its scale. Therefore, they look for ways to help nature or at least reduce its detrimental effect on it. Thus, the concept of eco-friendly gifts appeared. So, what are the types of environmentally friendly gifts for her?

Biodegradable gifts

Environmentally friendly products, being thrown to the landfill at the end of their service life, quickly decompose and not pollute the environment. Some materials decompose under the influence of light, air, water and so on, but they are not suitable for the production of office supplies since they will decompose right in the process.

Recycled gifts

Someone threw away a plastic bag, here is another one, and there are 7 billion of us on earth! And every day we litter. You can’t even imagine how many tons of garbage is collected in the world every year! But many gifts can be recycled countless times (e.g. glass), some only a limited number of times (e.g. paper). And this is a big advantage of eco-friendly gifts.

Organic gifts

What are green gifts? They are organic. It means that these products containing a high percentage of natural ingredients. Moreover, this guarantees safety for health, and the fact that the things are grown organically in appropriate conditions: they don’t contain chemically synthesized preservatives, dyes, flavorings, stabilizers and thickeners, nitrates, hormones, synthetic, mineral fertilizers, and so on.

Cruelty-free gifts

These are the most humane gifts in relation to animals. Besides, more and more people are thinking about the ethical side of the issue. Therefore, when it comes to cosmetics and household gifts, give preference to products that are not tested on animals. Gifts for an eco-friendly woman must be like that!

Eco Gifts Ideas

Gifts in eco style are becoming more popular day by day. Nowadays, many people think about what contribution they can make to the preservation of the environment. After all, this is very important for each of us. That is why there are more and more fans of all kinds of eco-products every day. Consider which eco-gift you can choose for a loved one.

1. Eco cosmetics

Replace conventional gift sets of cosmetics with eco-cosmetics since there is a huge choice of such products now. It is best to give preference to organic handmade products. At the same time, it will not be amiss to pay attention to the packaging: it is better to choose products in paper or biodegradable containers. This is how to wrap gifts eco-friendly.

2. Sweets

Do you need eco gift ideas? So, probably there is not a single woman who wouldn’t be happy with a bag of sweets – everyone loves this festive rustling with candy wrappers. And if you choose the right sweets, for example, jam or honey, then you can bring joy to your loved one and not harm the environment.

3. Reusable tubes

The usual drink tubes are made of plastic, which is subsequently not processed at all. And this is big trouble, for example, for cocktail lovers who seek to reduce plastic waste. Fortunately, today there are several alternative options – these are sets of reusable tubes made of bamboo, glass or steel. Each set has a special brush so that you can wash the tube and use it many times.

environmentally friendly gifts for her4. Office supplies

Are you still looking for the best gifts for environmentalists? Well, wood, bamboo, stone are used to create creative office supplies. Wood, of course, is a favorite material – a tablet folder, pens and pencils, a notebook, a paper or phone stand. It always looks stylish, neat, and most importantly, eco-friendly. So, give such a gift to your loved one if she works in an office.

5. Branded clothing

The main characteristic of such clothes is their composition. Eco-friendly clothes are made from organic or recycled materials, and the company logo is applied with environmentally friendly paints. Isn’t it one of the best eco-friendly gifts ideas for your woman? If she’s a fashionista, then she will definitely like such a gift.

6. Mini garden

Fresh greenery will help revive space. You can give a letter stand with strips of green grass or a man-made of eco-ceramic with a mini meadow on top. Another interesting option is a pencil with seeds, which can be disposed of in a flowerpot to get a flowering plant.

7. Reusable eco-friendly water bottle

Drinking water from an eco-friendly bottle is a solution that will help get rid of many disposable bottles. One of the best and safest bottle options is KOR. These bottles are made of durable copolyester, which doesn’t contain the harmful chemical Bisphenol A. There is even a model with replaceable filters where you can pour water directly from under the tap.

8. Collapsible coffee cup

A collapsible coffee cup is also one of the great eco-friendly tech gifts for those who like to carry drinks with them. People understand that plastic glasses are not at all environmentally friendly. In many coffee houses and cafes, drinks are poured into coffee cups – this is a common practice throughout the world. But when choosing a mug, you need to pay attention to the material (it is better if it is stainless steel).

9. Jewelry made of natural materials

It can be wooden bracelets and hairpins, rings and amber earrings, magnetic bracelets and many other useful and beautiful things. Recently, original pendants in the form of a glass jar with various dried plants inside have become popular. So, you will definitely not lose if you buy such a gift for your girlfriend.

10. Solar-powered phone charger

Solar charging is designed to charge from solar energy. Solar charging can be flexible, in a rigid case, waterproof, shockproof, with or without a built-in battery. Such a charge will serve for many years, and it will work anywhere if there is the sun. It is very convenient to use when traveling.

So, What Do You Think About Such Green Gift Ideas?

Choosing a gift, we always try to make it not only original and beautiful but also useful. After all, there is nothing more annoying than unnecessary gifts. They just gather dust in some nook, take up space, and upset women. There is a way out – gifts in eco style. So, giving eco-friendly inexpensive gifts, you will not lose. Such things leave few women indifferent and bring not only joy but also benefits.

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