Date Ideas for Winter: How to Keep Romance and Feel Comfortable

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Many people think that the cold season is not very favorable for dating, and a very important question arises: where to go? On the one hand, the choice of places is slightly limited compared to the warmer times of the year, but on the other hand, you can come up with a lot of entertainment, and it is impossible to repeat such date, except in winter.

In fact, winter is not a reason to abandon romance. For new relationships that start with online dating or those that have already begun, it doesn’t matter what happens outside the window. The main thing is the desire to spend time together.

winter first date ideas

Honest Reasons We Don’t Like Winter Dates

The magical snow season begins. But some see more minuses than pluses in winter: cold, red cheeks, and blizzards. Because of this, many couples prefer to sit at home and not get out before warming.

1. Cold and rough weather

The most important negative point is the frosty weather. Because of it, people rarely manage to arrange a date somewhere outside the home and have to come up with good winter date ideas to hide from the cold. It is unpleasant when the wind blows seemingly into the soul at sub-zero temperatures. And there is ice under the snow. Winter is the most traumatic time of the year, as we know.

2. Transport issues

Snow, snow, and snow... If ice is a problem for us, then when it snows, it is a real disaster. Roads are often in snow, there are traffic jams, and so on. If there is a blizzard, then the roads will not be cleared, and you will have to either go round it or shovel the snow by yourself, which will require extra time, nerves, and effort. You will definitely not conquer a girl if you are late on a date.

3. Too many people in cafes, malls, and other venues

People usually stay indoors in winter, and shopping centers and cafes are the main places to spend time together. Also, this is one of the most common places for dating. All of us look for nice first date ideas in winter and want to spend time in the warmth of a cozy cafe or a small elegant restaurant. A glass of good wine or a cup of coffee, delicious food – what could be better? And this is how the vast majority of people believe.

4. Baggy clothes

If you still decide to implement one of winter first date ideas outside your home, you will need to warm yourself with a lot of clothes. A lot of baggy clothes can cause discomfort, which is also a disadvantage. Women always want to look nice and in such winter outfits, they will not feel comfortable.

Winter Date Tips to Minimize These Troubles

good winter date ideasWhen winter comes, it seems that everything around freezes. But don’t hibernate and spend time at home in the evenings. Cold captured everything around but look out the window. How beautifully winter dresses up trees, white snow sparkles and frosty clean air all around. It is a great time for free date ideas winter. And since you have a date, you should carefully consider it in advance because winter dictates its conditions. However, there is a huge variety of places that are suitable for your meeting, first of all, you need to minimize all the troubles to have a good time together

1. Learn about the tastes of a girl

To prepare for this event, it is advisable to find out about the tastes of your girlfriend. If she terribly hates the cold, then after half an hour, she will try to escape to some warm place. Parks are not appropriate in cold weather, and it is better to have a date indoor. But if she feels good about cold and snow, then you can come up with millions of winter date ideas of a romantic date.

2. Don’t go too far

Try to choose a place for a date in your district. Don’t invite her to the place where you both need to go by car or any other transport. Look for interesting places nearby. Most likely, there will be a nice warm place nearby where you can have a good time. And, of course, it is better not to come up with winter date night ideas because it is much colder at this time.

3. Stay at home

If you don’t want to put on a lot of clothes, you can stay at home and arrange a date there. At home, there are also plenty of winter dates that can be implemented. So, arrange a romantic evening for two. You just have to use your imagination or our date ideas for winter.

Good Winter Date Ideas to Have a Great Time

Undoubtedly, summer is the best time for romantic dates, but what to do in winter when a snowstorm sweeps outside, and the temperature is below zero? Don’t despair, even despite the bad weather, you can have a great time with your soulmate.

1. Go-karting

Many say that they don’t like winter for their sleepy state, a breakdown, and a desire to spend all their free time under the blankets. And you say, “I love winter for my crazy actions” and invite your soulmate to get into go-karting. Speed, drive, and euphoria – this is what awaits you on such a date.

2. Quests

If you have no date ideas in winter, then you can do the following: invite your soulmate to the quests and complete some missions (even a scary one), tickle your nerves and raise your adrenaline level in the blood. As a result, a lot of positive emotions, communication, and you can continue the evening with a walk through the festively decorated city.

3. Shopping

Leave a long shopping trip for other seasons. And in the winter, when there are so many beautiful Christmas markets around, arrange a shopping quest. Take the same amount of money and compete who will buy the most useful and beautiful things. It is so romantic and actually one of the cute winter date ideas.

4. Immersion in space or a visit to the planetarium

A date in the planetarium can give both of you incredibly rich impressions, immerse you in the universe and go out of the gray stream of everyday life. The vast theme of the films allows choosing the option that is best suited for you and will help reveal the unknown secrets of the cosmos above your head.

5. Waterpark

Winter dates are sometimes better to spend in warmer places. No matter how wonderful winter entertainments are, sometimes, nevertheless, you need to change the atmosphere and spend time in another interesting place. The water park is suitable for this description. So, invite a girl there and spend time actively, as if you are in summer.

winter date night ideas6. In the kitchen

Surely a cookbook is gathering dust on your bookshelf. It’s time to study recipes from other countries and arrange a culinary date. Cook together what you like most for dinner. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but you still need to eat, cheese fondue and light snacks will save you. The main thing – don’t forget to choose good wine and light candles.

7. Photoshoot

Snow fights, sledding and ice skating, snowmen, hot mulled wine, and traditional movie watching – why not make your winter video story? Go beyond the threshold of your house, breathe in the frosty fresh air, and take a picture of your walk with a loved one along the snowy streets.

8. Pool, yoga or fitness club

You may think that these are not fun winter date ideas. But the advantages of fitness leisure are obvious: firstly, you can more often see your girlfriend in a swimsuit or tight tights, and secondly, by summer, you will be the sportiest couple among your friends. Moreover, in January and February, fitness centers offer advantageous options for club cards for two.

9. Masterclasses

Various classes are popular now. You can learn anything – from sculpting from clay to making a real gingerbread house. Choose a class that will be of interest to both of you – maybe it’s a drawing in Chinese aqua technique or Frisbee painting, which you will enjoy playing in summer with pleasure – there are a lot of options.

10. Skating rink

There is a skating rink in any city in winter. In severe frosts, it is better to choose indoor skating rinks. If you are going to an outdoor ice rink, take a thermos with hot tea, hand warmers, and a chocolate bar. If a girl doesn’t know how to skate at all, you can try to teach her. But if you don’t know how to do it, and she is an ice skater, then choose a different type of leisure or learn it without her. Girls don’t like to surpass men in abilities.

Winter is snow and frost. It would seem that this is not the best time for dates. We want to sit back comfortably at the TV or go to sleep before spring comes. But if you look at this time of the year from the other side, you can find a lot of fun things to do in the winter. And we give you only a small part of what you can do in winter together. Turn on your imagination, and then neither you nor your soulmate will miss the frosty winter day. Turn your date into a winter fairy tale!

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