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Do you feel lost when a beautiful girl agrees to have a date with you? Do you feel like it is almost impossible for you to date her? But when you walk together on the street you feel great. It is not only making you feel better about yourself but also raises your social status. Other women will really start to look at you differently. You are becoming more desirable and interesting for them when you are dating a beautiful woman. But why would you need someone else if you already have the girl you always wanted? You can often see how attractive women date rich and powerful men.

But there is a different side to it, such women may have bad habits and may not be the best long-term partners. If you are a regular guy who is not used to dating this kind of women, this can cause some problems. After all, women are attracted to rich and powerful men. Let's find out why they don't consider you one of those men.

how to make a girl like you

Common reasons you can't get the girl you like

First of all, you must realize that everything has a reason to exist. Your problems with girls have roots and you can find those roots and fix your problems. It may not be that easy because if you knew what caused problems, then you would prevent those problems before they even appeared, right? Plus, it is really hard to dig into yourself even if you are highly motivated. We are going to provide you with the top 7 reasons why you can't get the girl of your dreams. If some of those reasons will resemble your problem, then you can make a plan to change it. Don't expect this to be easy. Read the list attentively and closely compare it with your situation.

1. You have unrealistic expectations

Girls in the real world and girls on the blue screen or pages of your favorite magazine are completely different girls. Media paints a very unrealistic vision of the perfect girls to live with. Don't set too many features of the perfect girlfriend or you will fail. Instead, you should decrease your expectations. The less you expect, the more you get. Go outside your comfort zone and give a second chance to all those girls around you.

2. You live with your parents

You can't expect girls to see a real man in you if you live with your parents. If fact girls will only see a loser, who can't or doesn't want to do anything about his life. Girls like to see that men have long term goals and achieve something. But in someone who lives with his parents, they only see a person who doesn't want to go further and who wants a girlfriend to have sex with her. Sorry, but your girlfriend wants to live with you, not with your mother. If you have a job and can afford to live alone, then you definitely should do this.

3. Hygiene and style are nothing for you

Don’t ever forget about your hygiene. There can be no exceptions here, brush your teeth, make sure that your armpits smell well and wash your hair regularly. You may not even have a style. But you should look decent. Ironed clothes, clean shoes, shaven face, some good perfume will give more than you expected. Girls love when their boyfriends look good and smell well. It is triple "no" if you are not taking care of yourself.

4. You don’t fight your complexes

There is always something that we hate in ourselves. Something can be changed (for example, our weigh), but something can't. It is crucial to be able to accept your problems and learn how to live with them. Remember, you should love yourself, but don't become a narcissist. Don't let your flaws to get on your way when you are trying to find a girlfriend. Your flaws are not an excuse.

how to get a girl to like you5. You expect her to make the first step

Sometimes girls may make the first step, but usually, they don't. And there are a couple of reasons for it. First of all, girls don’t like to make the first move. This is an indicator for them. If you can't make the first move, then they believe that you have no balls. Plus, all women always have someone (at least one person) who would like to date them just right now, but this man lack something and this is why they are not together. Don't be shy, show her that you are brave enough to make the first step and even if she rejects you still can accept it like a real man. Because it takes even more bravery.

6. You always complain

Yes, we know that this life is a hard thing. We all know that someone does nothing, but has everything. While you struggle to achieve at least something and always fail. Keep your problems to yourself. Never complain even if you are not a successful person. It is a hundred times better to talk about your planes than complaining. You should have a positive attitude. Girls like when men talk positively about their problems and flaws.

7. Your body is in bad shape

Your physical shape is very important. It indicates your general physical condition and tells others how healthy you are. Don’t kill yourself in your local gym. All you need to do is to kill your beer belly and get some muscle. Gils see that you care about yourself when they see that your body is in good shape. Do you want to get a girlfriend? Then start investing your efforts in yourself.

How to approach a girl you could never get

There are more than four billion single women in the world. They are waiting for someone who will make them happy. Each girl is an opportunity for you. All you need to do is to learn how to attract the girl that you want. But don't let those opportunities fool you, you are seeking someone who will be the one for you. Don't turn dating into the sport. Seek for quality instead of quantity. When you do something, you create a field of opportunities for yourself. Let me explain. For example, you approach a girl and start a conversation with her. Sounds pretty easy, right? So what is so special about it? When you approached her you had created more opportunities for yourself than you had before. It works everywhere. If you want to achieve something, then instead of talking you should go and start doing something about it. Because when you just talk about doing something you only see the number of obstacles. But If you try to do something, then you see the number of ways how to achieve what you want.

We created a list of ways how you can get the girl you like. This is not a panacea, but this is the beginning. We want to give you a basic knowledge so you will know what to start from.

Learn her interests

You can't even imagine how often I hear from men that they have nothing to talk about with girls. All those men share the same problem: they are not open to something new. If you are fixed on your interests, then there is no chance for you to get a girl. You must be open to something new in your life. For example, if she likes post crossing, then you don't have to become a post crosser yourself, it is enough to tell her that you have never tried it, but you would like her to tell you more about it.

Become interesting to her

There is no strict algorithm of what you should do to become interesting to her. But there are general rules. First of all, you should be able to tell an interesting story. It is even better if you have a couple of good stories. The more you have the better. Second, don't forget to ask her questions when she tells you something. With your questions, you show her that you are interested in her and in her story. Try to be as natural as possible. If she notices that you are pretending, then you are doomed.

Take care of your appearance

As we said before, your appearance is important. Make sure that your clothes are not too old. It may be old-fashioned it is acceptable. If a girl sees a perspective in you, then she will help you change your style. It is not that important whether you have style on not. But it is crucial for you to wear new, clean, well-ironed clothes. Make her see that you are taking care of yourself. Because even if she tries hard, she won't be able to imagine her together with you if you are sloppy and dirty.

Be nice and gentle when talking to her

Gentlemen are like dinosaurs. There are not many of them now. But girls like gentlemen, in fact, they need them. The best way to get the girl you want is to make her feel special for you. Don't behave as nice and gentle with others as you behave with her. Don't try to get her into bed on your first date because this is what all other men do. You are not some other man; you are a gentleman, remember it. You are more likely to attract her attention and become even more interesting to her if you act like that.

Be confident enough to ask her on a date

We have already touched upon this topic before. As you remember, women like brave men. If you lack the confidence to ask her to date you, then you are not confident in other things, too. If this is about you, then she sees you as a loser. In order to avoid this, you should have a proper attitude toward dating. A date invitation is not a marriage proposal. They only thing at stake is whether your friendship will have further development or not. There is nothing bad is going to happen to you if you fail. So, why are you afraid?

How to make her like you: useful tips

You met the girl of your dreams, but you are not sure about her feelings for you? We made the list of useful tips on how to make her like you. First of all, you must understand that different girls like different things. For example, if you are a self-destructive person then you are going to attract the same type of girls. So, always start with yourself. You may also try to find a woman online to test your skills.

1. Be an attentive listener

Being an attentive listener will help you to understand how to get her like you even more. It is easier to understand each other if you know about each other achievements, hobbies or difficulties, plus it is more interesting to communicate. Sometimes it's important to find a solution to a problem together, and sometimes you just need to talk and feel that you are understood and respected by your partner. Try to listen, without interrupting and don’t try to immediately provide her with your advice. If some topic seems boring to you, ask questions to turn the story in an interesting direction for both of you.

how to get a girlfriend2. Make compliments

Still asking yourself how to get a girl to like you? Women love with their ears. This well-known truth will help you to find an answer to your question. Every woman will be happy if she is sincerely admired by her mad. Just don't try to be something that you are not and avoid dubious compliments. Tell her exactly what you like about her, for example, her professional qualities, culinary skills, dressing style, or just say how much you are happy to see her today. Girls like that kind of stuff.

3. Support her ideas and goals

You should not only listen carefully to the girl but also actively support her decisions. For example, if your beloved girlfriend decided to change work, then show your support and understanding. Believe me, this will be appreciated. She will like that you are actively involved in her life, and she will see that when difficult moments appear she always can lean on your strong shoulder. It is vital for any human to know that he or she is supported. Your girlfriend should support you too. You must act like a team, provide each other with help and support.

4. Give your full attention to her when you are together

Don’t show that you are very happy to see some other woman and don’t ever flirt with her when you are on a date with your girlfriend. It is impolite, and your girlfriend may think that you are a very bad person (you know what I mean, right?) and she will avoid further communication with you. If you men your friend, then don’t forget to introduce him or her to your girlfriend. And later tell your girlfriend who it was. Thus you will avoid jealousy and mistrust. Try to make your lover feel that she is the only one for you.

5. Give flowers

Every girl is happy when she is given flowers, even if you took them from the field not far from your house. Do not look for a special reason to present flowers. If you don’t have time to buy and give flowers yourself, then you may use one of the delivery services and surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. They can deliver it directly to her office or home. She will be the happiest person ever. You should maintain a balance here. Don’t present flowers too often or rarely.

6. Keep calm

You should stay calm, even in a stressful situation. An unruffled man who knows what to do will delight any woman. Do not panic over trifles. Even if you have a disagreement with your girlfriend and it turned into an argument, you should remain calm. Try to reason her with facts and calmly accept if she is right this time. Now you know how to please your girlfriend, even when something unexpected happens.

7. Make surprises

Surprise your girlfriend with small but pleasant gifts for no reason. Try to memorize when she admires something it can be a beautiful scarf, a book that she would like to read, or just her favorite candies. Present this thing to her after a while or you can put your surprise somewhere where she can find it easily and wait for her reaction. She will be happy and delighted!

We hope that we answered all your questions and you learned how to get a girl. Now, when you know how to make a girl like you, you can easily master your skill on approaching beautiful girls, starting conversations with them and asking them for a date. It is not that hard as you may think it is.

In conclusion, we want to tell you that everything is in your hands. It is you and only you who can change your life. Don’t feel scared and don’t be afraid. The whole world of opportunities is waiting for you out there.

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