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A marriage proposal is an extremely responsible task. According to the Marriage Proposal Survey, 76% of people agree that this deed should rely on man’s shoulders. Yes, our fate as gentlemen is hard, let's see what we can do about it. If you are a traditional couple, this breathtaking (and a little neurotic) experience depends on your taste, knowledge of your partner, and your romantic nature.

Is it difficult to propose? How will she react? These and about a hundred other questions are asked by puzzled husbands-to-be every day. But don’t worry, I get your back. After reading this article, you will know how to propose to a girl, come up with the best proposal ideas, and overall become more confident.

how to propose to a girl

Can Circumstances Affect the End Outcome of a Proposal?

The proposal is a very delicate process. When you know your partner a hundred percent, there should be no problem with preparing a ceremony of the proposal. But circumstances can be different. Your partner can be secretive about her feelings, she can be at work during day X, all stressed out by routine, so there’s no chance you can guess her emotional status at the end of the day.

What can go wrong with your proposal? Honestly, so many things! For example, your girlfriend might be traditional, but you never asked her father to give his approval. Or imagine that you plan a grandiose carnival to impress all your friends at the party, making your proposal public. It would be a bummer to hear that she wanted this day to be intimate. According to a Buzzfeed online poll, 74% of people hate public proposals! So before going too far and making the proposal the way YOU see it, get to know your partner and find out what SHE wants.

5 Steps When Planning a Proposal

Unless you are a pro in female psychology, and often meet ladies online to ask their girly advice on what women need, you might consider some steps before planning engagement proposal ideas. These include knowing your partner's outlook, her perspective on many things as well as time, place, and circumstances under which you’re going to propose.

1. Find out her major likes and dislikes. If you don’t want to ruin probably the most sacred day of your life, but you don’t know how to propose marriage either, then never be in a hurry. Women are interesting creatures. proposal ideas at homeYour girl might seem happy and excited during the proposal, but if you choose a wrong strategy (wrong time and place), her excitement will wear off with times, so the next year she will cry about how your engagement “didn’t go as planned,” comparing your experience to someone else’s. Nothing of it will bother you if you get to know her better and decide on your strategy BEFORE proposal. Find out what kind of flowers she loves the most, what is her favorite holiday, ask about her dream place and the type of experience she expects. Seriously, women are very attentive to details.

2. Talk about your proposal consent beforehand. Even if you want it to be a total surprise, discuss details of your proposal (hypothetically) at least a couple of months before you do it. Talk about the weather, the season, the number of people that will be present. Will it be a fiesta or an intimate family one-on-one moment? Let her consent and choose between variants. Make this procedure mutual and enjoyable. Talk about the time of the proposal. Does she see you as a married couple in a year? Rejection is painful, so be sure that both of you are planning to go down the aisle.

3. Decide on the time and place. Rumor has it, the best time to propose is Valentine’s Day. Some might say it is a cliché opportunity, but everyone is different, so maybe this romantic day is her dream. But try not to overlap a big celebration with your date of the proposal – nobody wants to have fewer opportunities to receive gifts! According to a single lady site, girls find New Year’s Eve the comfiest and most romantic time of the year. Also, decide on the place. Google marriage proposal ideas and conclude whether you want to do this at home or outside. Maybe even a vacation?

4. Pick a perfect ring! If you think that she wants only a huge diamond, think again. Do you know what is the most meaningful aspect? It’s the size of the ring that matters the most and shows how much you know her. Even the most bedazzled ring will give out some ignorance in you when it’s too big. And if it’s too small and doesn’t fit her, that would be too awkward. Just measure her fingers based on the size of her other rings and make it a close fit!

5. Ask her parents’ blessing! Some girls are traditional. Besides, during such a vulnerable moment, it’s good to have a support system. Her parents would make a good team in helping you with proposal ideas since they know their child. And yes, it will create an undeniable impression of seriousness. Not only that sounds like a mature thing, it ultimately brings you together as a future family.

Best Ways to Propose

Guys get puzzled when it comes to finding an exact way to propose. Going too extravagant is risky. Sitting at home can be underwhelming for some women. Where is the middle ground? How not to propose to a girl not to make her upset? Let’s consider some go-to variants, as well as simple proposal ideas.

In public

The public proposal is very exciting. It is a cocky and bourgeois way of saying, “I LOVE HER” in capital letters. Let’s be honest, public proposals are intended to impress more than one person. And when you do this, you have to make it BIG. There are two types of public proposals – when you do all the work and when you involve other people. If you pursue the first goal, propose to your girl at a fancy restaurant. Ask her to wear the best evening gown and invite a band to accompany you with jazz music. If you want to make it even bigger, invite your girl to a seasonal festival in your city. Ask strangers to give her clues with notes. Ask them to guide her and give her small presents. When she finds you, you can stand in a cheerful crowd of people who will chant the words of the proposal. But please, make sure she is into public celebrations at first.

In nature

In my opinion, this is the best way to propose. It’s calmer and cuter than a grand public proposal, but more interesting than a homely celebration. When you are out in nature, you become closer and more sensual by default. Pick a nice island vacation, book a house in the mountains or just go out of town. Create the most beautiful atmosphere. Ask your friends to help you with food or location. Find the most spectacular place to make her remember this day for the rest of her life. Another cute way to propose is to invite your future wife to a place you met for the first time. It will show how much you cherish traditions.

At home

If you are a calm couple, consider proposal ideas at home. It is an amazing way to propose if you spend most of the time at home, in your comfort zone. And yes, there is nothing bad in the home proposal if both of you share the same temperament. Cook a nice family dinner for two, get all cozy and comfy in your pajamas, wrap in a fluffy blanket, switch on a good film and forget time exists. This sleepy homely atmosphere would be simply a dream for two people who can’t get enough of each other.

engagement proposal ideasIdeas for a Proposal

If you have no idea how to propose but want to do it immaculately, this is the time you take a pen and write down the best variants. Here are the safest, most romantic and win-win proposal ideas for her.

1. Throw an engagement party. This is a perfect way to propose if you aren’t afraid of showing your emotions and making this ceremony a big thing. Just invite your girlfriend to a big (staged) party, like your promotion or your parents’ anniversary. Make sure she doesn’t know the real occasion. Invite your friends and family to help you out and cooperate with you.

2. Invite your girlfriend to a seafood restaurant. If you both are foodies and share a common love for a good meal, who would be against this type of party? Here’s a twist. Hide a proposal ring in a big (clean) shell and when she opens one, she would be STUNNED! But make sure you remember which one has a gift inside.

3. Romantic home proposal. Even the home ceremony can be a thousand times more romantic if you do it with love and dedication. Just light up the candles, prepare her favorite food, make a path out of rose petals and wait till she gets home. This is as intimate as it can get.

4. Propose by a waterfall, sea, ocean. Water instantaneously makes everything more romantic. A few glasses of wine, a couple of croissants and the sound of calm water at night. Just make sure you find a secluded place because this atmosphere needs silence to experience presence at the moment.

5. Do it crazily, after a rollercoaster ride, a dive, a parachute jump – any extreme activities will do. This dose of adrenaline will make her remember an overwhelming moment for sure. This sounds like pure emotion, so if both of you are adrenaline junkies, this is the way to do it.

A way to propose should resonate with the style of your couple. And if you know your significant other, there should be no problems when you step into the future. Just make sure you know her preferences, get her mood, do it accordingly with her traditions, respect your lady and make sure you smile when you hear her sacred “yes.”

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