Best Christmas Gifts for Her: 2019 Edition

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While for someone Christmas shopping is a favorite pastime, for another one, it is something like a nightmare. Thematic souvenirs, tons of bright wrapping paper, kilometers of ribbons and serpentine are sold these days with the speed of sound and at fabulous prices. Things that no one was interested in for many months have all chances to become honored guests under elegant Christmas trees. A lot of people around the world start reflecting on the best Christmas gift ideas, bothering their minds with the same question, “How to please the beloved one with a chosen gift?” Nonetheless, it often happens that a man spends many efforts, time and nerves to buy a special gift and please his beloved woman, but it turns out that everything was in vain. So, all your Christmas gifts for her become nice trinkets that take their place somewhere in a cupboard or a special box, created just for such things. Why is it so? What are you doing wrong? Let’s examine the situation and sort things out to make this Christmas magic and special.

perfect christmas gifts for her

Rules of Making Perfect Christmas Gifts for Her

The winter holidays are getting closer and closer, which means that soon Santa will welcome you at the entrance to almost all the shops, singing the cherished Jingle Bells. The trees and houses will be carefully decorated, and the amazing spirit of the long-awaited miracle will be felt in the air. You might have already started thinking about some interesting and creative Christmas gifts for girlfriend that she will surely like this year. However, before you proceed to buy your version of “perfect Christmas gifts for her,” carefully read and consider these rules so as not to regret your purchases when you will see her disappointed face expression.

Set aside your own preferences

The very first thing you should consider, choosing great Christmas gifts for her is that you should base exactly on her preferences, not yours. Women seeking men say that people usually wish and give what they want to receive themselves. But things are different with choosing a gift. Just imagine the opposite situation when a girl presents you a lip-gloss or a piece of clothing of disgusting (in your opinion) color that you will never put on. So, what do you think now? Do you still believe that choosing a gift for a woman, you should base on your own taste? Nope. The main goal of any gift (especially Christmas one since it’s the most magical time of the year) is to please a girl, cause extremely pleasant emotions and make her realize once again that you are the most wonderful man on earth, who always knows what his woman dreams about. So, the strategy “if I was a woman, I would like to get...” is wrong at core since even if you try really hard, you will not be able to understand the essence of female nature and pick up the very gift. By the way, different girls dream about different things, so yeah, set aside your own preferences.

Christmas gifts should demonstrate love and care

Talking about Christmas, this is one of the homeliest holidays that is full of warmth, magic and high expectations for a better life. So, it’s not surprising that the best Christmas gifts for her will be those that demonstrate your true attitude and strong feelings. If you love this woman, and she takes a special place in your heart, then you should show that. If you are one of those men who doesn’t often tell his woman pleasant things or words of love, believing that she knows that, then your Christmas gift should fill this gap, demonstrating that you are a man of action. And even though you are not talking about feelings here and there, she is a very important person in your life, she is your soulmate and biggest love. She wants to see the reflection of your caring attitude in deeds and gifts.

It may not cost a fortune but should be heartwarming

If you believe that the more expensive the gift is, the better effect it may cause on a girl, then you are a horrible materialist who measures feelings in money equivalent. And if this may work out with someone, for example, with those who don’t really care about your feelings and will gladly return the gift to the store or sell to someone, a person who loves you or at least uniquely treats you, will be glad to get a gift that may not cost your income but will be really heartwarming and unique in a way. Do you know what is the main trick here? To choose and present her something that she really wants. It can be a scarf, a set of cosmetics, or even a book, but it should be exactly what she wants.

top 10 christmas gifts for herChristmas Gifts for Her: How to Choose

So, we are getting closer to the most interesting and useful part of the article that is designed to help you in choosing not just an ordinary present but unique Christmas gifts for her that can win the girl’s heart, show your attitude and assure her that she is a special woman in your life, and you are not going to meet single girls anymore. As you know, every action has a special algorithm, adhering to which you can get the best out of whatever you are doing. So, we are going to get a closer look at the points that will simplify the process of choosing the last-minute Christmas gifts for her and not let you get crazy, racking your brain while choosing the gift.

Listen to her carefully: the hint can appear any time

The main mistake of most men is that they don’t listen to their women. Some of them believe that they will not get any useful information, while others are not interested in talks with their partners. However, both these categories of men will regret this later when it’s time to come up with gifts ideas for her Christmas. The belief that women don’t talk about what they want to get as a present is mistaken since girls talk about their desires all the time, hoping that men realize what they want to find under a Christmas tree. So, if you try to listen to her at least for a week, you can get useful information that can be used later in your favor. Some girls, who receive wrong presents every year, go even further - they tell directly what they want to get or leave hints everywhere, for example, choose a “special wallpaper” for their laptop or phone.

Do you lack ideas? Present her something practical

If listening to her didn’t help you at all, but the very moment of presenting a gift has already appeared on the horizon, then the best option in such a case will be to present her something practical. Yes, it’s not that romantic, but you know, it’s much better than buying some completely unnecessary things. Well, the most practical thing on earth is money if you don't have any gift ideas for women. You can just complement your present with the sweetest letter full of love, care, and best wishes. Besides that, you can write that you haven’t come up with anything that wonderful as she is and decided that it will be better to buy anything she dreams about together.

Her hobbies and interests are the sources of ideas

Do you know what your girlfriend is interested in most of all? What does she do in her free time? Maybe you know what inspires her. This information can greatly simplify and narrow the list of possible things that you can present to your beloved girlfriend. Usually, girls are interested in at least several things that bring them joy and pleasure as well as require some investment and improvement. You can take any sphere of activity and find thousands of cool things that your girl hasn’t had yet. Besides, the thing that she has one set of something doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to broaden her collection a bit. Girls like to use different things (even if they are quite alike in your opinion) in accordance with various occasions or even states of mood. So, if you choose something that has at least some attitude to her interests or hobbies, then you will win her over. Just doing that, you will show that you are interested in her preferences, know her interests and support her in everything. Girls appreciate that very much.

Ask her friends

If you are not sure in any of the above-mentioned ways of finding out what to present a girl on Christmas, and you don’t want to mess things up, then you have to use the last resort. If your girlfriend has at least several best friends with whom she hangs out from time to time, shares some secrets and goes shopping, then these women can become your safety ring. They surely know what she expects to get as a Christmas present so if they keep a secret your call for help, you will become a Prince Charming in her eyes who exactly knows what his woman wants. A man who “can read the mind” of his woman in such cases, is appreciated, so you will just kill two birds with one stone. You can talk to her friends separately and listen to what they offer, so you will have at least several different options to choose from.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Her

Now when you have already found out some information about what you should do to choose the best Christmas gift for her and what things you should better avoid, let’s proceed to the list of presents that can meet her requirements and help make your beloved woman happy. Analyze her preferences, interests, and hobbies, try to think about what things she mentioned in your talks or check her google search (but it’s the last resort), and basing on the given information, choose a gift from the list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for her. It’s much easier to make your girlfriend joyful and excited than you think.

1. Sportswear

If your girlfriend adores workouts, practices yoga or dances, then one of the best gifts for her will be brand-new sportswear. Even if your girl has ten sets of such clothes and twenty pairs of sneakers, and you choose a set from a new collection of her favorite brand, she will be extremely happy. Good-looking attractive clothes cannot be enough. As we have already mentioned, girls can put on different things depending on their mood and purpose.

2. Master class invitation

If your girlfriend is interested in self-development, and she is constantly eager to attend all the possible master classes, then you can safely make such a gift for her. You may know what exactly she is interested in, so it will not be difficult to choose something thematic. If you want to increase the effectiveness of such a gift, you can present her a ticket for the event that will be held in another city, for example, on a weekend. Book her a hotel room and buy a train or plane ticket. So, you will present her “all-inclusive” gift.

3. Books

At first glance, books may seem like banal gifts for her Christmas. However, there is such a large selection of books by famous authors with stylish covers that you can safely present as a gift. For example, if your girlfriend watches her body and leads a healthy lifestyle, then choose a thematic book for her. One option is The Body Book by Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz and nutritionist Sandra Bark. The author interestingly tells how to stay healthy, attractive and energetic at any age.

4. Pajamas

There are two options: you can choose either seductive silky lace pajamas or warm and comfortable sleepwear. The choice depends on the tastes and nature of your soul mate. If you like the second option (by the way, warm pajamas are in vogue now), then all famous brands offer many options for various styles and prints.

gift ideas for women5. Emotions

The impressions that you will experience together will forever remain a vivid memory and will also spice up your relationship. You can present a certificate or a master class invitation that you can do together, for example, take a riding lesson, try karting or go through an interesting and exciting quest. If you want a relaxing option, then you can go for an anti-stress or Thai massage for two.

6. Beauty gadgets

If your girlfriend does all the cosmetic procedures on her own, then she will like beauty gadgets. Modern high-tech devices not only save time, but they are also able to turn the usual rituals of beauty care in a beauty salon. One of the options of such beauty gadgets is a curling machine, which automatically tightens a lock of hair and forms an ideal curl in a few seconds. Another popular beauty invention is an electric brush to cleanse the facial skin. The device deeply and at the same time, gently rinses away makeup and other types of pollution.

7. Cosmetics

It can become a perfect gift idea if you know several tricks. Firstly, if you don’t know what to buy, then you should look at the bottles on her table, where she stores her creams and different serums. There you will find out all the brands and cosmetic products that she uses. Secondly, check all the bottles, find something that will come to an end soon and just buy the same. However, if you still are not sure whether to buy something or not, then you should better get a certificate to a cosmetics store.

8. Gadgets

A good gadget is a universal gift for representatives of any gender. The main thing is to decide what your beloved girlfriend may dream about. Is it a new smartphone, tablet, e-book? Or maybe it is a camera or a projector? Or is it an external battery or headphones? If you make the right choice, you will listen to gratitude on her part for a long time.

9. Interesting things for a hobby

We are talking about those hobbies that the girl already has. For example, the artist will be glad to receive a set of high-quality pencils or pastels, and a sports fan will like a thematic accessory. A set for scrapbooking, knitting needles and threads, as well as charming cupcake molds, can be also great options if she is interested in all that stuff. The only thing you shouldn’t do is to give things that in your opinion are associated with typical female hobbies.

10. Jewelry

In most cases, this is a home run. A rare girl does not like jewelry at all. However, when choosing, you need to consider several factors. Firstly, does the girl wear jewelry? It will be very embarrassing if you give earrings to someone who doesn't have pierced ears. Secondly, what style of jewelry does the girl prefer? Some love massive ethnic jewelry, while others prefer minimalistic. If you are not confident in your skills of choosing jewelry, ask her friends for help.

Everything Is Not That Scary

As you see, picking up a Christmas gift for your beloved person is not an extremely difficult challenge, and you can easily cope with it if you make some efforts, turn into a charming but mysterious spy and turn on your imagination. All girls like gifts, and they like them twice more when they meet their demands and expectations. The right gift is not just a way to please your soulmate, but it’s also a smart investment into your mutual future. You will get great feedback after presenting the perfect gift, and all your efforts will be paid off.

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