10 Signs that It's Time to Break Up

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This trouble happens to many couples. Relationships went downhill long ago but neither you nor your friend moved further. You both perfectly understand that you cannot go on like that any longer but ... you still live together. You are used to this life and are afraid to change something, preferring the well-known routine to the notorious changes. Nobody cheated anyone. Love is long gone. You may manage to change everything for a day or two but then the problem comes back inevitably. How do you know when it’s time to break up? Are you afraid to make each other unhappy? You have already done that.


You do not have sex

Sex is the same pleasantness and interest, not just another item from the list of household chores. When did something go wrong? After all, you are not the last people on the planet and the regeneration of the human race does not depend on you. Sex is a natural part of normal relationships, and if you are sick of it, it seems that it's time to break up.

You look as a typical unlucky couple

Have you ever seen them? These two are really unhappy together. They sit at the same table and, instead of talking, play the phone obscuring themselves by these ridiculous games from the reality. They look like if they have just found out that their beloved dog has died, and they do not know what to do with its corpse. Is it time to break up? Sure, it is.

You are not happy with the prospect of meeting her

After years of relationship, you stop acting as if she has come back from a round-the-world trip. When you meet, you have lunch together, it's logical. But the norm is at least to smile and enjoy your meeting sincerely. However, her arrival even seems to spoil your mood.

You do not want to spend time alone with her

husband-wife-fightHow to know when it’s time to break up? You invite your friends every time with you and it doesn’t matter where you go. Only the thought that you will spend alone with each other all evening discourages you very much. You know in advance that you will either quarrel or you will not have anything to talk about. Your friends play the role of a buffer zone.

You do not kiss anymore

You just hold hands and kiss each other on the cheek when you meet. You barely touch each other when she comes home from work, and then immediately go to eat.

You do not praise each other

You do not notice that she has new shoes. Heels? Does she wear heels? If you see that there is a new pair of shoes, you will be discouraged by the amount that she has spent on it. And if you praise each other, you will not spend too much energy but you do not even try to do that. So, little by little you lose the motivation to do anything.

You do not want to get married with her

Every person asks you about when you are going to get married. You used to laugh and say, "Tomorrow." Now you say the word "never" to yourself more and more frequently. Do not even ask. One thought of marrying her makes you want to run as fast as possible. You do not see any future with her. When is it time to break up? Now!

You look at other girls

It is normal to look at other women, even when you are in a relationship: evaluate their attractiveness and even sometimes discuss it with someone. But if you offer another girlfriend to buy her a drink, then you have a problem. The only reason is to fill in the gap in your own relationship without mentioning the fact that you will offer the girl from the bar to take a walk to your car. How do you know you need to break up? Just admit that something goes wrong in the relationship. You're trying to escape from reality.

You compare your relationship with someone else’s

When everything is good, you are both happy with what you have. Of course, you are not happy every second, this never happens but in general, you have nothing to complain about. You enjoy the fact that you have each other, and you do not want to change anything. It's another matter when you see how other people laugh and you envy them, get angry with your girlfriend and regret that you cannot do that yourself.

You are deeply and sincerely unhappy

Why can you not rejoice? If you are unhappy, it is high time to think what can help you solve this problem and act. Send to the oven a cowardly desire for emotional stability. Do not live a life that you do not like, because, most likely, one day you will wake up and regret it.

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