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If you are all alone and have failed to meet the woman of your dreams in your country, you can take a risk and look for a bride abroad. In the age of the Internet, you can easily get to know a woman living on the other side of the Earth and marry her. This is a sort of guide to the best countries to get married.

marry a Ukrainian woman

There are hundreds of websites where women from the Third World countries are registered. These women are looking forward to marrying a man from the EU or the U.S. Some countries to find a foreign bride from the point of view of European and American grooms are more attractive for the love search than others. Now, we are going to tell you about them. So what nationality woman should you marry? We will show you best countries to find a foreign bride. Here is the TOP 10:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Brazil
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Thailand
  6. Ukraine
  7. The Dominican Republic
  8. Colombia
  9. Philippines
  10. Russia

1. Vietnam

Vietnam has long been considered as the object of European and American attention, which only increased when American soldiers saw the elegant beauty and exquisite manners of Vietnamese women. During the war, interracial marriages became commonplace, which resulted in the stereotype that all Vietnamese women are beautiful, delicate and exotic. These are the features men mostly think of when they look at Asian brides’ photos.

However, reality may turn out to be cruel, as men often find that most of the Vietnamese brides are not interested in the long lasting relationships with Americans. However, the opposite idea is supported on most dating websites for the sake of a successful business. This “market” of brides is relatively new, which makes it more promising in comparison with the Philippines and Thailand. This fact, combined with attractive traditional Asian features, brings Vietnamese ladies to the honored first place in our rate among brides from other exotic countries.

The disadvantage is the lack of market development, as the marriage business in Vietnam has just appeared. Most girls live in rural areas with poor transport infrastructure and limited access to the Internet.

Russian girls for marriage 2. Brazil

Brazilian women are diverse. Brazilian websites often present their women as beauties with huge eyes and constantly upload relevant photos there. This resulted in a stereotype that all Brazilian girls are alike, although this is far from reality. Many emigrants say that Catholicism has a tremendous influence on the Brazilian society so that the women are free to choose whom to marry. The downside is that the Brazilians are usually very independent, that is why the majority, even in a traditional family, will not stand boring relationships for a long time.

Among all countries of South America Brazil has the most diverse ethnic composition: there are Caucasian, Hispanic, African and Indian women, so there are brides to fit every taste. The disadvantage is that Brazilians often do not speak any other languages, except Spanish, which is pretty bad for a woman who is going to marry a European or an American man.

3. China

China is a perfect place to choose a bride for those who seek traditional Asian beauty since there are very few Métis in this country. Almost all Chinese women have a classic Asian appearance, but many men believe that their behavior and attitude toward lifestyle are far from being perfect. Despite the established stereotype, Chinese women are most often aggressive, albeit respectful - this is a compromise.

Besides, most websites and popular movies inform us that most Chinese women have never left their native country. Thus, they have difficulties in adaptation to the world outside of China and often do not know foreign languages.

While in Japan and South Korea people do not really respect international marriages, the marriage of a Chinese woman and a Caucasian man will make her family prestigious. So, those who are crazy about Asian beauties should consider Chinese girls to be good wives, despite the language barrier and limited access to the Internet.

4. India

The emigration of the Hindus to the West after World War II led to the emergence of large Indian communities in the cold northern climate. However, all government and scientific studies claim that these mini-cities of India were unfavorable for full integration in the host country, and thus immigrants from India retained many of their native traditions. One of such traditions is an arranged marriage. Some naive people accept this ancient scheme of matchmaking as the manifestation of the marriage industry, but the truth is – it is not. Most often, marriages for young people are arranged by their parents or elders of the community.

As for the marriage business, the intermediary tries to find the client a bride of his dreams. Nevertheless, if you are ready to make friends with the parents of your beloved, then the chances of a successful marriage are very high. As a rule, it is difficult to find a bride without an intermediary. Besides, many Indians are not ready to leave the familiar environment.

Ukrainian girls for marriage 5. Thailand

A high level of poverty, a large number of single women and women's beauty make Thailand an attractive market. In addition, the Thai believe in the social superiority of people with white skin - the whiter is the skin, the better husband you are. This is a great privilege for European and American grooms. The skin of the Thais is generally darker than of Europeans.

Nevertheless, Thai brides also have negative features. The bottom line is that Thai girls have a reputation of weird wives - in fact, they are the least reliable among all brides in the third world countries. The most common complaints are the difference in culture and upbringing, which makes talking with them a boring process.

In addition, most potential suitors are looking for women with a maternal instinct, and the Thai in this respect are losing: they can take care of their appearance and themselves, but completely forget about the upbringing of children and care of the house. As a result, the percentage of divorces is extremely high. However, Western grooms flock to Thailand to find a wife - the girls easily leave the country.

6. Ukraine

This state in Eastern Europe is famous for its beautiful women all over the world. A number of obvious advantages put them on one of the highest places in our rate of brides.

Ukrainian women for marriage, as a rule, receive a good education - they easily support a conversation, know foreign languages and are able to find a job abroad. In addition, they are not afraid to leave the country and start a new life. Finally, Ukraine is the birthplace of warlike Cossacks, and while men had to go to war, women had to come with everything else. Men often want to marry a Ukrainian woman. Furthermore, a great number of them do marry a Ukrainian woman.

So, Ukraine is one of the largest marital markets in the world. The disadvantage is that Ukrainian girls for marriage do not suffer from a lack of fiancés, including those from other European countries. These women are quite romantic and shy. In addition, if you are after exotic things, Ukrainians are not a very good option - in fact, they are not very different from most European girls. However, the temperament and sensual Slavic accent are likely to strike you. The close location of Europe and the Middle East allows Ukrainians to easily leave the country.

7. The Dominican Republic

There are significantly fewer women in this bride market: just about two million. However, Dominicans are quite demanding: a lonely miserable loser is unlikely to impress them, so if you want to please a Dominican bride, you have to take a bit of work. However, it's worth it: Dominican women have a reputation of being exceptional cooks and hard-working women. In addition, most of them are modest and quiet, which is often of great importance for foreign suitors, who are usually also quiet and modest people.

Dominican men are not very appreciated by the Dominicans themselves, because, as a rule, they are less rich and ambitious than Western and American men. Therefore, if you consider marital infidelity the norm, you cannot even talk to a Dominican bride. Women of the Dominican Republic are considered to be the most beautiful girls in all countries of the Caribbean, but for Americans, they are not very attractive, because they mostly have dark skin. But Europeans like them more.

Dominican society does not have any taboos on the arrangement of interracial marriages. In addition, it is easy to get acquainted with girls due to the developed infrastructure and tourism.

8. Colombia

The rating of Colombian women in the marital industry is growing rapidly. In the 1980s, drug trafficking and communism made this country not very attractive to Western and American tourists, but now the situation has changed radically. Colombia is at the top of the list of countries in South America because these senorities have a special reputation as beauties with sport shapes and great dancing skills. In addition, many Colombian men died in wars or were imprisoned, so the fight for a man in Colombia is hot. Besides, the age difference between the spouses is not a problem here, and it will be easy for the much older groom to find a beautiful young wife.

By the way, the wonderful Colombians of their fellow men are not very much appreciated. They do not bother with adultery, so in combination with the Catholic restrictions on contraception and abortion in Colombia, the number of young single mothers seeking financial security is on the increase. If a wife with a child do not bother you, then you can bravely find a bride in Colombia. An obstacle may be the language barrier and the fact that Colombia is far from Europe.

best countries to find a foreign bride 9. The Philippines

Philippine women are known for the fact that it is easy for them to leave the country. Employment abroad in the Philippines has turned into a serious business, which helps girls leave the family nest - both physically and emotionally much easier. Most Filipinos work in other countries as servants, which makes it easier for them to contact foreigners.

Although the divorce rate in the Philippines is quite low, the poverty rate is high, so a foreign man is viewed as a reasonable way to get a roof over the head. In addition, Filipinos, by their own admission, like Caucasian men. According to recent studies, Americans seem caring and kind to Filipinos, while Filipinos are considered cruel and unfaithful.

Philippine culture is one of the most open in all of Asia. They have friendly families, although there are some taboos on expressing feelings in public places. But it's easy to meet the Philippines, and the fact that the country was occupied by the US troops for some time means that almost all girls know English.

10. Russia

More than 500 dating sites at any time offer you to get acquainted with almost 60 thousand Russian girls - this is perhaps the highest number in the world. Russia has a high level of education, which means that Russian girls for marriage know foreign languages, understand other cultures, are likely to find a job abroad, and are able to cook.

Russian women for marriage do not look very different from European women or Americans. Your couple will look harmonious on the streets of any European or American city. There is nothing strange in your desire to marry a Russian woman. A great number of men all over the world consider them to be good wives and want to marry a Russian woman. Therefore, this is one of the best countries to meet women.

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