How to Read Ukrainian Girl's Body Language

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Understanding women is something, what most of men consider to be very difficult to accomplish. The hardest thing is understanding whether the girl likes you or not. Of course, she may say that she does like you, but girls can do it in their particular emotionless manner, which makes the faithfulness of their answer quite questionable.

While it is hard to understand women of your culture, what can be said if you're dating Ukrainian girls? Her answers will definitely sound unconvincing to you, because English is not her native tongue. So, how on Earth it is possible to understand a woman and whether she likes you or not? The solution is simple, read her body language! Reading female body language is not as hard as it may seem at first. If you're into dating Ukrainian women you need to delve into body language reading. So, without further ado we offer you to check out useful tips on how to read body language.


How to Read a Girl's Body Language

If you want to know how to read a Ukrainian woman's body language you need to be attentive to:

Pay attention to her gaze

Reading her gaze is the first step in reading woman's body language. If the girl is interested in you she will not only check you out with her eyes, but will let you notice it. If she's avoiding an eye contact and tries to fix her gaze on anything but you, it means she's not into you.

Pay attention to her face

When a Ukrainian woman likes you it easily reflects on her face. If you want to read her face, you need to pay attention to eyebrows, lips, and eyes. This parts will show her reaction to things that you do or say.


Raised eyebrows are generally a good sign. It means that she agrees with your words, or if she raises her brows after the eye contact with, it means that she likes what she sees.

If while listening to you she starts chewing her lower lip, she's trying to draw your attention, thus showing you that she's interested in you. If she batting her lashes to often it is also a good sign. If a Ukrainian girl is blinking faster than usual, it's a sign that she's into you.

You should also pay attention to her nostrils. She would flare her nostrils involuntarily if she's excited with you.

Pay attention to eye contact

As we mentioned above, the established eye contact means a lot. If a Ukrainian girl finds you interesting she will not only stare at you, but she will try establishing a direct eye contact with you. As soon as established, she will hold it a bit longer than normal eye contact. If her interest in you is even deeper, she will allow herself to look deep into your eyes for hours.

Pay attention to physical contact

Although, personal space in Ukraine is shortened from traditional for other countries 18 inches to 10 inches, if the girl is interested in you, she will shorten this distance to 5 inches or even less. If things go well, she may stand even closer to you. Close enough for you to touch her. Ukrainian women are known to be more initiative than their western counterparts, so don't be surprised if she 'unintentionally' touches your hand. Moreover, she may even put a hand on your knee to emphasize that she finds you interesting and attractive. But, you need to react properly. Show her that you like it in a kind we, because absence of reaction, as well as overreacting, can easily scare her off.

Pay attention to her heartbeat

When you feel comfortable enough to hug each other, a little bit of anatomy can help you. Her face may fool you, but her heartbeat can't. If she's into you, her heart will beat a little bit faster than usual.

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