Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship with a Ukrainian Girl

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Dating Ukrainian women has been in a runner-up position for the last fifteen years, being held from the top only by dating Russian girls. But as Ukrainian women are considered more beautiful than their Russian counterparts, it is only a matter of time before they climb to the top of western men interests.

What leads western men dating Ukrainian girls is not their charm, but the self-sufficiency and independence of western women, who are career-oriented. Thus, men are seeking for girls from the countries where feminism had a lesser impact.

Post-Soviet women are known for their meekness and their respect towards men. They are also believed to accept traditional female roles. While it works with well with Russian girls, if you apply the same beliefs when you date a Ukrainian woman, guess you're on the wrong track. Actually, applying those beliefs prevent you from building a healthy relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

You need to know certain tricks on how to have a healthy relationship with a Ukrainian girl. So, without further ado we advise you to check out those tricks.


How to Have a Healthy Relationship with a Ukrainian Woman

What is a healthy relationship anyway? Guess it is easier to understand it, while figuring out what is not. Well, if you think that she owes you because you're a western man interested in rescuing her from her poor country, you should forget about going to date a Ukrainian girl. If you think that she must be obedient and fulfill all of your desires, you're wrong. If you have an attitude to treat women like they are your possessions or something, you're wrong again. These are not the signs of a healthy relationship. And if you're into dating a Ukrainian woman, you must be ready to treat her with respect.


Demanding often starts with chatting on dating services. Some men demand pictures, others demand continuing communication through emails. And it makes no surprise they are not successful in corresponding with a Ukrainian woman. It is always better to ask her kindly to send you some personal photos, but don't demand.

If you ask to continue your correspondence via other means of communication from the very start, why are you surprised that she refuses? She barely chatted with you, and she may think that you want to hack her data. And if the reason for turning to emails lies in dating service being too expansive, the logical question, why you did you start using them at all? If you're chatting for too long, and feel limited by what the service offers you, she may be the first to ask you to use Facebook or Skype.


Not knowing what you want

If you don't know what you want, then you won't be able to build any healthy relationships regardless of your girlfriend being Ukrainian or Turkish. If you're unable to express what you want from her in the chat-room, your relationships won't develop any further. Moreover, the continuation of chatting is questionable in this situation. So, show her that you know what you want.

Having your mind closed

When you're dating a girl from another country, you can easily face the cultural barrier. That's why it is important to keep your mind open to the new stuff. She's trying to understand your culture, and it would be nice trying to understand her. As understanding is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship.

Not moving further

Dating services offer you thousands of women, thus you think that you have a plenty to choose from. But the risk of getting stuck on those sites chatting with thousands of girls is very high. Concentrate on one who you like the most, that's the only way to move further and build a healthy relationship.

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