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When it comes to dating Russian girls, people start talking about bars, clubs, and mutual acquaintances. Someone will advise looking at colleagues and others will send you to the theater. But if you think seriously, you can get acquainted everywhere. The only thing you need is to have a head on your shoulders.

Nowadays, you do not have a necessity to visit Moscow to meet Russian women, they live in many different countries far away from Russia. It will not be superfluous to look for these beauties in your own country and to pay attention to the diasporas with a Russian-speaking population or to use dating sites in order to be sure to find a Russian woman. So, there are 7 not the most common places where you can meet your Russian dream.

Art exhibition

Smart and beautiful girls are very attracted to everything beautiful. Any art exhibition is an ideal place to look for a Russian girl. While she is enjoying the paintings of the little-known Dutch marine painters, you have a chance to enjoy her appearance. The gallery, like the library, is a haven for the cultured women.

Stand next to the picture that she is looking at, express your admiration for the master's work and say that you feel the author's deep intention in the broad strokes. It is important to make her interested in your comment. Do not say anything unflattering about a la Cubist style, it may turn out that she likes it. The main thing is to show that you are a keen admirer of everything beautiful. You can mention, by the way, that you saw something similar in the museum of Prada or Guggenheim, then her interest in your person will only increase. Just make sure that your story does not turn into self-admiration and a fable about how wonderful you are.

Dry cleaning and atelier

girl at transportDry cleaning, if you think about it, is one of the most wonderful places to meet Russian girls. After all, not everyone will use this service. As a rule, these people do not spend their time on washing not just because they do not want to read the instructions for caring for a particular thing. They spend their time on more important and interesting things, whether business or hobbies.

If you want to find a Russian girl who is quite serious and exceptional, then dry cleaning is a suitable place. If you want to find a girl with a good taste who is not used to buying clothes on sale in the cheap stores, and who knows how to wear her outfits, you should definitely visit the atelier. In the atelier, it is easy to find a topic for conversation. Taking into account the fact that women are more knowledgeable about different styles and clothes, you can ask, for example, whether you should shorten your coat or sew a jacket because you are very interested in the opinion of such a beautiful and stylish girl.

Public transport

For some people, an acquaintance in public transport is the hardest challenge. There are a lot of people around, and as soon as you say at least a sound, all the eyes instantly turn into your side and all of them are interested in what you will say. However, in a second, everyone stops following the core of your story, unless, of course, you speak very loudly about indecent things.

It does not matter where you are going to look for a Russian woman, on the bus or in the subway, the essence of acquaintance is the same everywhere: be witty and do not use random clichés. Talking in such places is much easier, you cannot run away and it's boring to sit silently. Ask her where she gets off and follow her continuing your communication on foot. Just do not forget to take her phone number.


Visiting practically any courses, you can meet a charming Russian girl. Here you have the opportunity to look at the girl and, most importantly, to develop a strategy for dating. It does not matter what you do: whether you knead clay, learn to drive, dance, learn a foreign or your own language (there is no limit to perfection). In addition to meeting your beloved one, you will be able to get a new skill. It is important that here you will be able to meet a like-minded person, an interesting one who is amenable to self-development. In the end, you already have at least one common topic to start talking.

It's easy to get acquainted with the girls: you see a pretty girl, standing, for example, in front of the bookshelves, come to her and ask what she is reading. Ask her for something, discuss a new lesson or a skill, make a good joke, and then the conversation will start itself. You can also share your impressions of this course or something else. The main thing is not to cross the thin line between the complete nerd and the erudite man.

Supermarket with Russian products

If you dream about dating Russian women, then it may seem to be the most unromantic place to meet girls because a supermarket is ordinary, sad, and boring. But, despite all the oddity of this place, some men manage to start the story of their relationship near the shelf with red caviar. All you need to know is do not expect success on Sunday when half of the city is going to buy food for a month in advance. Choose a day and time when queues are not so extensive, and the chance to find a lonely Russian girl among the crowd of families is much higher than on a day off. So, do not be shy to ask a charming girl about what can become the best choice for the first acquaintance with the Russian cuisine.

Walking a dog

how_to_approach_girl_with_dog Do you remember the movie "101 Dalmatians"? The whole story began with an innocent dog walking. It’s true, your pets may not love each other, especially if they are both males. However, this is a very good way to try. A man with a dog is more trustworthy than an ordinary guy. In this case, you show yourself as a responsible person because you have the dog that looks healthy. Hence, you love it. The girls like men who love animals. You will have no problem with finding a topic for a talk. The main thing is to persuade your furry friend to run up to them rather than to the charming poodle of the nice old lady.

The Internet

Often people meet in different social networks since they are one of the main popular channels for communication. Here you can get acquainted with a real Russian girl and immediately learn about her all the information you are interested in.

Do not hurry up to write a message to the first beautiful girl. If she receives a message from a stranger in the format, "Hello!", she just ignores it. First, you need to study her profile and find something really interesting. It can be music, a movie or even some mutual friends. Start texting on the basis of mentioning this fact.

For example, if you notice on Instagram a photo of a book that you have recently read or want to read in the future, you can ask about her opinion on it, whether she read other books by this author or in this series. Such correspondence, if the young lady willingly wants to continue, can be relocated in the private messages. Here you will be able to show your charisma and achieve a personal meeting.

Do not also forget about dating sites where your chances to meet the desired girl are much higher because both of you have the one goal for two, you want to find your beloved one.

If you want to find a real Russian girl, don’t focus on the only one place, try different options, increase your chances to become happy.

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