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We know what you are afraid of most. You're afraid of the times when you need to choose gifts for people you love. It all seems to you like some kind of mad race into which you, yes, exactly you are at the most disadvantageous positions. After all, you are only an effective manager, you are a mechanic, you are, after all, a common lawyer! You do not have time to fool yourself with such things as choosing a creative gift for your beloved. But how do you want to please her, the one and only, and do not spend a whole week visiting shopping centers with their kilometer queues and an endless choice of useless things that are created to gather dust somewhere in the attic.

What to do in this case? Read our article and choosing a gift will be a simple and interesting business.

lovely Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts As a Sign Of Love: How Does It Work

There is no such time when people's desire for love and universal happiness would be more tangible than Christmas. All this turmoil around can charm any snob, and the most ardent housewife will leave the house and breathe in, finally, some fresh air. We should be grateful that such time exists and this holiday is still capable of giving a feeling of unity and a real home comfort to tens of thousands of people around the world.

But let's spoil our romantic attitude a bit with a stern, but very necessary pragmatism: the Christmas gifts giving process is the most important part of this holiday if you do not have deep religious beliefs. Just imagine, what would be Christmas if the tradition of giving presents disappeared? Would Christmas songs remain the same soulful? Would you also like fluffy snow, decorated houses, and smart Christmas trees? The answer is closer to the word "no" than to "yes", right?

Therefore, leave all these statements like "a gift is not the main thing, the main thing is attention" somewhere in a dark place so that we can never see or hear them. The process of presenting lovely Christmas gifts is an act of attention. You express your feelings not in any abstract words, but in a tangible subject. There are many valuable resources behind this item that you spent on another person, the main of which is your time and your money. You like to receive cool Christmas gifts. Everyone likes to receive gifts. All the rest are lyrical excuses of veiled misers and lazy people.

So everything is clear about the importance of gifts for the feeling of true Christmas and the reigning love around - one does not exist without the other. But do not rush to run to the nearest store or look through this page in the section with a list of the coolest gifts that you can give to your beloved girl. To begin with, you need to identify the criteria by which gifts are selected, if you really want to please a person, and not make a formal exchange ceremony of unnecessary trinkets. Here are the main criteria of proper gifts choosing:

1. Do not be selfish. Your girl all day says that she wants Samsung Galaxy, and not an iPhone? You know that she likes MacBook more than common laptop computers (oh god, there are so many contradictions in your girlfriend)? Give her exactly what she wants. Not what you like. Not what your friends recommend to you. And not even what her friends recommend to you. best Christmas gifts for herGifts selected by the criterion "I think it will be better for her" is a source of disappointment and a reason to hate you all next year. You will hardly like it. So, listen carefully about what she talks and at what gift she hints. And she certainly does it. Even the most modest girls cannot resist dropping hints about the gift. If your intellect is slightly more developed than that of a chimpanzee, you will spot these signals easily.

2. Your main investment in a good gift is not money, but a little of your time and a little more of your attention. To begin with, decide what gift your girlfriend would like most (she definitely wants one of the things we'll talk about later), and then try to make it as individual as possible. Buy a nice postcard and write your wishes. Invent them yourself. Choose a nice package for a gift with a design your girlfriend will certainly like.

3. Homemade Christmas gifts is a great idea if you are sure that you have enough time and skills for this. And desire, of course. Christmas gifts for mom or for a girlfriend made with one's own hand is very nice and cool, but if a person wants to receive an iPad or a collection of Dostoevsky's works, and instead you give them a crooked clay pot with a painting reminiscent of the creativity of one who is sick with St. Witt's dance, then you are in for trouble. So, make a choice in favor of homemade gifts only if you are confident in your abilities and tastes of your loved ones.

Here is a small tip: always remember that a Christmas gift is a symbol of your love and concern for another person. This is not a way to show how much money you have. This is not a way to demonstrate how clever you are. It's not even a way to seduce someone. A gift should bring joy to another person. She should enjoy it. Do everything for this and you’ll have the best Christmas in your life.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Now you can move on to the most interesting part of this article. Our list of Christmas gifts for her is different from hundreds of others: it will not have warm handmade plaids, dinner in the most expensive restaurant in the city or cosmetics stores certificates. We hope that you are tired of such banal Christmas gift ideas for her, as well as your girlfriend is tired of receiving them. Our list is formed from the main trends of 2017. And not only in 2017 - girls have always wanted someone to give it to them, but the guys somehow persistently ignore really cool and accessible things. It's time to stop this.


There is no better gift for book lovers than Kindle. It sounds like a banal advertising slogan, but it's really so for several reasons. First, it has a cool design. It is thin, weighs little and easily fits into miniature handbags. Girls love such exquisite things. Readers love to have their favorite books always with them. Kindle has it all. In addition, it has many useful features: built-in dictionary, the ability to read books, newspapers, journals, blogs, the function of shopping at Amazon, fine-tuning the text design and this is just the beginning of the extensive list. In general, this is a really cool gift, if your girlfriend is reading something other than posts on Facebook.

Christmas gift for her 2017Polaroid Snap

This device is a real ode to the passing epoch of individual devices for photography. If your girlfriend still values the importance of photography as a physical object, but she is not alien to innovation, she will definitely be pleased with this gift.

The key feature of the camera is instant printing of pictures without the use of cartridges and inks. The camera uses the technology of inkless printing, which was developed by Zink. It works like this: the heat from the printer reacts with the dye crystals embedded in the photo paper. This produces an image.

Another trump card of Polaroid Snap is its compactness. The camera really has an adequate size and is able to fit in a regular pocket. If you are tired of inventing unique Christmas gifts for her, just buy it!

A Teapot with an Unusual Bottom

The "double" bottom of this cup makes it easy to brew leaf tea and drink it without filtering it. When you want to brew tea, a smaller container is filled with tea, and a large container is filled with water, then boiling water is poured, after which the cup is piled on one side.

When the tea has already boiled enough, you can turn the cup over the other side of the bottom and slowly drink tea, which will not become too strong. An original gift if your girlfriend likes leaf tea. Best Christmas gifts for her can be simple!

Teddy Bear for Secrets

A simple soft toy will please a child or a collector of soft toys. But a bear with a secret inside will be great for your girl.

On the neck of the bear, there is a lock that opens a secret pocket. You can put any additional gift there. This will be a real surprise for your beloved, and she can then use the bear for her secrets. Girls are very fond of boxes with secrets, and a teddy bear with a secret pocket is even cooler! In addition, you can give two cute Christmas gifts for her at the same time.

Night Light Projector

If your girl likes to admire the starry sky, and you love to hang out the whole night with friends, then you have no problems with choosing romantic Christmas gifts for her. Give her a night projector - she will always be comfortable, she can admire the stars and she will not think what a scoundrel you are waiting for you from the next party.

Christmas gift for her 2017Umbra Prisma Photo Display

We have already told you how important it is that the gift is individual. And if it can play the role of an attractive and modern piece of interior, then you will become a real superhero in the eyes of your girlfriend. Buy this stylish frame for photos, insert your joint picture there and enjoy the happy smile on her face. It’s a simple decision if you adore DIY Christmas gifts for her, but you have no time to create something large and complex.

Slippers with Grass

And this Christmas gift for her will be great if she misses the warm summer days and waits for the New Year only because it inexorably brings the approach of summer. Grass in such shoes, of course, is artificial, but to the touch and look they are like real. It will create a feeling of summer and warmth, even when the frost is raging outside the window. Remind her about warm days and you`ll make the best Christmas gift for her 2017.

LuMee Illuminated Phone Case

Stunning selfies with high-quality lighting and bright colors in all conditions and even at night or in dim light. All this is now possible with a new case with a contour highlight. Your girlfriend will be able to adjust the brightness and make magic shots that can collect all likes in all social networks. Two great Christmas gifts for her in one case. She will simply go mad with happiness.

The case does not synchronize with the phone, that distinguishes this case from usual frontal flares.

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