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The first date is something like an examination for the two sides: both the man and the woman decide on whether their relationship will have a further continuation, so the choice of the place and appropriate behavior all play an important role. What are bad first date ideas and how to avoid messing up your first date? Read below.

Every love story begins with the first date when you wait for a partner in frisson and try your best not to screw anything. Some first dates result in marriages, others are just the form of a time-spending without a definite serious ending. But if you really like the person and want to make the best first impression, you have no right for a mistake. Why some popular date patterns are actually terrible date ideas that you would better avoid and what not to do on a first date for it not to be the last one – you will find out in this article.

first date ideas

Why is a first date so important?

Predicting how the first date will end up is, unfortunately, impossible. Every minute two lovers are at risk of being interrupted by unpredicted circumstances. However, you can do everything possible to limit the bad influence on your meeting and create a pleasant atmosphere. At least you can choose a suitable and marvelous place for the first date, prepare a little surprise and behave according to the norms of propriety during the event. And so should your partner, because the first date is extremely important. This is why.

When two people meet for the first time or if they are into each other and have been familiar with one another but it is their first appointment in the informal atmosphere, they try to catch every move, non-verbal signal and word of their vis-a-vis. As this will be determinative while making a decision concerning the further communication.

The smell of the perfume, the color of the lipstick, hairstyle choice – every detail will be caught by the attentive eye of your interlocutor. Both behavior and appearance together make a general mark on your date’s impression of you.

It is already at the end of the first date that the person makes a decision whether she/he wants to see their companion for the evening again, write them down into the friend-zone list or continue to passionately conquer their heart. Everything is in your hands, you need to remember this!

Worst ideas for the first date


For some reason, many believe that a visit to the cinema on the first date is a great idea. But that is no longer true for the majority of people. And that's why:

  • you are not able to talk to each other for one or two hours at least (unless you are, of course, that type of people who like to chat during a movie and annoy all other viewers)
  • you cannot be sure about what type of movies your partner likes, and therefore you can hardly make the perfect choice of a movie

As well as many tricky tasks arise with inviting a girl to the cinema. Should you buy one big popcorn or two separate? Isn’t it too early to order the sits in the last row? Can you take her by the hand during the romantic moments?

bad first date ideas Dinner Dates

Dinner at an expensive restaurant is another bad idea for the first date because it is a risky choice. What restaurant to choose? How expensive should it be for your guest not to think you are boasting about your status? Should you suggest splitting a restaurant bill, pay for the two or just for your part of dinner? If you suggest splitting the bill, she is likely to be offended, and if you pay for yourself then you will have to get by for the rest of the month. In addition, you will definitely need to take the girl home. And here another dilemma arises – should you kiss her on the cheek or on the lips or just give her a friendly hug? It sometimes happens that the girl doesn't show any signs of whether she is ready for the further development of your romance during a date. Is it even worth trying to spend the night together? No, just not after such a tasty dinner.

Meeting with your friends

"Take a friend with yourself, and I'll take one too" – the typical beginning of one of the worst first dates! First of all, it is a sign of the lack of seriousness of intentions, and secondly, during a group meeting you will have no chance of staying close and intimate, talk about some interesting topics, without few other pairs of ears trying to catch your every word, and it is true that people never show their real selves when in the noisy company and especially the company of friends. Near our closest people, we feel confident, have our own inside jokes, and it is simply rude to spend the first date with a girl in a company of your friends where she doesn’t know anyone and expect her to behave naturally and have a good time.

Inviting her to a wedding

This is a terrible idea. How could you imagine inviting a girl you barely know to such an important and honorary occasion where all your friends and relatives will be present and talking about your couple giving your companion a side eye? Just step into her shoes, how uncomfortable would you feel? Apart from this, your date will be supposed to spend a fortune on the gift for people she doesn’t even know, unless she agrees to this adventure, of course. Choosing a suitable outfit for a wedding having just a few days or even hours, doing makeup and a hairstyle is real stress and even if the girl accepts your invitation, chances are she will be too taken aback to have any further relationship with you.

Any family event

Another one of the worst first date ideas. What can be more stressful for a girl than meeting your relatives and parents trying to look as humble and pleasant as possible for them to like her? You have guessed that right – doing it on the first date! Your parents shouldn’t know about every date you go to if you are mature enough to build your personal life on your own. So, why would you invite the person you like for a traditional family gathering with all that awkward jokes of your uncle, your uncontrollable younger siblings running around making you awkward and your mom showing your potential girlfriend the album full of pictures of you naked when you were 4 years old.

Open Mic Night

This could sound like a good idea, but not everyone loves standups and open mics. Especially if in the middle of the date you sneak out, leaving your girlfriend alone in her solitary endeavors, and run into a stage grabbing the mic to start telling your awkward jokes. Listening to the other geeks trying to squeeze at least a lonely laughter out of the audience looks slightly miserable, but if the person that has invited you for a romantic evening now tries to do it, this is a whole another level. This will quickly transform a nerdy boring date in the dimly lit bar into a really amusing story she will later tell all her friends describing it as one of the cringiest dates she had ever had.

A fast food place

By taking a girl to a McDonalds or KFC on your first date, you immediately demonstrate your intellectual immaturity and financial inconsistency. Crowds of noisy teenagers and an indescribable flavor of deep-fried goods is a good start, but then everything depends on you. Forget about the rolls - she might think that you are one of that fancy dudes on a diet. Only a burger and french fries, only hardcore - they can make your hands covered in enough fat so that the girl doesn’t even think about grabbing them. Well, do not forget to invigilate the surroundings: if you look closely at the schoolchildren around, you can learn a lot of behavioral tricks from them to fully discourage your interlocutor from going for another date with you.

A competitive sport

Even if a great Derby day has come, it's not worth taking the girl to the stadium. Instead of all those romantic compliments that you could whispers into her ear in a cozy restaurant, she will have to listen to infinite and deafening screams that fans (and you, probably, too) will produce as if they help the players do their job better for the next hour and a half. And even the kiss-cams, the moment of the break sport enthusiastic couples are most invigorated about, will not save the situation or make it even worse if you reach out to kiss the girl that was not ready for it on the first date. After such a meeting, you will be waiting at the stage of the playoffs - do not even dream of a good score.

Signs of a bad first date

She is late

It is possible to wait, of course, it is real life and everything can happen. In a big city, it is more likely you will get stuck in a traffic jam than miss it. But the only thing that can and should be made by a girl in such a situation - a warning. If she didn’t calculate her time properly and is now making you wait, there should be serious reasons for it and she should make you aware of them. Otherwise, the reason for the anxiety here is completely different: she does not care about the date. So, if she is late and does not warn you, just go away.

signs your date was badShe has bad manners

The way she speaks to a waitress or talks to a friend that has suddenly called, whether she is asking him politely to call back later or starts a brisk conversation as if you are not present waiting for her to return back to reality. What you have witnessed may be an indicator of how this person behaves in her ordinary life, how polite, patient and sympathetic she is.

She drinks a lot

More than two helpings of alcohol during a meal may indicate unhealthy relationships with drinking, low self-esteem or poor social skills. Moreover, watch the way your new friend is drinking. Does she make big sips as if trying to cope with the embarrassment or is she doing it slowly, trying not to miss a word from what you say?

She criticizes you

Was she impudent enough to make a remark concerning your work, personal interests, claim that your attitude or opinion towards something isn’t right just because she thinks in a different way? These are the signs your date was bad, so run away from this despotic persona because you will not get love and affection from her.

She complains about her ex

Everything was well between them, but he threw her away, or he was a cheater and a liar, while she loved him more than life… You are a few minutes deep in the date and you can already tell the whole story of her former relationships. It does not matter. It means that she is still not over him and even if after a few bad dates you start your own story, she will always treat you as a spare backup option.

How to have a good first date

Dress to impress, of course, because the first thing your girlfriend will notice is your look and appearance. Pick an outfit in advance, try to look tidy yet naturally, do not wear all the best clothes you have on the first date at once.

Think over the place to invite your potential partner to. There are so many marvelous first date ideas, you can choose a bar or restaurant you planned to visit long ago but do not make a whole evening out of it, treat it as just a place for it and then you can visit an art gallery, trendy party or some modern social event in your city.

Do not forget to be on the spot in time and do not stress if your companion for the evening is a few minutes late, according to the manners of propriety being late means arriving within 15 minutes.

The last, but certainly not least, devote this time to just the two of you. It is impossible and extremely odd to invite some other people to what was supposed to be your personal appointment. No friends, no parents, just enjoy the company of each other and the possibility to get to know your interlocutor more. It is very important that one bad date does not ruin your desire to meet other people at all. Very few people are lucky enough to have only good dates and start their relationship with a perfect evening that has grown into something more serious since then. People meet, make mistakes, feel awkward, spill the coffee on their dresses, sing stupid songs or get in the pouring rain without an umbrella because this is real life and some things just do not depend on you. So, even if your date has failed, do not worry. Maybe your next meeting will end up with a happy and long-lasting romance!

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