A Complete Guide on How to Stay Friends after a Breakup

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What do you think, is it really possible to stay friends with an ex? Sounds like it is just a load of moonshine. However, some couples overcome these difficulties and really stay friends after breakup. It depends on many aspects. The key objective of this review is to find the answer to this question and finally get down to bed-rock. Seems like this question is as relevant as ever.

stay friends with an ex

Stay friends after breakup and is it really possible?

Besides, there’s another question - is it really necessary? Keep in mind that you know it better than anyone else. Simply put, you should try to answer this question yourself and make your own decision. Do you really want this?

If you are at the parting of the ways and don’t have the slightest idea what to do, we highly encourage you to check our pieces of advice. Mayhap, this information will help you understand how to stay friends with an ex and decide whether you need this reckless attempt or not:

  • How did you break up? Maybe your partner betrayed you? Did he/she fall in love with another person? In such a scenario, you shouldn’t continue relationships. This is not going to end in anything good. Just forget each other.
  • Sometimes, it is possible to stay friends with your ex. For instance, you were together for a few months and understood that your relationship ran out of steam. You don’t love each other dearly. Furthermore, you see that both partners are absolutely different persons with different opinions, tempers, and life principles. In such a scenario, you have chances to remain friends.
  • Do you have romantic feelings for your partner? If you still love this person and have a hope of reconciliation, it is better to break up forever. In this case, you will just hurt each other. You shouldn’t stay in touch with this person.

Many couples break up and continue being friends. It’s okay! Sometimes, they stay friends for years and even hang around together with new boy/girlfriends. It doesn’t mean they are strange or ill. It means that they managed to overcome these difficulties and remained friends.

If you feel like you can’t continue the relationship with that person and you wonder how to tell a girl you just want to be friends, it is much better to stop this excruciation and finally tell the truth. Don’t vex mind with insoluble problems because this problem can easily be solved!

How to Stay Friends with Someone You Love?

Before we answer this question and provide you with a few insightful tips on how to manage this problem, we should draw your attention to the fact that commonly, our partners are people we enjoy hanging around or spending time with. We have common interests and really have fun together, but, sometimes, love can make your life difficult. Nevertheless, this is a good basis for friendship. Furthermore, if to look around, you’ll see that many people have a fulfilling friendship with ex boy/girlfriends. Simply put, if you have a desire, you can turn your heartbreak into a good friendship. How to do this? Check our tips:

how to stay friends with an exMake a clean breakup. Well, what does it mean? Try to keep calm and be kind. Don’t apply too harsh epithets or try to hurt your partner.

Don’t monitor your ex’s social media profile. It doesn’t mean you should block them. You should stop monitoring the updates and check all the new photos of their profile. Try to focus on your personal life.

Don’t see each other for a definite time period. Simply put, you need to pass the quality time apart. Even if you have common friends, you should try to avoid seeing each other. You must take your time to move on. Gradually, you’ll understand that you can be happy without each other. You don’t depend on this person anymore. Gradually, you’ll understand how to just be friends.

Be honest with yourself. After being alone for some time, you’ll understand whether you want to see your ex or not. To understand this, you need to ask yourself. Do you really want to see your ex-partner? What feelings do you have? Do you want to stay friends? Or you hope that love will spark again? If yes, you need more time. Don’t get in touch! Otherwise, you’ll regret that.

Don’t complicate the dilemma. The situation is not as weird as you might think. Both have past relationships but life goes on! It is too short to think of the past experience. Just bow to the reality and continue enjoying life. After all, you and your ex don’t suffer from any illnesses. You are past the point of your life. So, turn over this page and focus on other goals.

Don’t flirt with your ex boy/girlfriend. If she just wants to be friends, you shouldn’t flirt with her. Want to stay friends? Treat them like friends! When you flirt, she will think that you want to catch the feelings again. To avoid this, you should keep boundaries between each other.

Don’t be jealous. You should be ready that sooner or later, your partner will meet someone else. Life goes on and you should follow this example too. Besides, you can see them together. It can definitely bring some unexpected feelings but you need to stay calm. You were together in the past but now, the situation has changed. You need to accept this fact! Focus on your personal life instead of thinking that your ex kisses someone else.

There’s another thing you should keep in mind - don’t think of them as your ex. When doing so, you just hurt yourself. You should start thinking of them as your new friends instead. Gradually, it will be easier for you to accept the fact that you aren’t together anymore. This is just a stage of life and every ending is just a new beginning. You shouldn’t spend your precious time on revenge.

Do men ever just want to be friends with a woman?

You might say no but let’s take a look at this situation from the other side and analyze the statistics data. In accordance with the investigation of MeetMe, a well-known social network, 60% of people want to sleep with their best friends of the opposite gender. Shocking, right? However, 40% reported that they have already slept with their best friends. Seems like the answer is evident - no, they can’t be just friends. But too much depends on a particular situation.

If you want to remain on good terms, you will. Nothing can stop you. Nevertheless, there’s one thing you need to be aware of - there’s a difference between sexes. Women need more close relationships. They want to discuss their problems with their friends in details. They wish to have a good old man who will listen to them and give a friendly steer (if necessary). Not all men are ready to listen to these complaints. They just hang around with a few girls but they prefer to avoid delving into the specifics of this or that situation.

If you really want to remain on good terms, you can do that but keep in mind, it is hard to stay the best friends with your ex.

Ex wants to stay friends: how to manage it?

The answer to this question depends on the situation and your desire. Do you want to stay friends? If you are adamantly opposed to friendship, just wipe this person from your memory. It will be better for you! Nevertheless, there are a few motives for being friends with your ex. Furthermore, it is possible to build up good and healthy relationships with that person. Well, how to stay friends with an ex you still love? Why should you do this?

stay friends after breakupYou will feel safe. Keep in mind that friendship is the main thing which can make you feel safe. So, this is the main reason for being on good terms with your ex boy/girlfriend. In all likelihood, you shared great times together, used to talk to each other and trust each other. Mechanically, you continue searching for the emotional support and comfort. Therefore, being friends with your previous partner is possible!

Pragmatic reasons for staying friends. By the way, there are lots of them! In this case, you need to forget about feelings and emotions. Try to find some benefits for being friends, like money, presents, job, hobby, etc. Besides, your ex can be a good bicycle or computer mechanic. In all likelihood, you can ask him to help you with the software installation. There’re lots of practical reasons to stay friends for a long time. If you can’t use this person for building strong relationships, you can use them for anything else.

You are still in love and can’t forget this person. Sometimes, you simply can’t forget your ex. You wonder, can a married man and a woman be just friends? Furthermore, you still have romantic feelings for this person and want to keep up friendship because you simply can’t live without them. Well, no one can forbid you to do that but these relationships will gradually kill you. It doesn’t matter what the reasons for navigating a friendship with your former partner are. However, you should keep in mind that to be on friendly terms with someone whom you loved before is not easy. Sometimes, these relationships can hurt you. Therefore, before you make a decision to continue friendly relationships, you need to weigh all pros and cons and decide whether you need to settle for this risky undertaking or not.

What about the divorced couples? They lived together for a few years and have kids now. Can they stay friends? Unfortunately, they must stay friends. They have common children who don’t want to see unhappy parents. Therefore, they need to do their best to stay friends. Even if you can’t see your ex-husband or wife, but you have common children, you need to do your best to stay on good, friendly terms with your ex for the sake of your children.

So, can guys and girls be just friends? You might understand that this person was an important part of your life. You spent a significant amount of time together and it is evident that you wish to remain friends. There are many examples proving that it is possible to do this! It depends on your desire and the way how you broke up.

If you cheated on each other or you were unhappy together, it is better to break up, turn over this page of your life. You don’t depend on each other, so stop hurting! Don’t envenom each other’s life! Even if it seems like the golden bowl is broken or you feel like you can’t see your ex anymore, keep in mind that both of you deserve to be happy. You just need to take some time and things will straighten out.

Bottom Line

Want to stay friends after a breakup? You can easily do that. You should make this decision yourself. However, modern scientific investigations proved that exes wish to have a lower-quality friendship with their ex-partners than those who have never been in romantic relationships. If you consider that this friendship will be a painful experience for you, you should forget this person. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable hanging out together, why not?

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