5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men (and How to Fix It!)

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The relationships between men and women in one way or another affect each of us. Very rarely, humans can feel happy when they are alone. We need other people around us because we must feel that others need us. But sometimes we find ourselves in a loop of problems when, for example, we don’t have enough experience to date a girl because we have never had dates to gain experience of how to date girls. It seems that there is no exit from this endless loop of problems, but there is a way out. Nowadays we have the Internet, and we can read, watch and listen to tons of information about dating there. You have already made your first stem on the way from this loop. Keep reading this article to know why girls reject you and what can you do about it.

how to deal with rejection from a girl

The Reasons Why You Are Rejected by Her

You may not believe me, but girls also want men’s attention as we want attention from them. If girls and boys desperately need each other, then why are there so many lonely people out there? There are many reasons for this. Some choose to build a career, and some are not interested in relations at all. But you are here, and it means that you are interested in relationships. Unfortunately, you get rejected by every girl, and you want to know the reason why. We've made a list of the top reasons why you get rejected by girls.

1. You don’t care about yourself

Girls love when men look good. Think about your life. Where was the last time you bought a new piece of clothing? When was the last time you tried something new with your hair? What about the gym? Are you satisfied with your body? If it least one answer was no, then you know what to do. Change yourself, and you will stop getting rejected by a girl. Actually, you may want to try to date women online.

2. You live with your parents

I know, that you love your mother, but your girlfriend doesn’t want to live with her or even know her before she will understand that the relationship between you is serious. When you tell her that you live with your mother, she begins to believe that you are a loser. From her point of view, you are not capable to live alone because you have no money or don’t want to do anything regarding your life. Remember, girls, don’t like conformists and losers.

3. You can’t listen to her

Are you sure that you are interested in her and not just in having sex with her? Your girlfriend should be interesting for you. Women love when men listen to them. And to do this, you must be really interested in her ideas, hobbies, at least in something about her personality. Only then you both will be able to have a healthy conversation. Girls feel wen men are with them only because of sex. Try to be open to new things. Remember, new hobbies help live a happier life.

4. You are complaining too much

Remember, no one likes complainers. We all have many problems in our lives, but you just can’t always complain about them. This only shows that you are a loser. Instead of complaining, share your plans with her. Don’t forget to be positive. A positive attitude changes the way how people decode your words. If you’re talking about your problems positively, they will believe that you are going to do something about it. This approach is very helpful not only in reality but also in your texting on man and woman dating sites.

how to deal with rejection from a crush5. Your expectations are too high

If only you had any idea how many guys are getting rejected by a woman because of that. I know that you want to have a real goddess, but can you afford her? We are not talking about money here. Money is a separate issue. Remember, the most beautiful and popular girls have hundreds of other boys who want to date them. Ask yourself what makes you better than those boys? It is better to start small. Shy and modest girls are no worse than your local popular Barbie dolls. Be tolerant of your new girlfriend. Remember, no one is perfect.

How to Handle Rejection from a Girl

In the first part of this article, we presented several reasons why you are getting rejected by a girl. When you are handling rejection, the last thing you should do is to dig in yourself. Yes, you have to work on yourself. But it is not always you are the reason why you are rejected. Instead of asking, "Why do girls reject me?" it is better to take a small break and restore your energy. The rule is simple, the faster you recover from rejection, the faster you can try again. We are going to share with you our list of tips on how to deal with rejection from a girl.

1. Spend time with your friends

It is pretty normal if you feel lonely and abandoned after the rejection by a girl, but it is not ok to dive deep into these feelings. Call your friends and say that you need their help. I am sure that they will gladly help you. Go to your local bar and spend time there or visit some other place you like. The key thing here is not to be alone after the rejection. Let your friends distract you from what you have faced today, and tomorrow you will try again.

2. This is not the end, but the beginning

The person who received a refusal actually has something to be proud of. This was an attempt, and many other people have never even tried! So praise yourself for trying, think about new opportunities, and set yourself a new goal. Remember, your failure is not a disaster, but rather a step forward. Only with your efforts, you can achieve something. Your failure didn’t make you any worse, but on the contrary, you learned and realized what to do and how to behave. So, by making the right conclusions, you can avoid a repetition of the situation in the future.

3. Go back to your hobbies

Do you have any hobbies? If no, then you should find one. Develop your hobby not only in your free time but also when you are in a bad mood. According to scientists, our hobbies can distract us from problems in our lives. And a distraction is exactly what you want after the refusal. Plus, in your hobby, you achieve certain successes. You need to have at least a small but real victory in your life.

4. The past is the past

Can you change your past? No one can, so why are you digging in it? Now when you know what was wrong and what your mistakes are, it is far better to work on yourself. You see, when you start working on yourself, your self-esteem rises, and you stop killing yourself with stupid problems and questions that may have no answer at all. With a new day, your new opportunities are coming right in your hands. And you are making efforts to catch and use all those opportunities. There is no reason for you to waste your time digging in your past.

5. Work on yourself

The best way how to deal with rejection from a crush is to work on yourself. You know what your problems are, and this is the best time for you to fix it. By working on your problems, you are increasing your self-esteem and feel happier. Because now you are not only thinking about your problems but also you do something to solve them. The human brain likes actions because they distract it from thinking about nonimportant matters, such as the feeling of loneliness and unhappiness.

6. Ask professionals for help

A professional coach or psychologist will teach you how to deal with rejections. Psychologists work with people personally, so therapy is the most effective. Be careful when choosing a coach, some of them are scammers, but others can teach you how to hold yourself with a girl. Also, you may try to visit various trainings. They will help you not only see the problem but also learn how to work on yourself correctly. Plus, on trainings, you may meet women who face the same problems as you do. Generally, trainings are one of the best places to search for new contacts and partners.

7. Stop thinking that you are a loser

Sometimes we say to ourselves the words, “I won’t succeed, I can’t find a girlfriend. Because a previous girl rejected me.” Naturally, after those thoughts, people don’t want to do a thing about this problem because they have condemned themselves to failure with just one phrase. It’s better to say, “I will try!” There are no people who can do everything. We all have our minutes of weakness, bad habits, and shortcomings. Stop thinking that you are worth more than others.

How to Stop Being Rejected by Girls?

There are many reasons why a guy gets rejected by a girl. But now, when you know how to handle rejection from a girl, it is a perfect time to do something to avoid being rejected in the future. This is not going to be easy, and no one is going to feel sorry for you because of your faults on your way to happiness. Human relationship is a very complex subject, and problems in it require complex solutions. You can’t fix just one problem and expect that everything will change. It is not working like that. To achieve some results, you will have to fix all your problems and reinforce your weak spots. Of course, you don’ have to do it all at the same time. We have a couple of tips that will help you avoid being rejected by a girl in the future.

1. Stop being obsessed with relationships

When people are obsessed with something, their expectations from this subject rise significantly. There is a rule, the more you want to love and have a relationship, the higher the chances that you will fail at it are. Usually, expectations of love are much stronger than the love itself. The same happens with relationships, but in this case, there are two options. The first option is that you will worry too much and fail. And the second option is when you are expecting way more than relationships can give, and eventually you break up with your girlfriend. getting rejected by a girlBut you can create the third option. Find some other interest, communicate with different people and participate in everything, and you will find a good girlfriend with time.

2. Work on your weak spots

You do know your weaknesses, right? The best way to avoid rejections in the future is to cover all weak spots that lead to problems that cause rejections. Sounds pretty hard, right? Actually, it is not that hard. For example, if you live with your parents, then take your time to find yourself another place to live. Rent a house or an apartment. You will face many challenges in a process, and those challenges will make you stronger, thus, more attractive to women. Don’t be afraid to change your life. Changes are good because they don’t allow you to stop your progress. People have only two statuses. You are developing and changing, or you are degrading.

3. Learn how to use your strong spots

No matter how hard you are working on reinforcing your weak spots, all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t know how to use your strong spots or sides. For example, if you like and good at cars, then it is nice to find a girl who likes cars too. Thus, you will have a topic to discuss, or maybe even a place to visit on your first date. Maybe you like cooking. This is a great opportunity to invite her home to cook and to enjoy your cooking together.

4. Avoid directly asking for relationships

Sometimes, it is better to avoid direct questions at all. Maybe asking something like, “Will you date me?” sounds like a good idea, but it is not, believe me. When you want to invite a girl on a date, it is better to avoid construction such as “Will you go on a date with me?" and it is far better to say, “Would you like to have dinner with me?”, or “Would you like to go for a walk together?” and “let's go to the cinema” works well too. In this case, the girl will not feel obligated to give you a direct answer, and you, from your side, will see if she is interested in a relationship with you or not.

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

As we have said before, complaining can’t get you far. There is nothing to be sorry for yourself. No one has to be sorry for yourself because this is weak and pathetic. You will never be able to change until you stop feeling sorry for yourself. You miss so many things because of this feeling. So, stop. Try to change your hairstyle or wardrobe instead. It will help you realize your attractiveness. You will begin to notice the views of other girls on you when you pass them by. It means you are attractive, and you have nothing to be sorry for yourself. Your life is in your hands.

I hope that now you don’t ask yourself, “Why do I keep getting rejected” and know what to do about this problem. We wish you luck in your efforts, and we believe that if you take your time and efforts to change, then you will find a girlfriend who will agree not only to date you, but also live and establish a relationship with you. Remember, no one should be alone, everyone deserves to love and to be loved.

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