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What's a cougar woman?

Age is the defining quality of a cougar woman, but what else makes these women different? In fact, the main thing is their attitude towards themselves. Cougar women are those who prefer men younger than themselves. They have a special aura of self-confidence that helps them to attract the attention of young men. True representatives of this type of women are not only proud of their ability to attract young men. They are not afraid to use it openly. Read on and learn the signs of a real female cougar.

cougar dating for older women

Self-confidence is an important sign of a female cougar. Most of these women deliberately emphasize their superiority, as well as their tanned skin and good figure. For such women, it is important to compete with younger ones. Such self-confidence acts as an aphrodisiac for young men who got used to interaction with insecure young girls. Do not be afraid to hurt the cougar's feelings without calling after a stormy night. Of course, she will be pleased if you call, but if not, then either she will call herself or find another. Of course, there are “random female cougars" who fall in love with men much younger than themselves and start a serious relationship, but these are not ladies who deserve the proud title of a real hot cougar woman of a big city.

You will immediately feel this self-confidence by the way she communicates with you in a bar or other entertainment venue. However, she can allow you to take the first step, as she always knows what she wants. A cougar woman probably suffered from anguish of soul, and therefore now she just wants to have fun. This means that she does not take herself too seriously, and therefore will allow the relationship to develop quickly or slowly as you want. She is not afraid to show her emotions, but mostly they will be funny and playful.

It is known that many female cougars are generous sponsors of their young lovers, but should they be very rich? The answer is negative, but money will be always beneficial. Since a single mature woman most likely has already made a career and raised children, she can afford to invest money and time in herself, as she always has cash. This relates especially to those who have received a good condition as a result of a divorce. Let's face the truth, money makes them more attractive to those young people who are looking for a financially independent woman. So, money does not make a woman “cougar” but definitely helps her to attract new victims.

What makes a woman a cougar?

According to the universal conviction, a cougar woman is a person of compassion, persecuted by the hunting instinct, and most often she is lonely, middle-aged, and a little vulgar.

In megacities, marginal "women-cougars" gradually turned into women. There are just a huge number of mature, beautiful, and successful women who lead their own lonely lives. These are women who strengthen their positions as opposed to male competitors, but do not want to spend their free time in contact with them, and therefore stay unmarried.

"Cougar women" began to do the same thing that men have been doing for centuries: they began to use the opposite sex for entertainment. They began to date those men who did not talk only about money and career, did not annoy with boring tirades about business and, finally, just looked good. And suddenly, from the aging monsters, deprived of their dignity, they turned into self-confident attractive ladies who look after themselves and know exactly what they want.

The desirable cougar woman came to reverse the well-established idea of sexual partnership. Instead of going to hunt, these women prefer to become a prey and give in to the conquerors. Now, not cougars follow the trail in search of a victim, but cougar hunters – young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who like mature women.

What age is a cougar woman? About a third of women over 45 are ready to have sex with a man 7 years younger. A partner younger than 4-6 years fits the half of mature women. The traditional distribution of roles between the sexes is increasingly changing, and the idea that a woman should be younger, or at least not older than a man, is becoming a thing of the past.

Cougar women dating: some important facts

If you are a man, you probably have an ideal image of a woman in your head and you would like to date a cougar without obligation or, on the contrary, spend the rest of your life with her. Usually, this image is complemented by the fact that your chosen one "must be young." But life makes its own adjustments. Dating young ladies is not always the best choice, no matter how attractive they are. Why older women can be the best companions for life?

1. They are career oriented

Career-oriented ladies know very well what they want unlike young girls who are focused on finding themselves. After these searches, you may not have a place in their life! But in contrast to them, mature ladies will easily be able to fit you into their arranged and established life.

2. This is a valuable experience

One of the most fascinating parts of any relationship is getting to know each other and getting used to “teamwork”. With a cougar woman, it’s more exciting than dating your peer: as if two different worlds, two generations try to understand each other while you stay together, and this is a useful experience in breaking stereotypes and understanding the differences between people.

3. They are what they are

Young women often lack self-confidence. This can be seen in their appearance or through their behavior. Sometimes they seem to emanate the smell of fear and uncertainty! Yes, there are also self-confident young ladies, but statistically, they are rare. Older women better understand who they are, where they go, and what they want. But this is precisely one of the fundamental elements of a successful relationship!

4. They want to be a couple

Perhaps, this is due to the greater craving for the creation of a family at an older age, but the fact remains. Cougar women want your pairing to be a real team. This trait is ideal for those who seek a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, young girls are more focused on themselves and their feelings in relationships.

5. They appreciate you

Many older women just do not dare to offer young men to date. Why? Because the society convinces them that this is not accepted or decent. So, if you take the first step, then such a woman will appreciate you more. Do not think that she will strive to keep you at any cost as a “last chance.” She is not foolish enough and knows how to distinguish serious intentions from an affair. But remember: the first step means a lot to her!

6. They are calm and well-balanced

Young women are very emotional creatures. They are not mature enough to manage their emotions wisely, so their flow of emotions may simply sweep away a person who is not prepared for this. Over the years, girls learn to cope with emotions and manage them so that they do not inadvertently destroy existing relationships.

7. They know what passion is

Older women know how difficult life can be, and they know how not to accept its gifts as a given but to give full thanks for them. When you date a cougar woman, you are not just another victory for her, but an open door, behind which lurks a new unknown world. The passion mentioned in the title does not apply only to sex. The fact is that older women love life and know how to enjoy it with true passion!

8. They are independent

Have you ever dated a woman inclined to control everything? She wants to follow you everywhere, know what you are doing and constantly sends you thousands of SMS. And she is very young as a rule. Someone feels comfortable in such a relationship, but it can frighten others

cougar women dating9. They are not mysterious for you

Young girls are often inclined to expect from men that they will guess their slightest desires and literally read their thoughts. As if a microchip, responsible for perfect relationships, is built into the brain of men from birth! Older women are not like this: they know what they want, they are able to voice it in time, and tend to build relationships based on the principle of reciprocity.

10. You will be over the moon in bed

Do you remember the statistics according to which a man reaches the peak of his sexual activity by the age of 18, and a woman by the age of 40? So, this is true. Basically, this is the matter of experience and also of physiology. In the sexual sense, women are more complex creatures than men, they get used to their bodies and desires later. An experienced aged woman has already passed this way and, moreover, gained enough sexual experience so that your joint nights will be just a paradise for both of you.

Free cougar dating sites

The cougar women websites are as follows:

1. CougarDating.eu

CougarDating belongs to the category of Dating mature people. This site invites people with a traditional sexual orientation. This site is part of a network of dating sites where a single member profile database is used.

2. Cougared

This dating site invites people with traditional, gay and lesbian sexual orientation. This is an independent dating site.

3. CougarLife

According to the resource, more than 9 million young people are registered on the site: men eager to find a cougar woman, and women dreaming to envelop the young lovers with comfort.

4. Match.com

Each user registered on Match.com is invited to tell about themselves in their profile, post up to 26 photos, indicate the purpose of acquaintance, and also choose the gender of people with whom to date and communicate. All profiles and photos displayed on the site are subject to mandatory verification by the Match.com site administrators. Until this check is made, your profile is not visible to all other users. After successful verification, everything happens quite simply: your profile with photos appears in the site search, and Match.com users begin to view your profile, send you messages, invite you to meetings, chat with you online.

5. OurTime.com

OurTime.com honors freedom, wisdom, and appreciation for life that comes only with time. This online dating community focuses on the specific interests and desires of people like you.

Recently, thanks to a variety of American websites, young people can learn about the most successful strategies for finding beautiful cougar women. This trend is proclaimed by the beginning of the fundamentally new era of social development.

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